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 Blogger Resources

I love supporting and helping out fellow bloggers. We have all been there at one point and can use some help from someone that knows what they are doing (or at least seems to know!). I am always posting new Blogging 101 tutorials – and you can always submit a help topic request! Bloggers receive discounted rates of advertising and promotion packages to help boost their blog giveaways or other posts. 

Additionally, I am also a web designer and Internet marketing consultant available for hire! I can always help you with a non-blog project, but discounts apply for my fellow bloggers! You can read and learn more about services available below! 

Hopefully I can help you in some way, whether conquering a small fear or overcoming a blogging obstacle. You can always reach out to i you need some help or have a question on how to maximize your blog!

Here are some ways I try to do my best and help out my fellow bloggers on MamaNYC through various blog resources and services:

Blogging 101 - Tips, How To Blog, Advice

BLOGGING 101: New posts are published at least once a week and range from HTML, SEO, social networking, and finding topics to blog about.

Figure out how to use StumbleUpon effectively, setup the new Facebook fanpage cover photo, or Twitter conversion statistics for effectively Tweeting your blog posts! 

WebLogic Consulting - Web Design & Internet Marketing

Blogger Design Graphics Layout Services

Whether you are looking for a new blog media kit, giveaway event button, header design, or a complete blog makeover – hire MamaNYC for a professional and experienced web and graphic designer. 

Let MamaNYC handle all of your social media and Internet marketing (SEO)! As a full-service web designer and Internet marketing consultant, I am available to help you accomplish any goals or project needs you may have!

WordPress transfers and professional blog designs with a quick and professional turnover. 


Receive special discounts and packages for promotions and advertising for your blog!

MamaNYC has a variety of blog advertising and promotional packages that are affordable and flexible to meet your needs. 


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  1. Thanks for these great resources, Nicole! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog and this information will surely help!

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