Busting 7 Credit Repair Myths About Credit Reports & Debt!

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Busting 7 Credit Repair Myths Reports Busting 7 Credit Repair Myths

Sometimes asking people for advice on what to do is the worst possible thing you could do to resolve your situation. This is especially true if you ask people who don’t know any more about the situation than you do, but who are always willing to share their uninformed opinion. It’s similar to asking someone on the street for directions who then points you in the opposite direction to where you need to go.

Credit Cards Pile Score Tips

While myths are often harmless, they can hurt you financially when you listen to myths about credit repair. Here are 7 of the most pervasive and harmful risks when it comes to fixing your credit score:

1. Paying all debts will improve your credit score. 

Unfortunately, even if you pay off all past debts, delinquencies, and late payment and collection fees, bringing your account to a zero balance, it is not enough to clean up your score. If you do wish to clear your account, you must specifically tell the creditor that you will only resolve any unpaid debts if they agree to remove delinquencies. If you do not do ask for the delinquencies to be removed, they will still be on record and your credit score remain bad even after it has been brought to a zero balance.

Credit Report Fix Manage Debt

2. Paying early will improve your credit score.

If you pay off the balance on your credit card in full earlier than the due date will not make a difference. The only thing creditors care about is if you pay by the due date. You don’t get rewarded for being one day or ten days early, but you do get punished if you pay only the minimum or less or later than balance. On the bright side, a zero balance by the closing date of your statement will improve your utilization rate, which is a measure of how much credit you are tapping.

3. You can’t have good credit if you have any negatives.

Credit Report Negative Remarks Score

Fortunately, this is not true. Although some negatives can’t be erased, this is not always enough to give you a low score — because older negatives will count for less than newer ones. By keeping current on your newer bills, the older bills will gradually lose their weight in your credit score. This is a gradual process and you must show consistently improved bill paying behavior for older negatives to lose their weight.

4. Closing older credit card accounts will improve your
credit score.

On the face of it, this seems like sensible advice. However, this will not help your credit score and will actually hurt it. It will reduce the length of your credit history and leave you with much less available credit. A long credit history establishes a person as a seasoned borrower. A large amount of available credit lowers your utilization rate, a measure of how much available credit you use, and the lower your percentage, the better it looks.

Credit Card Debt Paying Off

5. Opening more credit cards will improve your credit

This is the opposite tactic, but it doesn’t work either. Instead of proving that you are able to handle more credit by getting more credit cards, lenders will categorize you as a high risk borrower because the number of inquiries made on your credit score will negatively impact your credit score.

Credit Score Report Myths

6. Correcting errors will not improve your credit score.

This is definitely not true. You can write a credit dispute letter to the credit bureau. Explain what you believe the facts to be and remember that your letter should follow generally accepted letter writing guidelines and needs some specific components that the credit bureaus will need to investigate your dispute.

Credit Debt Piggy Bank Savings Drowning

According to FICO, you should take the following action:  “Tell the credit bureau in writing what information you believe is inaccurate. Include copies (NOT originals) of documents that support your position. You may want to enclose a copy of your credit report with the items in question circled. Send your letter by certified mail, return receipt requested, so you can document that the credit bureau received your correspondence. Keep copies of your dispute letter and enclosures.”

7. All bills are weighed the same.

All bills are not weighed the same. Being late or delinquent on some is worse than being late or delinquent on others. If you don’t have enough money at the end of the month to pay off all your bills, then it is better to pay off an automobile loan or a mortgage than a credit card bill.

Credit Repair Bills Statements

Take Away

Avoid relying on myths to rebuild your credit score. This is sometimes difficult because at times, the myths seem more logical than the facts themselves. Instead of relying on logic, conjecture, or the opinion of other people who know as much as you do, seek expert advice and only do those things that make a difference to improve your credit score.




KY Liquibeads Personal Lubricant: Your Freedom to be Spontaneous!

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KY Liquibeads Vaginal Dryness

Something happens between the start of your relationship with your significant other, throughout pregnancies, and into parenthood. Your frisky, out of control, spontaneous urge for intimacy seems to wither and basically vanish. Trust me – I get it. Your freedom to be spontaneous is given up the day you became a mother. It’s the price we have to pay for our adorable and squishy children, but we still have needs.

