Five Things You Should Do While Your Child is Still a Toddler

Five Things You Should Do While Your Child is Still a Toddler
Time seems to pass at a rapid rate the older you get and doubly so when a good amount of time is dedicated to taking care of your child. These fleeting moments are like a blink of an eye and before you know it they are all grown up and leaving the nest. One day you’ll look back on these earlier times and reflect. You turn to pictures, home videos, and old work they’ve done in school. The things you save become a keepsake. There are many ways to grab a slice of life out of this time while your child is still a toddler. The following are five worth your while to have something in later life.

Five things you should do

while your child is still a toddler…

1. Impressions

Take one cup of flour, a cup of salt, and ¾ cup of water (according to this guide) and you can create a salt dough which can be used for making impressions for feet and hands. The concoction will harden like a rock so you’ll be able to save it for many years. One day you can sit down with your child and compare the impressions to show how much they’ve grown (along with being a nice keepsake or even a gift to other family members).

Toddler Hand Impressions Craft

2. Portraits

Portrait photography is a great way to capture your child’s youth. Pictures you take with your camera or phone are perfectly fine but a proper portrait is something that sticks on your mantelpiece. These pictures can be done at various times such as holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. The professionals really know how to capture the moment. The portraits make for great memories later in life and great gifts to other family members.

Joey Portrait Toddler

3. Online Accounts

This one sounds a little odd but it’s actually quite smart because website names are always being taken up along with social media accounts. A website name is a nice investment because you never know if one day your child would like to have a website with their name (ex. which is great for building a portfolio. The social media sites may not stick around but sites like Facebook are likely so a vanity URL would be nice for them to inherit (along with the fact you can use it as a timeline).

4. Travel

Although your child may not remember all the moments when you go on vacation it’s still a great activity to do with them because it opens their minds to the rest of the World and its cultures. Travel is a great way to inspire passion and learning. Not only do you deserve the time off but time traveling could be a great bonding experience that your child will never forget.

5. Money

There is a lot of taboo about teaching children about money because it’s not really something they have to deal with considering their age. Lessons in money, at an early age, is actually very important, though, because it sets the foundation for the later years of their life. An allowance will get things started but other aspects of money such as decision making and understanding wants/needs are always a good subject to bring to the table.

Teach Toddler About Money

What ways do you encapsulate your child’s youth to remember later? Leave a suggestion in the comments below.


Note: This is an exclusive featured post by Jenny Daniels!

Why Your Toddler is Playing With Poop & How To Stop Behavior

  Why Toddlers Playing With Poop Diapers

Well, I suppose the time has come to finally have this discussion on MamaNYC! Since my firstborn was already out of this stage when I began blogging [mid-2010], I wasn’t  able to get into it. Maybe I didn’t want to get into it at the time, but enough procrastinating. Fast forward to present day as I sit here now with my 20-month old daughter with a huge bottle of Clorox and enough baby wipes to clean Madison Square Garden (the arsenal). The confession? Ah, so.. My daughter won’t stop playing with poop – in her diaper, taking it out, and worst of all… smearing.

Whew, got that off my chest!

The first thing that I want to tell you is that it isn’t just your kid and it is completely normal. It is strangely quite common amongst toddlers and as disturbing as you find it to be, your child thinks it is fairly okay to do. At the very least, she sees little wrong and absolutely no harm in playing with poop.

Just because it is normal or expected doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t help your child understand why it is bad to do or how to not to do it anymore. It is a health hazard, which makes it even more important for him to stop doing it.

toddler playing with poop

I had mixed emotions when my son was smearing and I thought it was maybe something that we were doing or weren’t doing. Once I discovered that it is actually fairly common, I did feel a little better (not much, but a little!).

I can recall the worst day ever – the day when I finally had enough! Our condo at the time had WHITE CARPETS (Seriously. Who puts WHITE carpets down in a rental unit?!?). My son headed down the steps towards the kitchen just a few seconds ahead of me. As I strolled down the hallway, I started to notice something on the walls, and the rugs, and the walls again, and the molding. It was everywhere. 

Suddenly, I caught my son dragging his bottom across the white carpets as if he was trying to clean himself off. “Noooooooooooooo!”. This was the disaster of ALL disasters. It was as if an atomic BOMB had exploded inside of my head and my white carpets were just doused in balsamic vinegar. I wished it was chocolate fudge or anything else. How was I going to explain this one to guests?! landlord?! (Note: The stains never came out. Faded, but they were always there…).

Some toddlers may just reach in and unfortunately only result in a bit of poop on their fingers — while other toddlers resort to smearing. Yep, smearing. My son was big into smearing and I had no idea how to stop the problem. Luckily, I only had to deal with this issue for less than 3-months. It was a really, really, really long 3-months and I look back now and realize that I should have asked for help, but it wasn’t a topic I was comfortable discussing with other parents at the time. That is why I wanted to openly discuss the problem and hopefully shine a light of support and advice towards my fellow parents.

Is there anything that can be done? Of course! For every most parenting problems – there is normally always something you can do. Whether we are able to figure it out on our own, receive the best advice possible from our own parents, or turn to the Internet for tips and suggestions, we can and will find a solution.

Family Guy Stewie dirty diaper


Your child is trying to understand his body. He is struggling with the ability to understand how to control it’s functions and his curiosity for bodily productions is peaking.  My daughter began this stage approximately 3+ months ago (she will be 2-years-old in January 2015), so this is quite common around the age of 2-3 when potty training starts to become an interest for both the child and parent.

You may notice that your little girl wants to keep her toys very tidy and neat one day, but suddenly she is smearing poop on the walls the next. During this stage, your child is struggling to master how she wants or needs to act and react. While quite common between the ages of 2-3 years old, I would consult a pediatrician if it continues past 3 1/2 — 4 years of age.


Getting your child to stop smearing her diaper findings is going to be a difficult chore. You should also know that this stage is likely going to be very short-lived and this too shall pass. Your child is simply experimenting and it is natural, strangely.

Step 1:  Damage Reaction Control

The way that you react to the mess or exploratory diaper scavenger hunt likely has to change. If you are overreacting, you’ll need to realize that how your reaction is the most important element to the remedy. If you overreact, you risk reinforcing the behavior. Whenever she wants to grab moms attention and knows you’ll totally flip out if she plays with the contents of her diaper, you may have handed your toddler a loaded arsenal to get a rise out of mom.

