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About MamaNYC New York Blogger

MamaNYC is a PR Friendly blog featuring product reviews, giveaways, motherhood stories, parenting advice, shopping, fashion, deals and more.

I am always looking for new and innovative products to review or services to try. MamaNYC began in mid-2010 as a way to keep me occupied while my son napped. I had just turned in my career as an e-commerce and Internet marketing executive/workaholic. Transitioning into a stay-at-home mom was difficult, but I was glad to be home with my son. I sought out something that would keep my free time occupied while my son napped.

Little did I know that I would get what I asked for – tenfold!

I am now a work-at-home mom constantly on the go between parenting and blogging. A normal day at MamaNYC Headquarters consists of waking up around 6AM to kickstart my day, read emails, and post as much as I possibly can before my son wakes up. Every spare second counts for a mom blogger. Breakfast is served; Mom runs to her laptop to respond to a few emails. Bath time includes my laptop, which accompanies me as I sit with my son and sing or talk with him as he bathes. 

My life may be hectic; but I would not change it for anything! 

Feedback, please! I love hearing your comments, suggestions, and ideas for MamaNYC. Please reach out with your thoughts and contact me at Nicole@MamaNYC.net!

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About MamaNYC Biography


{The short and ‘to the point’ version}
First Name: Nicole
Location: New York
Age: 25-30
Children: 1 [boy; 2.5 years old]
Relationship: Married
Work Experience & Titles: 

  • E-Commerce Business Manager
  • Director of Internet Marketing & Sales
  • Client Services Associate {Insurance}
  • Lead Web & Graphic Designer 
  • Mother 
  • Wife


  • Bachelor of Science (2010)
  • MBA: Current F/T Graduate student; concentration in Marketing. (June 2013)*

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PR Inquiries: Please contact Nicole@MamaNYC.net if you would like your product or service reviewed at MamaNYC. 

What is MamaNYC

  • MamaNYC is a blog that reviews products for families, women, or the average human. I am a mother to a wonderful toddler, so I am always looking into new toys, books, clothing, safety products, foods, etc. for my son. While my son is top priority, we cannot forget to treat ourselves! I love clothing, beauty products, entertaining myself, technology, you name it.
  • Nicole is currently a full-time Graduate student pursuing an MBA. She plans to teach online college courses when she graduates in 2013. In order to prepare for this position, she has been tutoring, academic coaching, and mentoring students around the world for over 5-years. 
  • I have been operating my own web design & internet marketing consulting business since 2001. I have worked with every type of business owner from the local landscaper, deli, bagel store, Fortune 500 companies, PR firms, and high-profile stars!


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  1. Carla Bonesteel says

    You’ve done a lot with your life, and still are…it’s not easy to do that and still be a good mom and wife..not to mention the blogging, which I know takes a lot of time and energy. Thanks for the great site!

    • says

      Aww! Thank you, Carla! That really means a lot to me. It’s a lot of work.. especially for something that was intended to be a hobby and transformed into a career! I still LOVE blogging though and can’t imagine a day without it. Byfar the best thing I ever did (except my diplomas.. and having my son AND daughter (soon!)). Keeps me very busy, but I wouldn’t change MamaNYC for the world! :)

  2. says

    Just wanted to let you know… your blog helped inspire me to start my own (two, actually)! I’m engaged and finishing up college right now, so kids are a few years away, but my goal is to be able to stay at home with them while still having a fulfilling career & making some supplemental money. My fiance suggested I start blogging, but it was your site that helped inspire me, so thank you!

    • says


      Thats great!! Thank you for letting me know! I am so glad and hope you’ll stick with it for many years to come.
      That means a lot, so thank you for stopping by to let me know!

  3. cathy henatyszen says

    I’m thinking about starting a blog in the future… way back when I ran a bulliten board before the internet came along, a lot of work involved, that I do know…

    thanks for the great website

  4. Sandy Cain (aka candy samenow) says

    How I envy you! When my daughter was a baby, there was no Internet to speak of – no blogs, no nothing. You seem to have it all – kids, great DH, a career, a degree! I was a SAHM in Queens, with nothing but a crying baby, and nothing else to occupy my time (what little I had!). Do you realize how luck you are, Nicole? Now I am divorced from my husband, my daughter doesn’t speak to me, and I’ll never see my grandkids. (Pardon the pity party!)

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