KY Liquibeads Lubricant for Women

Now that it has been nearly 2-years since my last pregnancy, I am finally starting to regain control of my love life once again {yay!}. Plus, I also celebrated my 30th birthday in July, which they claim to be the peak age for women {double yay!}. Now that I have dropped all of my pregnancy weight and feel comfortable with my body, I have noticed a significant increase in intimacy between my husband and I, so the spark is back (full force!) and we want to keep the momentum going — without any strikeouts or foul ball plays.

I would lie if I told all of you that our intimacy was nonexistent — because it was definitely, absolutely, for sure there. We have always had a strong connection and always enforced the importance of finding time to be with one another – without the children – to enjoy each other on an intimate level.

Vaginal Moisturizer KY Intimacy /

As much as I do not believe that sex is a primary or strong portion of what makes for a great marriage, I also believe that a sexless marriage draws distance between a couple. Looking back, I realize and admit that although our marriage was and always has been impeccable in terms of communication, personality, compatibility levels, we were slacking a bit when it came to intimacy.

Sorry, but I had many other “things” on my mind and a heavy heaping of body image problems post-pregnancy. I wasn’t feeling very — sexy, shall we say. Things were superb during the infancy stage of our relationship, but things changed when our firstborn son came along in 2009 (Whaaaaat? Why? That’s crazy!). I denied it a lot and told my husband that he was the lucky one. He had it really good and that was just about as good as it was going to get…. until I realized it didn’t have to be that way.

Of course, timing is never good when you’re a parent. We try our best to strike while the iron is hot, but then a fever spikes, or a bloody nose happens out of nowhere, or a kid just had a bad dream and wants nothing but cuddles from his mama and daddy (which I can never resist – ever.). I can seriously count at least 10 times within the last 3 days of intimacy interruptions. Uck! We finally get a minute to ourselves… and now this?!

As if those rude interruptions aren’t enough, we also have to deal with dryness. I never thought that could be that woman – menstrual cycle, it’s natural and necessary, but vaginal dryness? Are you KIDDING ME? It is hard enough to get in the mood, be alone somewhere without the kids, and to find a private and secluded spot where we can be intimate — and now you’re telling me that I have a dryness issue? Totally unfair!

Vaginal Moisturizer Women KY

We work hard 24 hours a day to manage, maintain, and organize our homes and families. Our agendas are overbooked and our stress levels are through the roof! We’re only human, so we naturally need intimacy in our lives. There is so much more to intimacy than procreating — and if you haven’t figured that one out yet, I strongly suggest a few hours (or days) of research with your partner and a nifty laptop in the bed! *wink wink*

Intimacy Lubricant Applicators

We want that freedom to be spontaneous and KY Liquibeads has given me the ability to take hold of those moments and urges. No longer do I feel defeated due to vaginal dryness or messy and oily lubricants (yuck!). I just want to enjoy a good hour (or more?) behind closed doors with my husband – without any speed bumps or road blocks.

KY lubricant for women coupon

Using an oily and messy personal lubricant got pretty old really, really fast. I was sick and tired of changing the bed sheets every night! Using the KY Liquibeads means that I will save loads of money on detergent and on our electric bill (“…did she seriously just say that?”). 

How To Use KY Liquibeads Lubricant Dryness

I was skeptical at first and wasn’t too sure about how the KY Liquibeads would work prior to educating myself about this fabulous lubricant for women. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was wrong.

Each package includes OVULE Inserts and disposable applicators. Simply remove the bead from the blister pack and securely insert into the disposable applicator. While standing or lying down, insert the applicator into your vagina as far as it will go. Push the plunger side down to dispense the bead and eject the applicator gently and safely. Allow at least 30 minutes for intimacy for best results.

KY Liquibeads Intimacy Personal Lubricant for Women

When the moment comes along, mom and dad know that the deed must be done and it is no longer at your own pace, schedule, or time. You’re a parent now and you apparently need to work around their schedule. When the urge creeps up out of nowhere and you’re able to find a few minutes to bond intimately with your significant other, you will do everything and anything in your power to avoid interruptions, excuses and dilemmas.

Why do we spend so much time and effort trying to find alone time with our husbands, but such little attention to the apparent and quite obvious dryness issue that we’ve suddenly adopted post-pregnancy?

Ladies… enough is enough. We need to put a stop to the dryness madness!

It’s painful, annoying, irritating, and just plain WRONG.

Walgreens La Crescenta Pharmacy

I found my new package of KY Liquibeads at my local Walgreens, but you’ll also find them on the shelves at Target and Walmart.