As calm as possible, let your little one know that poop is yucky and dirty, “Ewwies! Don’t touch poopies! Very dirty. No more touching poop.” You will need make sure she sees and knows exactly what is wrong with the picture. Point to the problem and make it very clear to her. Depending on how young, your child may not even know what she has done that is so bad. Be as clear as possible.

Step 2: Block Access

One thing that is quite hilarous is that toddlers normally go through the smearing stage while they are exploring their nudity phase. It’s as if one day they wake up and suddenly know how to undress themselves, so they decide to practice that skill with every piece of clothing that you put on them.

Take a look and see what is wrong with the picture. You’ve likely cut out onesies or at least cut down on using them around this age, right? You need to start limiting his access to the diaper. Hunt out toddler sized onesies or any other one-piece clothing that will block him off from the diaper. When he begins to undress himself since this stage usually goes hand in hand with the naked phase (another entirely different day for another entirely different post!) – get those clothes back on as fast as you can!

TIP: Put those feetie PJ’s on backwards to limit access to the diaper!

Step 3: Create a mess with anything else!

Figure out a messy activity that can be done [as often as possible] to help him with his urges. Part of this exploratory phase is your toddlers urge to create and clean messes. While an important lesson to learn and a life skill that you really want your child to have for the future, we want to help them practice in another way. Think about finger painting, playing in the mud, making and baking a cake or cookies, etc. Validate it as a positive mess by telling and showing her the differences between a soiled diaper mess versus finger painting project.

Step 4: Let’s Talk Potty Training…

Use this opportunity to begin discussing potty training. Start to demonstrate and review proper potty usage and where it should be going. Tell him how easy it is to use the potty — and how great it will be to take a look at it once he is done. “We don’t want to touch it, but we can surely look at it to see what it looks like once we’re done going poop in the big boy potty!”

Also, take it as a sign of interest in potty-training. Use it as an opportunity to review the proper use of the potty, and validate their interest in poop. “Here, make your poop in your potty. Then when you’re done, you can look at it. We don’t touch it, but you can look at it if you want to see what it looks like.”


Nothing is working!

Beyond how you will react to a smearing on the walls or blocking access, you do have other options. I did a lot of research and discovered there are a few different methods to try out.

Exclamation Warning Baby Playing with Poop

Avoid Warm Baths

My son has always loved to take a bath, so I look back now and realize that his smearing was a way to get rewarded with a bath. The first thing you are probably going to do after he makes a mess with his diaper is to toss him in the bath to clean up, right? That’s exactly what he wants you to do!

Cold Shower, yikes stripes!

After hearing this idea, I was a little scared. Would it work and just how much would my kids hate me afterwards? We haven’t tried it out yet, but I have heard from many parents that it does the trick and works almost every time.

You’ll need to remain calm and be as loving as possible. You don’t want to scare your toddler and especially don’t want her to grow fearful of water, showering, or washing up. Instead of warm water, use cool water to wash his hands and bottom after the smearing episode is discovered. You will feel guilty, awful, and probably hate yourself for doing it.

The water doesn’t need to be (and shouldn’t be) frigidly ice cold, but we want to avoid associating poop smearing with a nice, warm bath reward. Stay calm and wash up with cool water so that she will begin to associate her actions with consequences. The next time she is trying to decide if she should smear or not, your child will remember how it resulted in a cool bath or scrub down instead of fun, toys, and bath time.

 Still playing with poop?

If all else fails and her behavior does not subside, consult with your pediatrician. Keep a log by recording dates, times, and behaviors or results (smearing on floor only; found inside her bed with smearing on legs). It isn’t exactly the diary you thought you would keep, but it may be useful in the future to reveal a pattern of other related toddler behaviors.

At the end of the day, I hope you remember that you are only human — and so is your child. This is just the start of a lifetimes worth of booboo’s, mix-ups, ouchies, and ‘what the &%$#’s”. Things happen, kids go through stages, and they move on as they continue to develop. The fact that you have recognized this stage and decided to do some research just shows what a strong mom or dad you can be. Keep control and move forward, but first take a look over your shoulder to make sure she isn’t smearing again!


Orajel Kids: Baby Teething Relief & Oral Care Smilestones Contest

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel Kids.


  Orajel Kids Smilestones Contest

 There comes a time in every moms career as a parent when you realize that your baby is in legitimate pain for the very first time in his or her life. You know the differences between all of her cries, so you are bound to notice that brand new, high pitched, migraine causing screeching sound coming out and her lungs are stretching far beyond your wildest expectations. She’s ultimately teething and thankfully you have plenty of support from Orajel Kids to help soothe your baby and make her comfortable.

Baby Teething Relief Orajel

I am currently battling two different sides of the oral hygiene and care spectrum: my 17-month old daughter is teething and my 5-year-old son is learning to brush his teeth. Of course, I have been teaching oral hygiene to my son for as long as I can remember, but there is no such thing as repeating yourself too much when it comes to a 5-year-old! No matter how much we discuss the importance of oral hygiene and brushing our teeth, I still get questioned and told that he just doesn’t feel like brushing his teeth today. Teach, demonstrate, repeat.

Orajel Baby Logo

When we need baby teething relief…

Orajel really helped my family out over the weekend (I mean… really, really helped us!). My little girl has another tooth breaking through and I can tell from her screams that it is a painful one at that! Thankfully, I had all of my Orajel goodies ready to go and she was back to her old self in no time. As she screamed and pulled on her gums, I noticed how she looked over at her older brother with the saddest expression. She wanted so badly to play with her toys, but the pain was overwhelming and clearly irritating.

Baby Orajel Tooth Gum Cleanser

While my son is busy learning and perfecting his teeth brushing skills, I am busy applying Orajel baby teething relief ointments on my toddler. We have always stuck to Orajel and prefer their baby teething relief products as they sooth swiftly and always long-lasting. There’s nothing more painful for a mom than seeing their little one sick, hurt, or in excruciating pain. We work hard all day long to ensure our little one’s have a big, bright and clean smile from ear to ear. I need a brand that I can trust to work on the dime and that knows the importance of oral hygienic care for baby through adults.

Seeing my little girl in pain hurts my heart (seriously!), so I always depend on Orajel to calm the pain and ensure everyone in our family gets a good nights sleep. My son luckily had very little pain while teething as a baby, but my daughter hasn’t been so lucky. After several restless and sleepless nights, I discovered Orajel Naturals Nighttime Teething Gel. It is a soothing homeopathic formula designed to provide comfort and baby teething relief. My daughter went from screaming (quite loudly) last night into a calm and relaxed little girl within seconds once I had applied the nighttime gel from Orajel. Amen!


