Infant Products Mom Must Have: Top 5 Baby Items Mom Needs For Newborn!

Infant Products Mom Must Have: The Top 5 Baby Items Making My Life Easier There’s a lot of commotion, loud noises, banging, jumping, and running around going on in our home nowadays. I don’t remember things being THIS crazy when we only had one child, but everything doubles when you have your second child. Earlier today, […]

Postpartum Depression Treatment & Residential Mental Health Options

  Postpartum Depression Treatment & Residential Mental Health Options   Life after baby isn’t always sunshine, sweetness, and smiles. Your body and mind have gone through a lot, which you probably don’t have a full understanding of until you’ve found yourself down a deep and endless hole called postpartum depression. As a woman who just […]

Caesarean Section Day: Caesarean Section History, Tips, Facts & More!

Today is Caesarean Section Day: History, Tips, Facts & Knowledge January 14th is Caesarean Section Day and I felt it would be fairly appropriate to discuss some interesting facts and details about this birth choice since I will be giving birth in 10 days through a scheduled c-section. While my first pregnancy was not a […]

Birth Plans For Dummies Book: Create a Baby Birth Plan Pregnancy Book

  Birth Plans For Dummies Book Review Birth Plans For Dummies is an easy and trusted way to develop a birth plan for expectant moms. There’s a lot of information available and sometimes pregnancy and labor can be quite overwhelming and scary. Luckily, I have access to this ultimate resource guide to help me understand, develop, […]