But, but… where?

Here’s an aisle that you may not frequent, which is quite odd since you’ve got a family of your own:

Family Planning Walgreens Lube Condoms

Family Planning!

It’s really a fantastic aisle and a place that you and/or your significant other should visit at least once per month. You’ve probably walked by this section a million times and ignored it because you’ve figured it was only condoms – right? Wrong! You’ll find a lot of great intimate products and your favorite KY products!

KY Liquibeads Freedom to be Spontaneous

Are you ready to take back control and regain your freedom to be spontaneous? Stop by coupons.com to grab a $1.00 OFF coupon good for any KY product. Thereafter, enjoy!

Personal Lubricant Women Vaginal Dryness

Ladies… I know you’re excited, but please read the instructions and familiarize yourself with the applicator, beads, and how to insert properly prior to usage. Pregnant and nursing women should consult with their doctor prior to usage. omen are pregnant or nursing, they should first consult a doctor before using.

Let’s chat about intimacy and your personal lubricant needs – yay!

Don’t get all squimish on me now, but the topic has been ignored and buried for much too long. It’s healthy to discuss and we can only benefit from the information and knowledge gained during a healthy conversation about vaginal dryness and intimacy.

Has your love life suffered or changed since having children? How do you spice things up in the bedroom and keep your significant other interested, entertained, and beggin’ for more? Tell me! Tell me!

Save Time with Suavitel Fast Dry Laundry Fabric Softener

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Save Time Laundry Suavitel
With only 24 hours in my day, I have to make use out of every single minute that I am given. I have two young children (one of which is headed full steam ahead into her terrible two’s), work at home full-time as a parenting blogger, and of course I have a household to manage. When every second counts, I need to find a faster, quicker, and easier way to do things, so I was ecstatic when I found Suavitel Fast Dry fabric softener for my laundry!

 Laundry Fabric Softener Fast Dry Suavitel.
Is it just me, or does the laundry pile seem to never end? Sometimes I joke with my husband that we should just setup a bed for me to sleep in right next to the laundry room. I was spending so much time in there, so why not just live next to the machines? I make jokes, but unfortunately it was the truth. It’s a moms worst nightmare and it is never ending. The laundry is always going to be there and it will perpetually be a problem — until now.

Save Energy Costs Laundry
Would I rather spend time with washer and dryer, or enjoy a pumpkin patch with my children? Tough choice, but I think 99.999% of my fellow parents would agree the kids are much more fun than doing laundry on a Friday night (any night, actually….)!

How To Use Fabric Softener Laundry
I started doing my own laundry at a young age. I wasn’t happy with my mom when she stopped doing my laundry, but I now have a deep appreciation since I grew to be self-sufficient and independent due to the knowledge and tools that she gave me as a young girl. One of the first lessons that she gave me was how to use fabric softener and I haven’t stopped using it since! Many of my friends in college would look at me like I was crazy; they all thought that it wasn’t necessary to use. Well, let’s just say that I had them all using fabric softener by the end of the first semester!

Dry Clothes Faster Suavitel
Suavitel® Fast Dry™ fabric conditioner features a unique technology that wicks water away from fabric to help clothes dry 30% faster, which leaves you with more time to spend with your loved ones! I found Suavitel in the laundry aisle at Walmart and it is very easy to spot.

Suavitel Fast Dry fabric softeners walmart
Their bottles are super bright colors and pretty, too! I have been using Suavitel for quite a while, but this was my first time giving their Fast Dry fabric conditioner a try. Each bottle of Suavitel® Fast Dry™ will give about 82 small loads and Suavitel is made for high efficiency washers. What would I do with all of that free time?

Suavitel Fast Drying Laundry Softener

My little girl couldn’t keep her chubby lil’ hands off of it!She’s excited to know that mama will have more time for her and less time for her dirty, stained, and smelly laundry!

*Watch my Suavitel Fast Dry Fabric Softener Video!

Available in two different scents, Fabulous Field Flowers and Magical Morning Sun, I anxiously ran home and dumped a load of laundry into our washer. It wasn’t too hard to find a pile of dirty clothes, but I will spare you all of the details (stinky, stinky laundry details!).

Suavitel Fast Dry Clothes Drying Faster
Did I notice a difference? Absolutely. Suavitel® Fast Dry™ means that my clothes are going to need less time in the dryer, which means less time in the laundry room for me and we are also going to save on energy costs! I don’t know about you, but our electric bill is scarier than the scariest haunted house that I have ever experienced. It’s not good, so I am always up for trying something that can help cut costs.