 Orajel Smilestones Photo Contest

Orajel wants to see those smiles! As the #1 brand recommended by pediatricians, Orajel will be there for all of those important oral care milestones that your little one reaches as he grows. They are celebrating your child’s smiling milestones and want you to share your favorite moments!

Smilestones are significant, happy milestones your child achieves between 3 months and 6 years old.

Share your favorite Smilestones photo with Orajel for a chance to win a trip for a family of four to Beaches Resorts! Entering is very simple and voting will begin on Friday, June 27th. Head on over to the Orajel Smilestones contest page and select your child’s current oral care stage (teething, training, or brushing). Upload your best Smilestones photo and insert a brief description – voila!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel Kids.
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10 Tips for Traveling with Kids & Family Vacation Advice

traveling with kids family vacation

*This is post #2 for a series of 6 travel posts featured on MamaNYC! While I am on a blog press trip in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, I will be featuring traveling tips, advice, and more for families traveling with kids. Keep yourself updated on future posts: like and follow MamaNYC (check the sidebar for links to stay in touch!).

Yesterday I spoke about tips for traveling on a family vacation budget, so today I am going to twist things up a bit and talk about a few fairly ‘general’ rules and points of advice to follow when traveling with kids. Family vacations don’t need to be hectic and crazy. Sure, I always anticipate a lot of craziness when we are traveling with our two young children, but I try to remember that it’s my vacation, too!

I did plenty of traveling with my family as a kid. I was very fortunate and got to see a lot of amazing places. I actually attended travel summer camps for 3-years in a row as a preteen! Later on, I would do a good deal of traveling with my now-husband before we had kids. It’s really simple and relaxing when you’re traveling alone or with another adult or a group of adults. However, I would quickly learn in 2009 after my son was born that traveling with kids is an entirely different ballgame. I was no longer the kid; now I had to take care of a kid. Woah.

Now that I have done a great deal of traveling with kids as a parent myself, I’ve got a few life experiences under my belt and I am starting to feel confident about flying or road tripping with the kids. As part of my week-long traveling series, I have put together a list of my top 10 tips for traveling with kids for families. These are based on my own experiences and lessons I have learned while traveling with my two wonderful and usually well-behaved kiddo’s!

Pack Lightly!

I already spoke about packing lightly in my post about how to travel on a vacation budget yesterday. Not only will packing lightly help you save on those ridiculous baggage fees when you’re flying, but you won’t have to drag as much around as you’re traveling with kids from one destination to the next. Even if you are only staying at one resort for the entire week, you will have to drag that bag from the house to the car, car to the airline check-in counter, baggage claim to the shuttle and so on…

If you aren’t traveling to a tourist trap city, consider purchasing toiletries when you arrive at your destination. Think of all the bath items you need to bring for the entire family and how much it all weighs together.

Traveling with Kids luggage airline fees

When traveling with an infant or toddler, I prefer to purchase baby goods after we land. Diapers, baby food, formula and wipes can all be found wherever we are going! It will only take a few minutes of our time to steer off course and head to the store.

When I was packing for our very first vacation with our son (he was 8-months old), I had not considered buying when we arrived. First, I packed a suitcase with all of his essentials, which took up an entire suitcase. I sat there in awe, staring at how much we needed to bring along for our 10-day journey for a cruise leaving Miami, Florida. It would cost us $40 to bring that second suitcase and how in the world would we drag it around the airport and our hotels? That’s when it dawned on me like a big, bright and obvious light bulb: we could buy diapers and baby food anywhere!

Have something (anything!) on hand to entertain the kids

Kids get bored very easily. They won’t be content looking out of the airplane window to relax or find the local shops interesting enough to look at while in the taxi as you drive to the hotel. We always have some sort of a device on hand for those kid dull moments.

An iPod, iPad, gaming device or other tablet will keep them busy. Let them listen to music, watch movies, play games, and not complain about the long taxi ride! While you may like to monitor their usage, I can tell you that it’s much better to let a device keep them busy as opposed to those complaints you do not want to hear while on your vacation!

While flying, I bring along a book (or a few!) to keep the kids busy. During our last flight, I had a great collection of kids airplane books that kept my son and daughter very busy. They enjoyed reading along and pointing out where everything was in the airplane that was pictured on the pages of their books.

Travel Anywhere with ZERO Halliburton

Naps save lives and routines are forgotten.

Staying on a schedule while traveling with kids (especially!) is a huge struggle, so I normally ditch the routine and wing it while away from home. Some may disagree, but this works best for our family and keeps mama sane. Well, I don’t completely ditch our routine, but I don’t enforce or follow it.

But, but…. why not?! {“Is this woman just.. totally insane?!”}

Because it’s too difficult and much too stressful. There. I said it.

You want to relax on your vacation, kick your feet up, and forget the concept of time even exists. What I do is keep the idea of our schedule in the back of my mind, but use a cliff notes version of the timing. The kids are going to be completely thrown off course. They’ll be more active than they usually are at home. Breakfast may be a bit later than usual and dinner may come earlier. I’ve tried to stick to a strict schedule while on vacation and wound up having a miserable time. Thereafter, I learned to give in and give up on planning the day for our kids. Just.. wing it.

napping Traveling with Kids

However! Parents that are traveling with infants and toddlers (kids that still require a daily nap): do not forget about that nap. It’ll be okay if it happens an hour or two later than usual. The world will not crumble and collapse if she doesn’t nap at 1pm because she is in the pool with her brothers. Let the memories happen as they are — and save that nap time for later on when you need a timeout, too!

Schedule a day for relaxing {ONLY}

This one is especially important if you are visiting a city that is all go-go-go (Orlando, San Diego, etc.). If you are visiting a resort and only plan to lay by the pool — bless you! Enjoy! If not, keep reading.

Visiting theme parks for 5 days in a row will only lead to exhaustion and arguments. No one is built strong enough to withstand the amount of energy needed for that kind of a rigorous scheduling.

Try to plan a day somewhere in the middle of your trip that is strictly for lounging at the pool or beach. It’s a great way to recharge and relax with the kids. Not only do the adults need it, but the kids will absolutely start to feel rundown by day #3!

During a recent trip to Los Angeles, I had quite an adventure at Disneyland with my husband, kids, and my dad. We chose to visit Disneyland theme park on the first day since it would be the most strenuous. The next day we planned for a little R&R (rest and relaxation, of course). On the third day, we headed to Disney California Adventure Park. This break in the days made the trip that much better. If we went straight from one park to the next on days one and two, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy Disney California Adventure Park at all.

 how to relax vacation Traveling with Kids

Buy groceries!

