Happy Mother’s Day 2014: An Ode To Tired Moms Around The World

Happy Mother’s Day 2014: An Ode To Tired Moms Around The World


I dedicate this post to all of the moms that currently look like this…

REALLY tired mom clipart avatar

and I want you to know that it isn’t that bad, because I look like this…

exhausted tired mom clipart

So, if you’ve ever looked like this….

tired mom syndrome clipart

or this…

 crazy mom woman clipart

or even this….

Happy Mother's Day 2014 crazy clipart

and wished the kids would stop doing this…

kids running circles tired mom

and wondered how in the world this mom is handling this…

super healthy exercising mom clipart

and so lost as to why in the world this woman is smiling….

busy mom smiling Happy Mother's Day 2014

and even though 99.999% of your day resembles this….

mom small kids motherhood joke

and you say STOP more times in a day than a stop sign…

stop sign

…you can still read stuff like this:

Happy Mother's Day 2014 Poem Quote

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and this…

dear mom love daughter

and totally agree with this…

mom work free quote

and say “awwwww! so true!

I wish all of you strong, powerful, amazing, exhausted, advice-filled mothers the very happiest, craziest, loudest Mother’s Day of all! May the next 365 days until next Mother’s Day be full of hair pulling situations, stressful moments, and tons of kisses from your little one’s that make it all strangely worth it all.

Happy, Happy Mother’s Day 2014!



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