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Wave Goodbye To Big City Crime? Not Quite … But Maybe

Big City Crime Tape

Notice: This is an exclusive featured post from Jenny Daniels!   If you asked a resident of Los Angeles whether or not they felt safe in their home or in their neighborhood, what kind of responses do you think you would get? By sheer coincidence, I recently saw the movie “Hollywood Homicide,” which opened with…

New York City – The Perfect Destination for a Family Vacation

New York from Kingsley Condo 1st Ave Looking South4

New York City: The Perfect Destination for a Family Vacation New York is also known as ‘The City That Never Sleeps’. So, if you’ve got a young family and you’re due to go on vacation, New York is probably the last on your list of considerations. But we’re here to tell you that the Big…

The Outlet Collection | Jersey Gardens Fashion Outlet Mall

Jersey Mall Gardens Outlet Fashion

This post brought to you by The Outlet Collection | Jersey Gardens. All opinions are 100% mine. Things can get a bit hard on your family budget towards the end of the year. You’ve got back-to-school supplies and apparel to purchase, but also need to start thinking about holiday gifts that you’ll need to buy…