How To Use Fabric Softener Suavitel
Until the day that disposable clothes are invented (never), I am going to have to spend my time doing laundry, which means time away from these adorable and cuddly faces. Thanks to Suavitel® Fast Dry™ fabric softener, I don’t have to live in my laundry room anymore.

I have 30% of my time back and that means more time doing the things that I love: making memories, playground play dates, and of course a lot of time left over for my readers, too!

LA Dodges Game MamaNYC.net LA Dodges Game MamaNYC.net

Follow the conversation!

Head on over to Twitter and see what others are saying about Suavitel Fast Dry when you use the official #FastDrySaveTime hashtag!


Holiday eBay Guides with MamaNYC: Halloween & Thanksgiving

I have been meaning to share this news with all of you, but suddenly the days fly by and somehow I am ripped away from my laptop and unable to work (geez, wonder why?!). In any case, I have been publishing some great content over on eBay for the upcoming holiday season!

Over a 3-week span, I am publishing different holiday eBay Guides, which will be geared towards Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve. To date, I have so far published 3 out of 5 guides. The additional two guides will be shared tomorrow, Friday, September 26th.

Check out each of the guides that I have already published on eBay down below — and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section below. I would love your input and hopefully you’ll be able to give me some insight for the next two guides that I am about to publish. Follow the official #eBayGuides hashtag on Twitter to discover more of these amazing holiday guides this season!

Holiday eBay guide Superhero Costume How To

How To Put Together The Ultimate Superhero Halloween Costume

The first holiday eBay Guide that I published is a really fun Halloween theme for that little superhero in your family. Every little boy and girl dreams of growing up to be a superhero, so why not start with Halloween? My son loves to dress up as a superhero 364 days a year, which really helps his creative side shine. Check out a few of my tips on how to build the ultimate superhero Halloween costume!

How To Find Thanksgiving Table Settings & Decor

Thanksgiving Dinner Table Settings & Decor

My second holiday eBay Guide is geared towards Thanksgiving . I discuss how to creatively set a unique, fun, and still formal dinner table setting for your guests. Read my tips on how to pick the right centerpiece (and how big or small it should be) and what type of decor would be fitting. You’ll also find ideas for Thanksgiving dinner table settings and how to create the perfect environment with lighting, tea candles, or a string of Christmas lights.

Thanksgiving Activities Crafts Holiday eBay

Thanksgiving Activities & Crafts for Kids

Once you’ve organized and planned everything out, you’ll spend hours cooking that Turkey and all of the sides. Mom, dad, and guests will feast for quite a while, which leaves the kids b-o-r-e-d and unbelievably restless. Now what, mom? Ta-dah! In this guide, I list some fantastic ideas for how to keep the kids busy on Thanksgiving!

Setting up a separate craft table to the side of the dining area with markers, crayons, and crafts is a great way to get started. These Thanksgiving activities for kids will keep them occupied , which leaves you with all the time in the world to chow down on the yummy stuffing.


Stop by over the weekend to check out my next two holiday eBay Guides!

4 Tips on How to Cut Down on Moving Stress

Moving Stress Tips Relief

Moving is inherently stressful. But what if I told you there were things that you could do to reduce the stress of your move? Here are just some of them.

4 Tips on How to Cut Down on Moving Stress

1. Start Sorting Early

Nobody likes sorting through their stuff. If you wait until the last minute, though, a couple of things are going to happen:

  • You’ll wind up packing everything (even trash) because there simply isn’t time to sort now, so you figure you’ll sort through it all later.
  • You’ll turn into a whirling dervish of tossing things out and potentially throw out some very sentimental or even valuable things because “heck with it! Everything must go! We’ll just replace it later!”

The best time to start sorting is the day you start thinking of moving (or the day you find out you have to move if you are a military family or your job is transferred to a different office). This way you can go at your own pace and ease your family into the idea of your moving.

Garage Sale Moving

2. Remember: Your Toss Is Someone Else’s Treasure

The only things you should pack are the things that have tremendous sentimental value, seasonal holiday decorations and the things that you use at least once every six months. Everything else can go and be replaced as needed.

It sounds harsh but remember: the more stuff you pack the heavier the load will be and the more space it will need in a van or container.

