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11 Free Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Mean the World to Mom

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Let’s face it – holidays and gift giving are a total buzz kill for our budgets. Everyone is strapped for cash nowadays and worried about how they will pay next months mortgage, so the idea of lavish gifts seems to have been left in the 90’s. We don’t have a large budget, but we still want to show mom just how much we appreciate all of her hard work.

There are plenty of meaningful free Mother’s Day gift ideas to consider and you still have time to whip one (or, many!) of them together in time for Sunday. Here is a list of 11 great ideas for free Mother’s Day gifts! You can also check out my list of 12 homemade Mother’s Day DIY craft ideas for some additional inspiration.

 1. Break out the mixer and cook/bake for mom!

Think of something really sweet and special, or prepare her favorite dish. How about a homemade Mother’s Day cake? Her favorite dinner dish? Make it special and mom will surely have a smile on her face.

[Grab this flower pot cupcakes recipe for mom]

flower pot cupcakes recipe

2. Write up a Top 10 list about mom

Moms love to hear all the great things that you love about them. We are generally humble and do what we do because we love our children, but a sprinkle of compliments on Mother’s Day is well deserved.

Although this was intended for Valentine’s Day, I absolutely LOVE this idea as a Mother’s Day gift idea. If you’re willing to get a little more craftier than a simple list on paper, I would totally love to hear if you give this DIY homemade scratch-off card a try this Mother’s Day!

 Valentine scratch-off card scratched

[Find complete instructions on how to make these DIY scratch-off cards for mom!]

3. Create a Coupon Book

Write out a list of a dozen or more things that you could do to help mom out. Make them personal and specific to your mom. Generalizing chores (“I will wash your car” or “Dirty dishes duty for 3 days”) are of course going to be a great help for mom, but try to use some very specific tasks.

For example – does your mom really want to learn how to use Facebook so that she can keep updated with the grandkids and her girlfriends? Consider a coupon for a ‘Facebook Tutorial & Tips Course – 2 hours’. Your mom will not only become a Facebook guru, but you’ll definitely have a great bonding experience!

Mother's Day Coupon Book Printable

[Use these ideas and print for a custom printable Mother’s Day coupon book]

4.  Make Breakfast in Bed

There’s nothing like waking up to breakfast in bed. Toss together her favorite breakfast foods, coffee and orange juice, and a pretty tray to carry it all to her room.

Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed Printable door hanger

[Find these free Mother’s Day breakfast in bed printables for a door hanger and more.]

5. Instead of buying her roses, plant flowers in her garden!

Buying roses will set you deep into debt with those rising floral prices this weekend. Instead of a bouquet that will die before the next sunset, consider planting flowers in her garden! This one may or may not be free depending on whether or not you have seeds on hand. Either way, you can purchase seeds for as low as $1.00 per packet at your local Lowes, Walmart, Home Depot, etc.

planting seeds garden

6. Call your mom!

Such a simple concept, but many of us forget how to dial nowadays. No, I don’t mean texting, tweeting, or Facebook messages. I’m talking about actually dialing her phone number and telling her how much you love her with your voice!

Free Mother's Day Gifts

7. Declare your appreciation on Facebook.

Okay, so this one is only okay if you have already completed tip #20 (call your mom). Otherwise, don’t even think about wishing her a happy Mother’s Day on Facebook.

If you already called your mom, you may proceed.

Write up a sweet and sentimental paragraph thanking your mom for being there, listening, caring, and most of all – being the best mom in the world. Add an image or a short poem to broadcast your appreciation. We all know how much moms love to brag about her kids, so she will totally go nuts when she can show off your Facebook love to all of her girlfriends (like button alert!)

Mothers Day Mom Poem Memories

Use one of my Mother’s Day graphics, which include poems, quotes, and cute sayings!

8. Create a Compliment or Sweets Jar

Jot down all of the amazing things that you love about your mom. Fold them up and toss each one into a pretty jar for mom. Whenever she is feeling down or just needs a ‘pick-me-up’, mom can reach in and read your compliments. This is a great gift that keeps on giving (and continually scores brownie points for you!). Another version of this idea is to simply toss in her favorite sweet treat!

Mother's Day Mason Jar Compliments Printable

Find instructions and a free Mother’s Day mason jar printables.

9. Curate a Mother’s Day Memory Jar

This one is sort of a spin-off of the previous idea, so if that one didn’t quite interest you, I think this one totally will! Use some of her childhood photos, baby pictures of you and your siblings, and present day memories to create these amazing personalized memory jars for Mother’s Day! Gifts like these just totally make a heart melt..

Mother's Day Memory Jars DIY gift ideas

Learn how to make a personalized photo memory jar with instructions.

10. Create a Photo Collage

You can create a photo collage with that mom can use as her computer wallpaper, print and frame, or to show off on Facebook to all of her girlfriends. Ta-dah!

picmonkey photo collage

11. Teach her something.

I don’t know about your mom, but mine is totally lost when it comes to computers. Maybe your mom wants to know how to use the printer, setup her WiFi network, or wishes she had a green thumb like you’ve got in the garden. Think about it and present her with your idea, plan a date and time, and get ready to teach!

Do you have any other free Mother’s Day gifts in mind?

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. I like the ideas you have posted that way you know thought is put into the gift. Its a gift of Love not an I have to gift but I want to and I enjoyed doing this.

  2. I broke the rules… and hit Mrs. C up first thing with her “facebook” card. IT’s 1:30am ET and I think she’ll love me more if I wait to call her until later in the day 🙂

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