*If you are flying, I do recommend purchasing groceries after you have arrived at your destination. Otherwise, you’ll be spending that baggage fee on food!

What you will be able to buy will obviously depend on whether or not there is a refrigerator, stove, microwave and other useful appliances in your hotel room. We try to purchase cereal, fruits, coffee, yogurt and other snacks for the kids. We are able to save tons of money and choose healthier snack items as opposed to the hotel’s on-the-go or vending options.

Breakfast foods are always a plus since it is difficult to get everyone dressed and out the door in the morning. We can munch on our breakfast foods as we get dressed. Plus, I grew tired of spending $30+ on snacks in between meals!

Avoid really short trips

We have gone on day trips, weekend trips, and week long+ trips with our kids. What I have learned about traveling with kids is that 1-2 days isn’t a vacation, but rather a stressful trip away from home. By the time you’ve packed your bags, you’ll already be back home and need a vacation from your vacation! You will be rushing through your entire trip and forget to relax.

Traveling with Kids vacation calendar

We’ve also traveled for 7-10 days with the kids, which can be nice, but also seems to be a bit too long for the kids to be away from home. The best time frame for our kids seems to be 4-5 day trips. It’s enough time to get yourself situated and give a day to solely relax and rewind, but short enough to keep the kids in-check and avoid homesick feelings.

Give yourself an adults only night out.

Yes, I know you are going on a family vacation, but that doesn’t mean mom and dad can’t unwind! Pick a night to put the kids to bed early and give yourself and your significant other time to spend together. If you are in a hotel room with only one room: balcony? living space area with a couch?

If the room area cannot be divided, consider contacting the hotel and researching local babysitter options that are trusted and reputable. If you plan on using a service like UrbanSitter that has a nationwide presence (you’ll be able to hire a sitter no matter what city you’re visiting), try to utilize their services before your trip. Make sure you agree with their process and the sitter they’ve sent over. Although that sitter won’t be the same as the person sent in your destination city, you will at least know that the service sent over a sitter that suits your family needs.

Grab a bottle of wine, 2 glasses, and put those gadgets away. Tonight…it’s about you.

drink glass of wine beach vacation

Avoid tourist traps.

Of course you can’t avoid all tourist stops, but try to at least avoid the gift shops and surrounding restaurants. You can expect to pay a premium on a cup of coffee at a cafe next to that amusement park, so try driving a little further down the road. Everything around the touristy spots is going to be expensive and the quality is going to be horrible!

I promise it will be well worth it to explore a little further and it won’t take much! Those tourist traps are going to be difficult to avoid, but an extra 5-minutes of driving and you will be guaranteed a much more affordable meal at a top-notch restaurant that all of the locals love!

Before heading out for your vacation, look online for nearby recommendations that are close enough to where you will be staying, but far enough to avoid those high prices. It isn’t easy to avoid them and we’ve all been victims of the worst tourist traps in the world. However, I know that through patience and practice, we can all master the skill of Tourist Trap Skipping (yeah, I totally just made that one up…).

Talk to the locals for recommendations

Speaking of the locals, I always try to start a conversation with someone that really lives there. They are in that city day and night, every day, and they see exactly what goes on behind the tourists’ backs! Ask for their best recommendation for eateries, attractions, and events.

You can ask the locals before your trip even begins! When planning a trip, I will turn to Google for local recommendations. Conduct a search to find a forum board or other website created or curated by locals from that city. You can also find some great guide books for each city, but I still think word of mouth recommendation is best from a local!

Remember: It’s only a vacation.

Vacations aren’t meant to be perfect. Things will go wrong, boo boo’s are bound to happen, and something will get lost. Think back to your last vacation: what’s the one thing that sticks out in your mind? The first thing that I will think about from personal experiences is 9 out of 10 times going to be an incident or accident that seemed like a nightmare at the time, but wound up turning into a really, really funny memory for my family.

Smile, relax, take pictures, laugh, cringe, but try not to cry over spilt milk.

family beach vacation quote

Things will go wrong and you just might lose your luggage. Bring Band Aids and plan accordingly — because you will most likely arrive late to the airport. You are traveling with kids. Give yourself a HUGE pat on the back for having the courage to embark on this adventure to begin with! As much as we try to plan our days out at home and stay on schedule, we always steer off course because things happen.

Most of all.. traveling with kids can create

the best memories — ever!


Toddler Discipline: 5 Easy Parenting Disciplining Toddler Tips

Toddler Discipline Tricks Tips

With my daughter reaching her prime toddler stage, I am starting to recall just how difficult toddler discipline can be at her age (16-months next week!).  It’s simple when they’re under 12-months (too young to get into trouble, too little to make too much trouble!). Once they’re 2+ years old, it gets easier to communicate with your little one. While a 2+ year old may act up, understanding consequences and penalties is easier. The toddler stage between 13-20 months was difficult with my son and I am starting to see a pattern.

Disciplining my son wasn’t entirely necessary. Of course, I did have to implement timeout’s and loss of toys, but he was and always has been one of those kids that’s just really good. Trust me – he has plenty of moments (really starting to shine lately), but my son was an extremely easy baby. Everything from sleeping through the night as a newborn, learning to play by himself, understanding “dishes go in the sink” – he’s been cooperative (for the most part) and I really thought I had a handle on this whole parenting thing — and then there was Madison.

Going from a first child that barely needed any discipline into a toddler that needs nothing but discipline has been difficult. From my experience with my son, toddler discipline is most difficult between 13-months to around 20-months. They’re starting to understand directional words (no, yes, sit, stand, come, up, down), but they may look at you, know its wrong, and just go about their business anyway!

Janie and Jack

While mom is still looking at her little girl as an infant, daughter is actually a toddler cooking up how many different ways she can get into trouble today. As a parent, I think the most difficulty in toddler discipline comes with that very fine line between infant and toddler. I still see my little girl as a onesie wearing, pacifier nibbling, wobbly walker! She sees herself as a professional jogger with a whole new world to explore. I can try to keep her wrapped up in my arms, but she’s bound to break free and destroy her brothers LEGO structure in the midst of her mischievous mayhem!

Every kid is different and no two kids are the same (I am seeing that firsthand in our family!), but I have a few basic tips that I follow and pieces of advice that I have received from my own parents, grandparents, relatives and friends. Basically, I combined all of their best tips, revised as I saw fit (some had to be updated to “keep up with the times”), and implemented their tricks to become my own!


