Why Your Toddler is Playing With Poop & How To Stop Behavior

Why Toddlers Playing With Poop Diapers

  Well, I suppose the time has come to finally have this discussion on MamaNYC! Since my firstborn was already out of this stage when I began blogging [mid-2010], I wasn’t  able to get into it. Maybe I didn’t want to get into it at the time, but enough procrastinating. Fast forward to present day as I […]

Orajel Kids: Baby Teething Relief & Oral Care Smilestones Contest

Orajel Kids Smilestones Contest

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel Kids. ______________________________    There comes a time in every moms career as a parent when you realize that your baby is in legitimate pain for the very first time in his or her life. You know the differences between all of her […]

10 Tips for Traveling with Kids & Family Vacation Advice

traveling with kids family vacation

*This is post #2 for a series of 6 travel posts featured on MamaNYC! While I am on a blog press trip in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, I will be featuring traveling tips, advice, and more for families traveling with kids. Keep yourself updated on future posts: like and follow MamaNYC (check the sidebar for […]

Toddler Discipline: 5 Easy Parenting Disciplining Toddler Tips

Toddler Discipline Tricks Tips

With my daughter reaching her prime toddler stage, I am starting to recall just how difficult toddler discipline can be at her age (16-months next week!).  It’s simple when they’re under 12-months (too young to get into trouble, too little to make too much trouble!). Once they’re 2+ years old, it gets easier to communicate with […]

Pull-Ups Potty Training Pants: We’re Having a First Flush Party!

Pull-Ups Potty Training Pants "First Flush" House Party Ambassador Announcement! … We’re Having a First Flush Party! There was reason to celebrate for our family yesterday, but it had nothing to do with the holidays. My son successfully used the potty for a bowel movement. I never would have thought that such a celebration could result after a child […]