Thomas & Friends Steam Team Station: iPad Active Play Device & App!

Thomas & Friends Steam Team Station App-Supported Active Play Device for iPad! One of my sons favorite gadgets is our Apple iPad, which has been a fundamental part of his weekly learning, reading, and interacting with technology. I’ve encouraged my son to learn how to use all of our tech gadgets since he was an […]

Infantino Pop & Swap Activity Toy Pods, Plushes, Rattles, and more!

Infantino Pop & Swap Activity Toy Pods: Plushes, Rattles, and more! We’re very excited for our little girl to arrive in a few weeks. I’m currently 7+ months pregnant, due mid-January, and VERY busy taking care of my 3-year-old boy on top of everything else that life is handing us during the holiday season. Honestly, […]

Infantino Pop & Swap Gym & Activity Mat Giveaway for Baby w/ Toy Pods!

Infantino Pop & Swap Activity Gym and Activity Mat Giveaway! MamaNYC recently posted reviews for Infantino’s Pop & Swap Gym, Pop & Swap Activity Mat, and lots of amazing toy pods that make these products interchangeable and customizable. In celebration of these fantastic and fabulous products from Infantino, I have an activity gym and activity mat […]