Just say “NO” – and mean it, too.

As one of the very first words that your little one will learn to say, “NO” will become the most often repeated word and could eventually lose its meaning. Yelling and screaming “no” when your child misbehaves is a counterproductive way of getting your toddler to listen. Instead, staying calm and simply saying “no” in your normal inside voice will have much better results.

Use eye contact, use a stern tone so your toddler knows you mean business, but remain calm. Screaming “NO! NO! NO!” as you whip your head around and flair your arms wildly in the air will only make the child think you’re being silly! Keep it simple and remember that your toddler won’t understand if you rant on and on (“I said NO! Throwing balls in the house is BAD, BAD, BAD! You could knock over the vase and mommy will be very upset and have a terrible day if it breaks. NO means NO!”). Think about how many words in those sentences your child actually understands: NO, BAD. That’s probably it!

Listen to your child when he says “no”, too. If you want to enforce the meaning behind “NO”, don’t push things on your toddler when he says NO. Ask your child if he wants milk. If he says “no”, forget it and walk away. If you know he really needs that milk and its bottle time, come back and try again in 5-minutes.

Lead and show by example. If your child sees that you respect their wishes when they say “no”, he will see how the process works. If you listen, he will eventually listen and respect what you want him to do or not do when “no” is used.

I try my best to not overuse “no” with my kids, which can be difficult. It can be a struggle trying to use an alternative, but I notice that my kids listen less on days that I am a NO machine. Instead of “NO!”, I might say, “you will get hurt if you do that” or “we don’t stand on chairs”. This usually gets a better response as the child isn’t hearing the usual “no” and they are understanding how their actions could negatively result in injury or otherwise unwanted behaviors.

Of course it is important to reinforce bad behaviors, but we often forget to praise our toddlers for a job well done. Children love to get a rise out of their parents no matter if it is directed at good or bad behavior! They will do anything to get your attention, whether it means a pat on the back or a few minutes in the corner. Remind yourself to praise a good behavior at least once per hour so that your little girl or boy knows that you notice when good things are done, too.

Consistency is key!

One of the more important lessons that I learned as a first time parent through my son was just how much young children thrive on consistency, routine and structure. Most parents may relate “routine” to a scheduled and orderly daily schedule, but it’s so much more than that. I thought that basics, such as a morning bottle and nighttime bath, would be a great way to implement consistency. Quickly and abruptly, I would learn that my son required structure in every little thing.

Children feel secure and much more confident with structure. They behave better and their demeanor is much calmer when they know what to expect. Implement consistency with a repetitively used schedule. Keep a log of times for nap times mealtimes, play times, and bedtimes. Use a dry erase boar on your refrigerator to jot down today’s times for all of these events. Tomorrow you will try to keep the same schedule and give yourself a 15-minute window before and after today’s time to complete the task. (If lunch was at 12:15pm today, schedule for 12:00-12:30pm tomorrow – 15-minutes before and after).

Naturally, change is bound to happen and scheduling will steer off course. Holidays, outings, having guests over, or going on a vacation should come with a warning so that your child knows a change is about to happen. Advance notice gives your child more confidence in her day since she will know what to expect. Let her know that “mommy and daddy are going out tonight, so grandma will be putting you to bed” early in the day to prevent a tantrum later on.

Turn “Time Out” into “Break Time”

The time out corner can definitely be an effective tool, but it will only teach toddlers that they are bad kids. Since your 13-20 month old is still quite young and doesn’t quite understand consequences, she will simply think that time out is a place that she must go because she isa bad kid. She won’t realize that she’s there because she was bad in THAT particular moment, but rather think of herself as the end-all reason for this punishment.

As a toddler, I like to refer to our time out’s as ‘break time’. My daughter is too young to understand that her behavior sent her to a corner, so we are simply taking a few minutes to calm down and “chill out”. There is a reading corner setup in her bedroom with a variety of small stuffed animals and small books Although this may not seem like a punishment, it isn’t supposed to be! She is still too young for a time out and won’t even notice if I take a toy away!

Instead, I will use “break time” and sit with her, read a book to change her demeanor, and whip that bad behavior out of the water. She can calm down, change her environment, and recollect her thoughts (hey, baby has thought, too!). It’s a time to relax, take ourselves out of the situation, reinforce a calm demeanor, and regroup our thoughts. If you do decide to use the time-out method, keep it to only 1-2 minutes. Anything longer than that and your toddler will completely forget why he is there to begin with.

Think Like a Toddler

Imagine yourself walking into a room full of strangers that are advanced experts in a field of study you’ve never even heard of. Everyone is using terminology and jargon that flies right over your head. They are all behaving very oddly, unlike any culture you’ve ever seen! You truly feel alienated, so you start pretending and trying to act out their movements. This is your first time doing it, so you really look ridiculous. They speak another language, so you can’t ask for help. You notice they are eating with strange looking utensils. You don’t know how to use them, you can’t ask because of the language barrier, so you use your hands instead!

Sound familiar? I bet it does!

We often forget how difficult it can be to communicate and act for toddlers. As adults, we take many of our daily tasks for granted and don’t realize how simple things aren’t realized yet for toddlers, such as following directions or acting appropriately in public. Next time you grow frustrated over a situation with your toddler, step outside of yourself and into your toddlers little shoes. See things from her perspective, think about what she does and doesn’t understand, and try to think of the best way to communicate. If you were a toddler, what words or actions could an adult use to show you that what you were doing was wrong?

Give your toddler choices by asking if he wants to bring a snack or small toy next time you have a doctors appointment. He will fight you since he does not want to go to the doctor, but you can recognize his feelings and validate that you care. You will remain in control (“we have to go to my doctor…”), but hand over a feeling of some control to your toddler at the same time (“…but, you can pick out a small toy or a book to bring along!”).

*Read my tips on dealing with temper tantrums when leaving fun activities.

Be patient with your toddler andyourself.

My number one, most important and necessary tip for parents of a toddler: be and stay patientYour toddler is basically a blank slate, born with a ream of paper with nothing written down and hundreds of pens just waiting to jot down notes about how to be, act, walk, talk, behave, dance, converse, read, and write. You are the best teacher that child will ever have and he will be the best teacher you’ve ever had. Use your power as a parent to display how patience works. Losing your cool will only show your toddler that tantrums, frustration, and quitting are okay when they get angry or don’t understand.