Do not, however, simply throw away the things you don’t pack. Sell them at a garage sale, online (if you have the time) or donate them to your local charity thrift shop. Someone else will want everything and donations are great tax write offs. Think of the things you’re getting rid of as things you’re gifting because, in a way, that’s what they are.

3. DiY

Most of us feel like there are only two options for moving: doing everything ourselves via rented moving truck or hiring movers to pack and move everything for us. These days, though, there is a great money and stress saving middle ground: pack your own stuff and then use a shipping container to relocate the things you’ve packed. This way nobody else will be touching your stuff, but you don’t have to worry about trying to drive your own giant rental truck through town or across the state (or country).

If you decide to go the container route, make sure you pack carefully and follow any directions you’re given about loading in your stuff. The United Mayflower moving company blog offers its customers video tutorials about how to properly pack a container for a move.

Explore Neighborhood moving Philadelphia

4. Explore Early

When we were kids, all we could do before we got to a new home was wonder and worry about it. We could look up the town or state in the encyclopedia and check travel guides out of the library but for the most part, our imaginations were all we could use to prepare for the move.

Today that’s not true. Today you and your kids can sit down in front of the Internet and take walking tours of your new neighborhood. You can virtually visit your kids’ new schools and even get in touch with their new teachers or set up a pen pal situation with future classmates. This can take a lot of stress out of the move, especially for your kids. So spend some time exploring (either virtually or in person if that’s possible) your new space before you actually get there.

Moving Stress Rent Truck

Have you moved recently? What tips do you have to reduce stress so that people can get through the move in one piece (and then move on to their new, post-move, life)?


Note: This is an exclusive featured post by Jenny Daniels!

Sam’s Club Football Tailgating Party Food, Grill & More!

Disclosure: Today’s post is sponsored by Sam’s Club, but my love for their tailgating and football season is all my own.  Although financially sponsored by Sam’s Club, all words and opinions are my own.


Sams Club Tailgating Party Foods

Ladies and gentleman, it is time to officially kickoff the 2014 football season, which of course means tailgating party time! I have so many great memories of tailgating with friends and family as a child that I naturally want to share and carry on the experiences with my own children. Thanks to Sam’s Club, I can organize a tailgating party without any trouble.

Sam's Club store Tailgating Party

Sam’s Club has everything that I need to get our football tailgating party kicked off this year. You can find everything on your shopping list from KC Masterpiece Original BBQ Sauce , Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, or even a big 54 oz. bag of Skittles for your tailgating party.

KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing

Busy moms and dads understand just how important it is to get all of the shopping done in as few stores as possible. In addition to their awesome inventory and spectacular value, I love the variety of options we can find all under one roof at our local Sam’s Club!

Since we moved from NYC to Los Angeles in late-July [2014], I am basically replacing everything that we left behind on the East Coast. We are new to the neighborhood, so why not throw a football tailgate party — at home? I always rely on Sam’s Club for all of my grocery, dinner party, entertaining needs (and more) because I know they have everything we may need all under one roof for unbeatable prices.

First off, I am going to need a sweet deal on a big screen television that will please our audience. There’s nothing worse than watching a football game on a small, grainy TV. We have to replace two TV’s that were left behind in New York and clearly we need to do that soon.

The season came sneaking up on us and we are in the market for an awesome living room and den television. Sam’s Club has a great deal on this gorgeous 65″ Samsung LED 1080p 3D Smart HDTV with a resolution twice as high as standard HDTV’s. It comes with two pairs of 3D active glasses and features a clear motion rate 960.

Samsung LED 1080p 3D Smart HDTV

Sweet! Yes, I will take it.

You can easily view and catch every little detail of action-packed movies and sports with Clear Motion Rate 960. This television is a dream for sports fanatics and a must for the movie buffs, so we could surely find some good use out of this Samsung 3D HDTV!

Beyond a good television to watch the game on, you’ll need to upgrade your sound system. It’s all part of the experience and you will obviously want to make sure you get the real tailgating party feel with the Samsung 2.1 Channel 290 Watt Soundbar w/ Subwoofer.

Samsung Soundbar Subwoofer
Invite as many guests as you would like to your football tailgating party this year and everyone will hear the game perfectly thanks to this dynamic in-home audio experience. Digitally experience an exceptionally cinematic sound for movies, sports, and events. The H450 is a classy home theater system that will help to eliminate your old and cluttered setup.

