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Holiday Cash Giveaway Bash Banner

Holiday CASH Giveaway Bash

Blogger Sign Up’s OPEN!

    MamaNYC hosted the "Summertime CASH Giveaway BASH" in July 2012, so it would only make sense that the HOLIDAY CASH GIVEAWAY BASH would follow! It’s time for another HUGE cash giveaway hosted by MamaNYC and blogger sign up’s are now open!

    It’s hard to believe we are actually discussing this, but the 2012 holiday season is already kicking off and I’m ready to get things rolling with a BANG! Let’s celebrate the beginning of holiday shopping (uck!), decorating (ouch!), and overeating (well, that’s not so bad) with a huge cash event that’ll help one of our lucky readers with their gift buying budget for the 2012 holiday season!

    This cash event will be held from November 1-15, 2012 and you’re invited to participate! The cost per entry option is going to be $4.00/each and the plan is to have a cash prize of over $500.00. Cash giveaways hosted by MamaNYC in the past have ranged from $500-$850 with nearly 1/2 million entries


Holiday Cash Event Details

♦ The Holiday CASH Giveaway Bash will launch on Thursday, November 1st (12:01AM) EST and end on Thursday, November 15th (11:59PM) EST.
♦ This event will feature a great group of participant bloggers and serve as an excellent tool to help build your followers and readership!
♦ We will be giving away approximately $500+ in PayPal Cash!
 • The total prize value is determined once sign ups close!
♦ Each participant will be required to pay a minimum $4.00 in order to participate in this event. This fee will be used towards the prize [only].
 • You may increase your followings and pay an additional $4.00/each entry option.
♦ You decide on how entrants will follow/like your blog!
 • Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Email subscription, Networked Blogs, GFC, Pinterest — it is up to you!
♦ I will provide a Rafflecopter form code that you will use on your post.
 • Compose a simple post explaining the rules, regulations, and how this giveaway works. Tell entrants that they only need to enter on ONE blog.
 • The same Rafflecopter form is going to be used for ALL participants.
 • I will also provide an HTML code to get you started on your post, but it is HIGHLY recommended that you reword the content (just a teensy bit at least!) for SEO purposes.

This is a VERY easy giveaway for participants!

Just schedule your post to go live on November 1, 2012 @ 12:01AM … and you’re done!

Holiday Cash Giveaway Event Prize

♦ The plan for this giveaway event is for a prize total of $500.00 (or greater).
 • The greater blogger sign up’s turn out to be — the higher prize value we will have in the end!
 • 110% of all entry fees are used for the cash prize.
 •  There is NO administrative fee associated with this event.
♦ I will announce the GRAND total prize amount around October 27-29th when I send out the Rafflecopter form and final details for this event. *If you would like to receive an updated amount as we get closer to the start date of this event, I would be happy to provide you with an estimate of the grand total after October 15th. 

Holiday Cash Event Perks Benefits

♦ PROMOTIONAL TWEETS – I will be tweeting ALL participants 5 TIMES during the first week of this event!  
 •  You will provide me with FIVE Tweets you want me to share with my followers (NOT related to this event).
 •  Perhaps you would like to promote another giveaway? Share a review?
 •  This is just a FREE promo perk that I like to do for my participants!
♦ ANOTHER PERK! Anyone that decides to purchase 4 or more entry options ($16.00 or more): I will handle your daily giveaway linky promotion and Tweets!
 •  This will include sites like, Prizey, CashNet, Sweepstakes Advantage, SweepsGoat, and more! I will be going through a list of daily linky’s as well and handle your promotion. I will be trying to list your giveaways on as many daily sites as possible.
 •  All participants paying $16.00 or more will also receive daily Tweets for the entire duration of this event (related to this giveaway event). *This is in addition to the 5 Promotional Tweets. 

Holiday Cash Sign Ups

  • Sign up’s will run from Thursday, September 27th until Friday, October 26, 2012 (11:59PM!). 
  • Please remit your PayPal payment to (as a gift!) and include your blog URL, blog name, and this event name in the notes.
    • Be sure to mention your payment is for the Holiday CASH Giveaway Bash!
  • Fill out THIS FORM so that I can match your payment up with your details. ($4.00/EACH follow link!)
  • I will send you a confirmation within 48-72 hours letting you know that I have received your payment and form. If I have any additional questions or require more information they will be included in the confirmation email. 
  • An email will be sent out between October 27-29th with a Rafflecopter code, final prize amount, HTML code to get your post started, and any other final details. 
  • Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to send an email to if you have any questions about this event. 

Join BloggerPR Blog Support Group

JOIN BloggerPR!

You are invited to join the official BloggerPR Facebook Group, which is where all MamaNYC and BloggerPR events are supported! Plus, you’ll find blogger opportunities, participate in some upcoming campaigns, Twitter parties, and so much more!

Holiday Cash Event Promote Support

  • Let’s spread the word and get this event HOPPING! I have put together a document with a FULL post HTML page for you to easily copy and paste information to help me promote this event. I realize this is optional and you do NOT need to do this, but I wanted to make it VERY easy for you to do so!
  • Simply CLICK HERE to receive a full post code to promote this event! I know it can be time consuming to write a post, but copy and pasting the event information will take less than a minute! 🙂 Plus, you’ll be spreading the LOVE so that other bloggers can participate! 

Holiday Cash Giveaway Bash Button 

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