One of the first lessons that I learned while my first born was a toddler is that you cannot simply set out to be patient with your toddler. Being patient with yourself is the other half of the equation, which is the hardest part. As mothers, we have an expectation that this special “mommy gene” suddenly kicks in when baby is born. We’re supposed to already have the tools and knowledge to be a successful parent.

No one is perfect and parenting doesn’t come natural for everyone. It does, but it doesn’t. We are learning every single day as moms and dads, so it is important to realize we are not only teaching baby how to act, but we’re learning how to behave and act as parents, too.

Remind yourself that this parent-child relationship is just as much a whole new world for you as it is for your baby. There’s no such thing as super mom and you are only human. Take deep breaths, try again, repeat, walk away, inhale and exhale, ask for parenting advice, consult an expert, read a book, and bite your tongue. This too shall pass…


 What best advice have you received about toddler discipline? Do you have a secret parenting trick when it comes to toddler behavior?



H-E-B Baby Diapers: Keeping Baby Dry with Quality & Value Diapers!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of H-E-B Baby Diapers.

H-E-B Baby Diapers

Busy moms have their plates full at all times. There’s never enough time in the day and sometimes I just can’t seem to get anything done! I spend my days trying to figure out how to get it all done. One thing that I try to avoid at all costs is a leaky diaper. We’ve all dealt with them and know just how messy they can be. We have to stop what we’re doing, change baby into a new outfit (more laundry!), and clean up the mess. Luckily, I know that we can rely on H-E-B baby diapers for total protection against leaks for up to 12 hours!

H-E-B Diapers Size 4 Baby

My 5 year old son has been obsessed with science lately. He’s always looking to do an experiment and calls himself “Scientest Joe”, so I knew that he would love to give his ‘ole mama a hand for this project!

We wanted to find out just how much water an H-E-B diaper could retain before leaking. We laid out a diaper on a serving tray, grabbed some food coloring and started pouring!

H-E-B Leakage Protection Diaper

The blue water set into the diaper and absorbed quite quickly. My son poured the entire cup of water into the diaper pretty fast (he basically dumped it out), so I was amazed to see how fast all of that liquid soaked straight into the H-E-B diaper!

Baby Diaper Leakage Test

My son asked if we could try another cup since our first cup with blue food coloring resulted in no leakage. I agreed, but we decided to include green food coloring this time to use as a comparison for our test.

diaper leak testing

Once the second cup set into the diaper, I was amazed. Not one drop of green water fell onto the serving tray. I was able to pick the diaper up, move it around, and still couldn’t get any liquid to fall out!

H-E-B Baby Diapers Leakage Protection

H-E-B Diapers are not only going to offer up to 12 hours of leakage protection, but also include a soft stretch waist and side panels. Soft and stretchy means that my daughter can climb, walk, tumble, dance, and climb without any mishaps. No mishaps means no messes for mom to clean!

h-e-b diapers zebra

The exterior of the H-E-B diaper features a cottony soft outer cover. The inner liner is hypoallergenic with Natural Botanicals, Vitamin E and Aloe. My daughter has sensitive skin, so I love that they’re also fragrance free!

H-E-B baby diapers are thin and shaped for a better fit, so you’re little one can explore and walk wherever curiosity takes her! If a diaper can protect against leakage, I am a big fan. If it’s a quality diaper for a great value, you can guarantee it’ll be our best choice for our daughter. She’s 15-months old and rambunctious as ever, so I need all the help that I can get in a diaper!

Baby Diapers HEB

Have you ever conducted a diaper leakage protection test?

What do you love best about H-E-B baby diapers?



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of H-E-B Baby Diapers.
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mbaby Collection by Munchkin Baby Apparel – Onester & Ruffle Dress

Munchkin baby Dress Onesie Collage

mbaby Collection by Munchkin:

*New* Munchkin Baby Apparel: Onester & Ruffle Dress

I am thrilled to share some very exciting news today: MamaNYC is a Munchkin Brand Ambassador for April-September, 2014! Munchkin n a household brand for my family for as long as I can remember. I actually fell in love with the brand back in 2007 when my niece was first born. Although I wouldn’t have my first baby until 2009, I always purchased their products for my niece since both my sister-in-law and I loved the quality, durability, and style of everything Munchkin. 

We received two adorable pieces from mbabywhich is a baby apparel collection from Munchkin. Featuring high quality fabrics and innovative designs, mbaby’s< collection includes a patent-pending double layer technology within each of their product lines: Onester, Sleepster and playwear.

<Munchkin mbaby spring apparel

The Onester that we received featured this simple idea, which is exactly as it sounds: baby spends all day on her back (stroller, carseat, sleeping), so why don’t we double layer the front to keep her chest warm, too? Such a smart and simple concept, yet there’s none other alike. It seems so obvious, but I had never considered or seen a product that thought about double layering the chest area – brilliant and adorable!

mbaby collection munchkin

The mbaby collection was made available very recently in January (2014). I was thrilled to check out the new Munchkin baby apparel line for the first time. They’re all designed with an assortment of premium, 100% brushed cotton rib and jersey fabrics. The snaps are brilliantly aligned for simple and quick alignment and closure during those fussy diaper changes (super helpful!). All styles are inspired by a vintage beach look and a carefree California lifestyle. Just in time for the spring and summer seasons, mbaby’s collection features sizes for 1-12 months and prices range from $26.00 – $60.00.


Munchkin Baby Ruffle Dress Cherry Stripe

My daughter and I both absolutely love this Ruffle Dress Cherry Strip from mbaby!  It’s super soft for babies skin and the amazing high quality material will uphold for many moons to come. Featuring a crew-neck and soft shirring around the neckline, this Ruffled Dress has a baby friendly series of buttons along the backside to ensure comfort for baby and simplicity for mom. Ruffles and our sweet sparrow embroidery adorn the A-line silhouette.

Munchkin mbaby dress

I love how much this adorable ruffle dress goes with anything. Today it was surprisingly warm outside, but still a bit chilly for her to be in a dress. (Hello, spring! I see you trying to play peek-a-boo with my emotions). I decided to put black leggings on with her new mbaby dress and she looked too cute! Last week we also tried it on with a dark slate gray cardigan – again, too cute! You’re never too young to accessorize.

