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GE LED Power – Energy Smart Light Bulbs: Making a Smart Switch to Save


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We moved into our current home in the Poconos (Pennsylvania) in December just as the holiday craze began. One of the very first things that I noticed on moving day was the lack of energy efficient lightbulbs. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do much about it since we had Christmas to worry about and tons of moving boxes to unpack. I kept it in the back of my mind, but I am ready to make the switch for all of our lighting fixtures now that the holidays are over and the snow has melted. According to GE’s energy consumption calculator, I can save over $250.00 and avoid over 1 ton of CO2 usage annually!

Energy Smart LED collage

Trust me, I did think about them quite often and it’s been one of my top priorities. Now that the holiday season is past us and the colossal piles of snow have melted, I am finally ready to embrace spring cleaning  home maintenance tasks that I have been putting off for months. When I heard about the GE LED Energy Smart light bulbs at Walmart, I quickly jumped and started counting how many lightbulbs needed to be replaced in our home. The previous residents replaced 6 out of 31 bulbs on the property (including interior and exterior sockets). I never realized how many bulbs we had in the house! I did some quick math and decided to start on the rooms that we use the most (kitchen, living room, exterior front porch).

GE LED light bulbs walmart

I headed to Walmart with my two little ones in tow and a plan to purchase a handful of bulbs to get our switch to LED bulbs started. Plus,  I had a few things on my shopping list to purchase for springtime and Easter. I’m so excited for spring this year! We’ve been cleaning up our property and started a garden, too! Spring Shopping Flowers Walmart

Did you know that 1 LED Bulb lasts as long as 15 traditional incandescent bulbs? I am always interested in learning about new ways to save money, time, and energy! We did a full transformation to LED light bulbs in our last home in NYC, so I know they work and the savings is very real. Our electric bill decreased dramatically and we also preferred the look and feel of LED’s!

Walmart Light Bulbs led power

Right after we picked out a few packets of flower seeds to plant in our new garden, I headed on over to the light bulbs aisle at our local Walmart. I found the GE LED Energy Smart bulbs without any trouble! They are super easy to find and easily identifiable in their brightly colored packaging. I browsed around the different options and wattages to decide what to purchase for the start of our full LED transformation.

4.5 watt LED light bulbs Walmart

This is a 4.5 watt flood light that will last 22.8 years. That’s incredible! I picked out one of these for the porch area. This will be extremely useful since our exterior lights are on from sundown to sunrise.

Energy Smart GE super bright leds cbias GE LED light bulbs

Finally, I decided to purchase two 45 watt bulbs and three 65 watt bulbs.  These work perfectly in our living room and kitchen fixtures (and they look awesome!)

GE LED Energy Smart light bulbs are super bright leds featuring a “soft white like” feeling  so you don’t get that in-your-eye stingy/headache feeling from older bulbs. The bulbs that were left by the previous residents were driving me crazy, too! Some were yellow, others were a very hard and bright white, and a small handful were just plain dull! Call me crazy, but I like it when all of my bulbs match in color or shade. Plus, I like it even more when my LED light bulbs save us money and lessen our CO2 usage. Who wouldn’t?!

GE LED Energy Smart light bulbs

Alright, kids! Time to go home and start saving some money and CO2!

Download & Print!

I’ve put together a super simple yet very helpful printable checklist. Keep track of what you’ll need to buy for each room in your home, wattages, and mark as completed once the room is completely switched over to LED! Print the GE LED Light Bulb Switch Checklist and get started today!


Have you made the switch to LED light bulbs in your home or business? If you’re ready to make the switch, do you have an inventory list written down so that you’ll know exactly how many bulbs you will need for each room and wattages, too? Let’s continue this conversation on Twitter using the #LEDSavings hashtag and follow @GELighting!

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Are you ready to make the switch? If you’ve already started making the change to LED lighting, did you remember to do all of your lighting fixtures? Head on over to to learn more about their products and discover just how much you can save with their LED Energy Smart light bulbs! Find out all there is to know about LED bulbs and how GE LED Energy Smart can help your family save on energy and reduce CO2 usage at the same time. Try out GE’s Energy Savings Calculator to figure out how much you’ll be able to save when you make the switch in your home.

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Don’t forget to print your $1.00 OFF  GE LED coupon before heading to the store! Find out more about GE Lighting products and how you can start saving time and energy, too! Connect with GE on Facebook, follow @GELighting, and see what they’re sharing on Instagram. Staying connected with your favorite brands through social media is the best way to find out about the latest promotions, product news, and more!

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  1. Great post! I like that fact that the lighting comes off as “soft White Light” I am making the switch now too. It really makes so much sense! #client

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