Once you are all setup with viewing and audio needs, you will need to of course figure out how to feed those football fans. Next to the television and sound quality, I know just how important it is to make sure you’ve got plenty of yummy foods for your party guests.

Kraft Velveeta Loaf Sam's Club Sale
Sam’s Club has some great deals on quality foods and brands that everyone loves, such as Kraft Velveeta and Hormel Chili No Beans. Both products have so much potential and there are dozens of recipes and appetizers that I could think of with just these two products alone.

Hormel Chili NO Beans Sam's Club
It’s been a long, long summer and we are super busy adjusting to life in Los Angeles, so we may not be able to have a real, authentic tailgating party this year. However, I want to be prepared and ready to go just in case the opportunity comes along.


When you decide to take your next tailgating party on the road, you can pick up a Portable Stainless Steel Gas Grill from Sam’s Club. Want to take things a little further and have more than grilled items at your tailgate? Sam’s Club also has an awesome Wolfgang Puck 10 Cup Digital Multicooker that is great for rice cooking, slow cooking and steaming.

Wolfgang Puck Digital Multicooker Tailgating Party
Whether you decide to throw your tailgating party at your home, at the stadium, or at a local park, I know you are going to need many of the items that are in-stock at Sam’s Club. With such a wide variety of options to choose from, Sam’s Club is always my first because I know we will always find what we need with store-wide value on my favorite products.

How will you kick off the 2014 football season?

Do you have a tailgating party planned?

*Tell me all about it in the comments below – I would love to hear your plans!


Walgreens Seasonal Flu Shot & Adult Immunizations #GetAShot

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GetAShot #CollectiveBias

Seasonal Flu Shots Walgreens Give a shot

Raise your hand if you hate getting the seasonal flu and love to give back to your community!

We have a Walgreens practically in our backyard [directly behind our gated community, so it’s around the block… #convenient!], so you could say that I basically live at Walgreens. During one of my pretty-much-daily trips to Walgreens last week, I noticed a sign for their Get a Shot. Give a Shot campaign, so I had to learn more.

Developing Country Donate Charity Immunize

As a child, I was routinely sent to the family pediatrician to keep up on any and all important (or, required) immunizations that were necessary. As a parent, I continue the tradition by regularly scheduling routine checkups for both of my children. I put a lot of attention and effort into their health and well-being, but I can’t keep up my job as mother unless I remain healthy, too. I neglected immunizing myself during my college and young adult years, but now I once again find myself routinely checking myself at my physicians to maintain all necessary adult immunizations that I may need.

Adults often forget or neglect to immunize themselves — and you know that’s the truth! When was the last time you received an immunization? It is so important for mom and dad to remain healthy in order to take care of the kids. We stress the importance of immunizing our children, but the buck seems to always stop there. We forget to pass on those strong feeling to ourselves. We regretfully do not think it is as important for adults to receive routine checkups or immunizations, but that has to stop!

Adult Flu Shot Give A Shot

Right now we are really trying to stress the importance behind giving back, donating time and goods, and sharing with those in need. These are the most important learning years of our kids’ lives, so I love finding ways to enforce how strongly we feel about helping our neighbors.

Find Flu Shot 2014

Each and every year of my life, I have received a seasonal flu shot to help turn my body into an anti-flu symptoms machine. I’ve had the flu before — and I never want it again (ever!!!!). Since we moved to Los Angeles last month, I basically know very little about our community and where to go if I wanted to get a seasonal flu shot, so I was thrilled to hear about this campaign.

Give A Shot Get A Shot Walgreens

Get a Shot. Give a Shot. is a fantastic campaign led by Walgreens in partnership with the United Nation Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign. For every immunization that you receive at Walgreens from September 2nd, you will also be helping to privde a life-saving vaccine to a child living in a developing country through the Shot@Life Campaign. You may have heard of this campaign already through a television commercial, social media, radio, or in-store signage as I personally noticed myself!

Walgreens Pharmacy Adult Immunizations

Thanks to vaccinations, we are living longer, stronger, and healthier lives. Our lifespan has increased dramatically, so we want to continue the good work, but not every child has the resources available to them to receive such immunizations. They are expensive – as you may have noticed throughout the years thanks to our medical bills!

Walgreens donate flu shots

Did you know that 1 in 5 children around the globe still lacks access to lifesaving immunizations?