Munchkin baby clothes spring

We also received an mbaby Onester Short Sleeve Powder Pink Ticking Stripe onesie. I absolutely love this piece and wish I had a t-shirt with these soft materials for myself (seriously!). Everything from the neat ticking stripe envelope neck stitch to the color style had me head over heels for this Onester.

mbaby munchkin summer clothes baby

{my fault for asking her to be my lil’ model minutes before naptime – oops!}

Short sleeves, contrast trim, and high quality brushed fabrics that are super soft 100% Cotton Rib knit. Just like the Ruffle Dress, our Pink Ticking Stripe Onester also features super easy and durable shiny brass center snaps. These make it unbelievably easy to change her diaper. There’s nothing worse than trying to tear open those tough and too rugged snaps with a wiggling baby. I’ve had no trouble during diaper changes with my little lady when she’s sporting her new mbaby Onester!

<onester onesie snaps layers

One cool thing about this Onester is that it includes that mbaby’s patent pending double-layer front that I spoke about earlier. It’s meant to keep your little one nice and warm without overheating her back. I never thought about this, but babies do get quite a lot of heat to their backs – car seat stroller, sleeping. My daughter always has plenty of layers and insolation to her back (cardigan sweaters, sitting in her carseat, laying down drinking her bottle). This Onester solves a problem for our little ones and it’s a quick and stylish solution.

Munchkin Baby Apparel Spring

Engage Learn More MamaNYC Icon

Learn and discover more of the mbaby Collection by Munchkin and their top quality baby girl and baby boy apparel. Take another look at the Onester Short Sleeve Powder Pink Ticking Stripe and the Ruffle Dress Cherry Stripe in sizes 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. Also, check out mbaby organic baby apparel, each made with organic cotton rib.

Stay social and connect with Munchkin on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and follow @Munchkin_Inc on Twitter!



Munchkin Brand Ambassador Disclosure

Get Your Toddler Ready For The Pool: Toddler Pool Time Tips & Advice

Swimming Pool Kids Clipart

Get Your Toddler Ready For The Pool:

Toddler Pool Time Tips & Advice {Guest post from An Apple Per Day!}

Your child is at the toddler age, and you’re thinking about introducing him to the water. The question you have is – “When is the right time to get my baby in the pool?” Many parents ask the same question, and there are a number of issues involved. What do you have to watch out for? Here are some things to consider:

Make the time right. A big issue for toddlers around the water is infection and illness. As recommended by, if the child is younger than two months, parents should not take the child into a swimming pool. Pools can be easily contaminated with bacteria, and some that are capable of causing diarrhea, so there is a substantial danger of the baby getting sick from exposure to the water.

The temperature of the water raises another issue. A baby isn’t able to regulate his or her temperature until about 6 to 12 months old, so make sure the water is warm enough. There’s an easy test for that – if the water feels chilly for Mom, it will be too cold for the baby. The recommended temperature for pool water is at least 84 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Too high a temperature is a cause for concern as well – pools or hot tubs at more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit should be avoided, for children under the age of 5.

toddlers swimming suits pool

Touch supervision. The adult should hold the baby whenever in the pool. Avoid water that is too deep, where the parent can’t keep firm footing. While holding the baby, allow them to sense the freedom of movement afforded by the water. Hold the baby securely under the arms, and let them bob gently to feel the lightness of the water. There are a number of excellent articles with more details, including a discussion of the proper age for introduction of a toddler to the water, how to get the baby ready for swim season, and a great article about pool safety.

Get the baby used to the water. Gradually get the baby accustomed to being around water, so the pool will be familiar when it is introduced. Take baths with the baby, and let them play with the washcloth and splash around. They’ll think that is fun, and babies love the impact and noise of making the water splash. Smile and laugh when they do it, to associate water with fun. Trickle some water over the baby’s forehead or face, so he can feel and experience moving water. The main thing at this point is to associate water and an enjoyable experience.

Mom Toddler Swimming Pool Safety

Early swim lessons. As early as 6 months old, a baby can be around the water. Start by having Dad hold the baby by the side of the pool, then have Mom in the pool, laughing and splashing, to reinforce that it is fun. If the baby looks excited or positive, take the baby in Mom’s arms, and dip their toes in the water. If the baby appears comfortable, put their feet in the water, and with the child at arms’ length, smile and encourage them. As they progress, let the child kick and splash the water, and gently move them around to continue the experience of feeling how light the water feels.

Kids Toddler Pool Safety Clipart

Practical items. Make sure to use swim diapers in the pool. Public pools will require them, and they’re also a great idea for the home pool. Think about sun exposure, and use long sleeved shirts and pants, and a hat, to make sure baby is safe. Avoid the pool between 10 AM and 4 PM, the times when the ultraviolet rays are the highest.

With the proper introduction, parents can smile and enjoy those magical moments, when their toddler brightens and laughs at some new discovery about the fun of the pool.


Kaitlin Gardner writes for She currently lives in Pennsylvania and is married to her best friend.  In her spare time, she loves to go hiking and enjoy nature.  She has just started her first book about living an eco-friendly, healthy, natural lifestyle.


Pull-Ups First Flush Moments Sweepstakes & Larger-Than-Life Celebration in NYC!

Pulls-Ups Training Pants Logo

Pull-Ups Night Time Training PantsPull-Ups Training Pants Girls Pink

Join Pull-Ups in New York City:

Larger-Than-Life First Flush Celebration

& First Flush Moments Sweepstakes!

I’m about to give birth to my second child in just a few short hours. I am feeling larger-than-life (in more ways than one) and thought that this would be a great time to tell all of you about it — before I don’t feel so large, of course! After many failed attempts to potty train our son – he’s finally done it. My son went from showing zero interest in using the potty to 90% potty trained within the month of January (2013). Am I excited? ecstatic? overjoyed? Absolutely. However, I don’t think my happiness could quite match his extreme pleasure in feeling larger-than-life over his recent victory. 

With one coming out of diapers and one just about to begin the adventure (today, actually!), I am so pleased and thankful for my son’s perfect timing. We still have a few bumps to patch up along the road (night time and random accidents while we’re out of the house), but I owe his victory to Pull-Ups and giving him the confidence to feel like he CAN do it. We’re celebrating (BIG TIME) — and so can you!

Pull-Ups is having a Larger-Than-Life First Flush Celebration in Time Square (New York City) on Tuesday, January 29th. The Pull-Ups brand plans to bring the potty training party to life through a larger-than-life celebration in Times Square in an effort to help moms and toddlers recognize their victories with potty training. There will be lots of fun to be had through the activities presented throughout the event. Plus, mom and tot can also win prizes!

