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Welcome to the Hoppin’ Halloween Giveaway Hop hosted by yours truly, MamaNYC! As we stock up on candy for the trick or treaters and hunt the stores for the perfect Halloween costume, I have teamed up with a great group of bloggers to present some amazingly ghoulish prizes (cash, gift cards, anything really!).

With an open themed event, I am sure there’s going to be prizes for everyone to enjoy. Everyone is hosting a prize valued at $25.00 or more and our event runs from October 24th through Halloween, October 31st. So, let’s get started!

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With the holiday season fast approaching, I am sure you will be able to put this Amazon gift code to very good use! Valued at $50.00, I know this will be a great prize for one lucky winner to get a head start on their holiday shopping list — or, maybe you will simply decide to treat yourself to something on your wish list!

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One lucky winner will receive an Amazon gift code valued at $50.00. This giveaway is open to entrants worldwide; 18+. Ends on Friday, October 31st at 11:59pm EST. Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below in order to gain entry.

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Good Luck & Happy Halloween!

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How To Make Your Carved Pumpkin Last Longer

How To Preserve Carved Pumpkin Rotting

So, you went out today to run a few errands and somehow wound up with a pumpkin in the back seat of your car. It feels like we just wrapped up with summer and BBQ season, but the stores all tossed those pumpkins to the curb and the kids begged you to buy and carve a pumpkin (already?!).

Crazy, I know, but they’ve waited so long (a full year!!!) to celebrate Halloween again. You caved and gave in, but now you want to to make your pumpkin last longer and avoid rotting. Thankfully, I have three great tips on how to make carved pumpkins last longer.

Pumpkin Last Longer Prevent Rotting Pumpkins
I never cared too much about how long our pumpkins would last. We purchased them 3-weeks into October, carved them, and usually tossed them to the curb as soon as November hit. Things change when you have kids.

They want to hold onto their pumpkin for as long as they can. Parting with their dear, sweet, orange ball of love isn’t that easy. Thanks to these three quick and simple tips, mom and dad can preserve a carved pumpkin for several weeks!

So.. are you ready to make your carved pumpkin last longer?!

Solution #1: Bleach Water

Give your pumpkin a bath with bleach water and occasionally spritz to help preserve after he’s been carved. Simply use 1 teaspoon of bleach per gallon of water and dunk that carved pumpkin into it. You can use a large bucket or plastic bin. Be sure the pumpkin is completely covered.

Bleach Water Pumpkin Rotting tips
Leave the pumpkin sitting in the bleach water for at least 8 hours. Remove and dry it off before placing him on display. Thereafter, I would recommend spraying with a spritzer bottle daily with your bleach water mixture to help your pumpkin live even longer!

Why? This method works because the bleach is going to help to kill of any resting bacteria on the surface of your pumpkin and rid the dirt. It is preventing mold and further prevents rotting to preserve and help your pumpkin last longer. The water is going to help to keep your pumpkin hydrated, which of course also helps to prevent rotting. Water + bleach = anti-rotting!

Solution #2: Vaseline

This tip can be used on it own, or once your pumpkin is nice and dry after you’ve used the bleach and water idea (above). Applying Vaseline can help your pumpkin last many weeks longer than normal.

Vaseline Prevent Pumpkin Rotting
Lather it up on sides, top, and bottom surfaces by using a fairly decent amount of Vaseline (nothing too overboard, but enough!). Be sure to also place Vaseline on the exposed carving cut areas. Remember: don’t slather on too much; you only want to apply a coat to keep it hydrated. Vaseline will also help to keep those nasty bugs away.

Solution #3: Silica Gel Packets

Here is an idea that I had never thought of before and wouldn’t imagine using: silica gel packets!

Silica Gel Packets Pumpkins
Why? Silica is used as a desiccant, which helps to rid away excess moisture. You normally find them inside of your shoe boxes, cat litter, etc. I bet you never thought they would come in handy, especially to help your carved pumpkin last longer!

Start collecting those packets of Silica Gel. Open the packets up carefully and remove the tiny beads carefully. Place them inside of the pumpkin meat. Do this by using your thumb to gently push the silica bead into the interior side walls of your pumpkin.

Silica Packets Hydrate Pumpkin Rotting
It’s the parent in me… If you plan to keep this particular pumpkin in a child’s room, I would avoid the silica gel solution or display the pumpkin on a high shelf. Silica can be dangerous if ingested, especially for children.

Alexander Movie Printables: Terrible, Horrible Activity Kit!

Alexander Terrible Horrible Activity Printables

Next Friday I will be screening Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day with my family down at Disney Studios here in Los Angeles. Thereafter, I will attend an Alexander movie press junket and get to meet the stars of the film!  I cordially invite all of you back to read my movie review and to hear all about the junket on the week of October 6th!

For now, I have a great family activity kit to share with all of you that includes some great fun for the whole family! You’ll find printable activity sheets for the kiddos, door hangers, mazes, puzzles, and even a quiche recipe for mom!

*Download the entire Alexander movie activity booklet full of some great, fun printables for the entire family, or click the individual images below to print each PDF file.

Alexander and the Terrible Quiche Recipe   Alexander and the Terrible Kangaroo Printable
Alexander and the Terrible Horrible Memory Game   Alexander and the Terrible Door Hangers
Alexander and the Terrible Horrible Birthday Cake Coloring Page   Alexander and the Terrible Horrible Spot The Difference Printable
Alexander and the Terrible Horrible Untangle Maze Printable   Alexander and the Terrible Baby's Bad Day Coloring Sheet


Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day features a star studded cast featuring Steve Carell, Jennifer Garner, Dylan Minnette, Ed Oxenbould, Kerris Dorsey, Megan Mullally, Jennifer Coolidge, and Bella Thorne. Based on the novel by Judith Viorst,  the film follows 11-year-old Alexander (Ed Oxenbould) as he experiences the most terrible and horrible day of his young life.

Alexander soon learns that he’s not alone when his mom (Jennifer Garner), dad (Steve Carell), brother (Dylan Minnette) and sister (Kerris Dorsey) all find themselves living through their own terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

  Anyone who says there is no such thing as a bad day…

…just hasn’t had one!

Watch It Clipart

Watch the Alexander movie trailer!

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ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY opens in theaters on October 10th! Learn more about the film and keep yourself busy with social media film fun when you like Alexander on Facebook and follow @DisneyPictures!