We’re making significant progress thanks to coordinated worldwide vaccination efforts, but still have a long road ahead of us. There is much work needed to help reduce the number of cases for measles and polio.

Walgreens Shopping CBias Flu Shot

Walgreens has donated $10 MILLION worth of free seasonal flu shot vouchers to

our fellow Americans that are living without health care insurance coverage.

Beyond receiving your seasonal flu shot at Walgreens, you can also find vaccinations at Walgreens that are normally not stocked at your physicians office! They keep adult immunizations such as Hep A and B, measles, influenza, shingles, and many others in stock.

Walgreens Get A Shot Give A Shot

The area where you would receive your shot is a closed off area (normally with a small screen for privacy), so you won’t feel like everyone in the store is watching you. I know a few adults that are still weary of needles, so you have nothing to worry about. Speak with your Walgreens pharmacist if you have questions or concerns about where the shot will be given.

Donate Immunizations Children

While it is impossible for one single person to take on the challenge of immunizing children globally, I love the idea of knowing that a child somewhere — out there — will receive an immunization just because I got a shot at Walgreens.

I need to regularly keep up on my adult immunizations so that I can stay strong and healthy as I raise my own children. It’s a win-win situation for everyone and such an important piece of the puzzle towards a healthier global atmosphere. Will you join me in this world initiative with Walgreens and Get a Shot. Give a Shot?


Suave Split End Rescue: Split Ends Treatment Walmart Rollback

  Suave Split End Rescue Shampoo Conditioner

 Split ends are a girls worst nightmare!

Okay, I opened that up just a bit dramatically, but they’re seriously a headache (no pun intended) and I have always felt like there isn’t too much that I can really do about them. I can head to the salon and get a haircut as often as I can, but we all know that isn’t too easy for a busy mom or working woman. Luckily, I stumbled upon Suave Split End Rescue shampoo and conditioner, so things are finally looking up for my splitting ends!

How To Detect Split Ends

We know what they look like, but I wanted to dig a little deeper in order to fully understand these threads of mine. Split ends, also known as trichoptilosis, is when a strand of hair is literally split into two or more strands at the end. It can become very damaging to your hair if not treated as soon as possible.

Most people aren’t too sure about whether they have them or not, especially since they can be quite tricky to identify and find depending on your hair color.

Check your hair. Okay, I know this sounds insanely obvious, but this is the first step to discovering whether or not you’ve fallen victim to split ends syndrome (I totally made that up). You’ll know if you have them when your hair begins to have a noticeable amount of tangles when you’re combing it. These are the first signs and hints that you need to look into a split ends treatment and solution, so pay attention!

fix Split Ends treatment
Check your ends in a well lit room – strand by strand – holding each individually to see if it is splitting. Ask a friend for help if you are having a tough time.

Another method is to simply toss your hair into a ponytail. If some hairs are longer than others, or your hair is zigzagging at the bottoms, you likely have split ends.  Do not try to break the split ends yourself! This doesn’t help anything, so always use scissors!

split End repair shampoo and conditioner

Or.. Save time with Suave’s Split Ends Treatment!

Instead of trying to solve this never ending problem on your own, Suave has a split ends treatment and solution that will help relieve problems. Suave Split End Rescue shampoo and conditioner is currently on Rollback at Walmart for $2.50! If you’re looking for a way to reduce split ends, head on over to Walmart and take advantage of this Rollback!


Disclosure: MamaNYC has been compensated by Global Influence in order to provide an honest opinion and thoughtful insight of the aforementioned product. All words are my own and I love Suave either way!

Faster Hair Growth & Damage Repair w/ Hairfinity Hair Vitamins

Have you taken a look at your hair in the last few weeks? What’s the status of your hair after a long, hot summer of sun and swimming? If you’re anything like me (a tired, overworked mom that neglects her hair), you’ll be pleased to know that there is a solution – Hairfinity Hair Vitamins! I know that my hair desperately needs a natural vitamin complex to help restore all of those nutrients that are missing after all of that swimming and sunbathing that I did this summer (I wouldn’t call it sunbathing, actually. It was more of ‘chasing the kids around the backyard during the summer’).

As a child and young adult, I used to get so many comments about my hair. Strangers in the mall would come up to me and tell me how much they loved how thick and shiny my hair looked. That all stopped, suddenly. Between having kids and now living in Los Angeles, my hair is a complete wreck. It’s broken, damaged, dried out, and needs a complete makeover. I’ve done more swimming in the last 4-weeks since moving to the West Coast than I have in the last 6-years!