You're Invited Clipart

WHAT:     Larger-Than-Life First Flush Celebration

WHERE:  Times Square, New York (between 43rd and 44th streets on Broadway) 

DATE:   Tuesday, January 29th

TIME:     11:00am – 5:00pm

Event goer’s will have a chance to "flush" an oversized potty, which will activate a digital billboard that is going to display a variety of celebratory images, such as confetti, balloons, and more! There will be performers who ‘activate’ when the potty is flushed by dancing and creating a reason for even more celebration!

Mom and toddler can chat with members of the Pull-Ups family under a tent. Take a picture and remember the experience forever, sip on hot chocolate, and learn all about the new Pull-Ups 3D interactive experience for smartphones and tablets, too!

The fun isn’t going to stop there! Pull-Ups is also gong to incorporate their First Flush Moments Sweepstakes into the event by displaying photos of toddlers on a digital billboard. Parents across America can upload an image or story of their child’s first flush moment for a chance to be featured on the Times Square billboard during the celebration. Plus… one [very] lucky family is going to win the ULTIMATE Grand Prize — an all-expenses-paid trip to Disney World! Keep reading below to learn more…  

First Flush Moments Sweepstakes

Pull Ups First Flush Moments

♦ Head on over to the Pull-Ups Facebook page to enter in the First Flush Moments Sweepstakes.

♦ Upload a picture of your toddler’s favorite First Flush Moment for the chance to have your picture posted on a billboard in Times Square during the larger-than-life celebration on January 29, 2013. Submissions can be in the format of a photo or a story (100 words or less). There will be up to 100 photos selected at random to be displayed in Times Square during the event.  (Photos will be chosen for the billboard by January 22)

♦ One lucky family will win the ultimate grand prize – an all-expense-paid trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida! Winner will be selected on March 13, 2013.

Don’t forget to check out the great tools available for mom and toddler when you are visiting the Pull-Ups Facebook Page! Learn all about the new Pull-Ups Big Kids app and first flush celebration kit, which includes free printable badges, potty party hats, confetti, and photo frames (choose between Buzz or Rapunzel).

The Pull-Ups Big Kid App was recently featured in USA Today as a 2013 product trend to watch! It features new special identifying markers inside of Pull-Ups Training Pants packaging, which can be scanned with the Big Kid App to activate a Pull-Ups Big Kid 3D Celebration and have Disney characters come to life! Enjoy the free and features games and customized potty timer from the through the Big Kid app! Imagine your child’s face when he gets a phone call from a Disney character reminding him to take a potty break! 

Download the Pull-Ups Big Kid App for Apple products (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) through the iTunes Store, or find the Android app version on Google Play. This is a FREE downloadable app that is easy enough for your child to play, interact, and learn along with mom and dad. My son has been using his Big Kid app every day and it has been a great addition to inspiring him towards further success and excitement, too!

Pull Ups App Potty Training iPhone  Pull Ups iPhone Big Kid App

Pull Ups Potty Training App  Pull Ups Stickers Potty Training

Disclosure Policy Review



Pull-Ups Potty Training Pants: We’re Having a First Flush Party!

Pulls-Ups Training Pants Logo

Pull-Ups Potty Training Pants

"First Flush" House Party Ambassador Announcement!

… We’re Having a First Flush Party!

There was reason to celebrate for our family yesterday, but it had nothing to do with the holidays. My son successfully used the potty for a bowel movement. I never would have thought that such a celebration could result after a child used the potty, but we were elated and jumped for joy! After nearly 2+ years of trying, I was finally able to convince my son that it would be "okay" to use the potty for pooping. Honestly, I have to attribute his recent victory to Pull-Ups and some great tips that I picked up through conversations and advice-filled articles on the Pull-Up’s "First Flush" party page on Facebook!

Pull-Ups Night Time Training Pants We’ve been struggling to potty train our 3 1/2 year old for a LONG time, which hasn’t been easy as my son shows very little interest in trying. We haven’t seen any sort of pattern except for sporadically lucking out with a good potty use here and there. My son had only attempted to use the potty when he had to go #1, but that all changed yesterday. 

He’s stubborn and has a book full of excuses as to why he can’t complete the task. My son is very honest and upfront when it comes to why he couldn’t make it to the potty. Just the other night he told me that he was too busy playing with his toys, so he wouldn’t have time to use the potty. Oh.. the joys of parenthood!

Pull-Ups House Party First Flush

I am very excited to share some exciting news! I am a Pull-Up’s "First Flush" ambassador, which means that I am basically going to sharing all of our exciting potty training milestones with all of you. I won’t be doing this alone as I will have the lovely opportunity of sharing our experience here on MamaNYC, but also celebrating with our friends and family in January! We are going to organize a "Why Wait — Let’s Celebrate! First Flush Party" in order to celebrate the giant strides that our son has been making in potty training!

Pull-Ups Training Pants Girls Pink

The party will happen in mid-January, which will actually be less than 1-week before we welcome our second child into the world. My little girl will be born on January 22nd, so our "First Flush" party comes at a great time. I want to give my son a reason to celebrate and feel great about his achievements as we want him to know and feel the "big brother" roll that he is about to take on. January is going to be a BIG month for our son with lots of reason to celebrate. 

Interesting in hosting a "First Flush" party? Head on over to the official Pull-Ups Facebook page to learn more about this opportunity! You can apply to host a Pull-Up’s First Flush Party, which will be held on Saturday, January 19th. 

"Invite your friends and their ready-to-potty-train tots to your house to share in the excitement. Pull-Ups® will help you create an unforgettable moment – celebrating your little ones as they take their first steps to becoming a Big Kid®. That’s right – it’s the BIG move from diapers to Pull-Ups® Training Pants! 

Pull-Ups’ "First Flush" party hosts will receive an exclusive Party Pack full of tot-friendly fun including:

♦ Engaging activities to get tots excited about starting potty training 

♦ Celebration party hats and noisemakers to cheer on potty training success 

♦ Exclusive Pull-Ups® Potty Training Fun Celebration App sticker

♦ Pull-Ups® Training Pants for every Big Kid® at the party 

♦ Pull-Ups® coupon books

♦ And more! 

Applications will only be accepted through the end of December, so don’t wait to sign up if you are interested in hosting a Pull-Ups party! I know we’re all really busy this week with the holidays, but this opportunity will expire at the end of the year.

It’s really simple to sign up and the entire application process will take less than 5-minutes. Plus, I can bet this experience will be a very rewarding opportunity for your family! There is nothing like a little encouragement to boost a child’s confidence when it comes to potty training!

Host a House Party with Pull Ups:

Apply to host a Pull-Ups "First Flush" party today! 


Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and to host a party. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.