Vintage Ads Featuring Babies & Kids That Are Totally Offensive!

Gillette Vintage Ad Baby

Vintage ads can be offensive, tacky, racist, outrageous, dangerous, and disturbing. I always get a kick out of vintage advertisements and commercials via. YouTube. They are a part of our history and whether we find them offensive or cool, I still think it’s an important part of who we are and how far we have […]

Unusual February Holidays: Strange & VERY Weird February Observances!

Unusual February Holidays: Strange & VERY Weird February Observances! February is best known for Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, and President’s Week. However, I was able to find many [MANY] more holidays and observances that are…. interesting [to say the least!]. This list includes some of the wackiest and craziest February holidays that are celebrated […]

January Holidays: Strange, Unusual & Weird January Observances in 2013

Strange & Unusual January 2013  Holidays & Observances Happy New Year! Welcome to another month full of strange, weird, bizarre, and VERY unusual holidays. January has everything from New Years Day (…which is, normal!) to Bubble Bath Day (January 8) and Tin Can Day (January 19). This list features monthly, weekly, and daily observances practiced and […]

December Holidays: Strange, Weird, and Unusual December Observances

December Holidays & Strange Observances Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and apparently I should also wish you a very Happy Bathtub Party Day (December 5th). Beyond those normal holidays that we recognize on a federal and religious level, I have gathered together a tremendous list of weird and VERY bizarre December holidays that […]

November Holidays: Strange, Weird, and Unusual November Observances

November Holidays & Strange Observances It’s time for another rendition of strange, weird, and usual holidays here on MamaNYC! I cannot believe it’s November already, but I did check my calendar (numerous times) just to be sure. Longtime MamaNYC readers know all too well that I post a LONG list of strange holidays every month, […]

Halloween Jokes & Riddles – Happy Halloween Ghoulish Humor & Fun!

Halloween Jokes & Ghoulish Humor! Halloween is fast approaching and even though this holiday is all about being scared, I always love to incorporate good ole’ laughter and excitement, too! I’ve put together a large collection of Halloween jokes that are sure to result in a loud and ghoulish laugh. Check it out and be […]

October Holidays: Strange & Unusual October Holidays and Observances!

Strange & Unusual October Holidays and Observances! It’s time for another roundup of strange, weird, and quite unusual observances and October holidays that’ll ! This months collection features October (obviously), which is once again going to leave you all puzzled and definitely scratching your heads!  Remember.. these aren’t necessarily ALL going to be weird since […]