Hairfinity Hair Supplement Faster Hair Growth

If you’re looking for a product that will naturally restore those missing nutrients to encourage faster hair growth, Hairfinity Hair Vitamins is the way to go. They can bring back that hair that you had once upon a time when your strands were shinier, longer, and thicker. The kids are back in school and you’ve got more time on your hands (not much, but a little more!). It’s time we started to think about our own hair care and needs again!

As a natural nutritional supplement, Hairfinity Hair Vitamins are formulated with all of the essential nutrients that are needed for healthy hair. There’s Vitamins A, C, and D, B-Vitamin Complex, Biotin, MSM, and more. With a clinically proven result of increasing faster hair growth by 155% while reducing shedding, I can see myself now – shiny, thick, flowing hair that is rich in nutrients and… Okay, back to reality.

All it takes is two capsules of Hairfinity Hair Vitamins per day to start getting that shine and to encourage faster hair growth, too. Each bottle contains a 1-month supply. Plus, you’ve just discovered a celebrity hair secret! Hairfinity is used by Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Taraji P Henson, and other top celebs!


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Ready to learn more and eager to see faster hair growth on your head?

Head on over to Hairfinity.com and take a look around to learn more about their all natural hair supplements. See what other people are saying and check out the Hairfinity photo gallery testimonials with a great collection of before and after hair growth and repair results photos from Hairfinity users.

Stay in touch, discover upcoming product news and promotions when you like Hairfinity on Facebook, follow @Hairfinity on Twitter, and Pinterest. Follow the official #Hairfinity hashtag on Twitter to join the coversation and to see what others are saying about the product and results!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hairfinity. The opinions and text are all mine.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hairfinity. The opinions and text are all mine.

Light Bladder Leakage Control & Poise Microliner Protection

  Light Bladder Leakage Poise Samples

So, I am currently on the road for the week we with kids and husband. We moved out of our home in the Poconos (Pennsylvania) yesterday and will be staying with family and visiting friends all week in New York until our one way flight to Los Angles on Monday. Yes, we are moving from NYC to Los Angeles and I am spending the entire week entirely on the road and living out of a suitcase.

I am exhausted, aching, and I have no idea what is what or where anything is in our car. When you’re traveling this much, you have to be prepared for anything and literally everything. We have to assume the worst and hope for the best, but always protect ourselves – right ladies?

So, let’s go “there” – light bladder leakage.

Prior to having my first born, I always assumed that things like bladder leakage weren’t possible for someone in their mid-20’s. Who me? Never! I learned the hard way and discovered that we are all possible victims of leakage, so it is better to prepare for the possibility of bladder leakage as opposed to discovered a problem while you’re standing in the middle of the playground with your kids or walking through a busy shopping mall (Am I right, ladies?).

Leaky Bladder Protection Liners

Poise Microliners are incredibly thin and you won’t even notice they are there, which is the best part of all. I want to protect myself and avoid any “dilemmas”, but I also want to go about my business. I love the idea of having the bladder protection liners in place for those moments when that weak bladder just can’t take it anymore, but I wouldn’t be able to tolerate a constant reminder or having to deal with another thing in my life.

We’re wives, mothers, friends, and daughters. We’re busy women and I appreciate the fact that Poise knows just how important it is for a bladder protection liner that will do its job without being noticed. Whether or not we are victims, I’ve never seen a problem with being prepared ahead of time. Hey, you never know, so be ready for anything and nothing will be able to get in the way of your busy day!

Poise Microliners Leakage Protection

Sample Poise Microliners & See For Yourself!

Did you know that one in three women experience Light Bladder Leakage (LBL)? I couldn’t believe it was that common, but apparently it is best triggered by everyday occurrences like laughing, sneezing, coughing, or exercising. We normally turn to our normal feminine care products for leakage protection, but I am glad to find out there is actually a solution that is specifically designed for LBL!

… and now you can see for yourself! 

Get a free and try out their all-new Microliner to experience Poise protection and comfort for yourself! The kit will include 2 NEW Poise Microliners (1 regular & 1 long), 1 Pose Long Liner, and 1 Poise Ultra Thin Pad. You’ll also find an exclusive coupon and informational brochure to learn more about LBL and how Poise products can help you avoid an uncomfortable “situation” in the future.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Poise, but my love for their Microliners is truly my own!