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Nicole at MamaNYC is much more than a mom blogger! 

I designed my very first website in 1996 at the age of 11-years old (okay, enough with the math!). My website was a premature search engine, developed and popularly famous before Yahoo or Google was even fathered as a concept that would be necessary. The site was a search engine of sorts that listed thousands of fanpage websites for a boy band, Hanson. Snicker if you must, but the website actually became quite profitable and I was an overnight success! Imagine your name featured in several publications, magazines, and the official fanclub newsletter at the ripe age of 11!

I developed WebLogic Consulting around the age of 14 when requests began to pour in for graphics, websites, and assistance selling used goods or antiques on sites like eBay. I decided to turn the favors that I was doing for friends and family into a business! I have worked on over 5,000 different projects since 1998 and continue to design websites, logos, graphics, and increase Internet presence through SEO and SEM for hundreds of clients each year. 

Please contact me if you are interested in web design or Internet marketing services.

Blogger Design Deals!
I am currently selling my services at a largely discounted rate for my fellow bloggers! These rates apply only to those with blogs that are nonprofit. Questionable? Contact me if you would like approval for your blog and not sure if your content falls into the blogger rate for my designs.

[Coming Soon! Contact me for rates!

Please contact me for an extensive portfolio, resume, and references. I have included a variety of project pieces to help give a perfect idea of the skills and results that I provide to my clients.

Gallery Collection: [Logo Designs / Web Design] This is a PDF file that I created for a previous client while pitching their project for a web design, e-commerce shopping cart development and integration, and logo design. The project was awarded to WebLogic Consulting and thereafter referred to a Fortune 500 company. WebLogic Consulting was hired to design a website for a major corporation, which all began with this simple collection of portfolio work. 

 Logo Design: LandscapingLogo Design: Strong Man Records