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Get Your Toddler Ready For The Pool: Toddler Pool Time Tips & Advice

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Get Your Toddler Ready For The Pool:

Toddler Pool Time Tips & Advice {Guest post from An Apple Per Day!}

Your child is at the toddler age, and you’re thinking about introducing him to the water. The question you have is – “When is the right time to get my baby in the pool?” Many parents ask the same question, and there are a number of issues involved. What do you have to watch out for? Here are some things to consider:

Make the time right. A big issue for toddlers around the water is infection and illness. As recommended by, if the child is younger than two months, parents should not take the child into a swimming pool. Pools can be easily contaminated with bacteria, and some that are capable of causing diarrhea, so there is a substantial danger of the baby getting sick from exposure to the water.

The temperature of the water raises another issue. A baby isn’t able to regulate his or her temperature until about 6 to 12 months old, so make sure the water is warm enough. There’s an easy test for that – if the water feels chilly for Mom, it will be too cold for the baby. The recommended temperature for pool water is at least 84 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Too high a temperature is a cause for concern as well – pools or hot tubs at more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit should be avoided, for children under the age of 5.

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Touch supervision. The adult should hold the baby whenever in the pool. Avoid water that is too deep, where the parent can’t keep firm footing. While holding the baby, allow them to sense the freedom of movement afforded by the water. Hold the baby securely under the arms, and let them bob gently to feel the lightness of the water. There are a number of excellent articles with more details, including a discussion of the proper age for introduction of a toddler to the water, how to get the baby ready for swim season, and a great article about pool safety.

Get the baby used to the water. Gradually get the baby accustomed to being around water, so the pool will be familiar when it is introduced. Take baths with the baby, and let them play with the washcloth and splash around. They’ll think that is fun, and babies love the impact and noise of making the water splash. Smile and laugh when they do it, to associate water with fun. Trickle some water over the baby’s forehead or face, so he can feel and experience moving water. The main thing at this point is to associate water and an enjoyable experience.

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Early swim lessons. As early as 6 months old, a baby can be around the water. Start by having Dad hold the baby by the side of the pool, then have Mom in the pool, laughing and splashing, to reinforce that it is fun. If the baby looks excited or positive, take the baby in Mom’s arms, and dip their toes in the water. If the baby appears comfortable, put their feet in the water, and with the child at arms’ length, smile and encourage them. As they progress, let the child kick and splash the water, and gently move them around to continue the experience of feeling how light the water feels.

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Practical items. Make sure to use swim diapers in the pool. Public pools will require them, and they’re also a great idea for the home pool. Think about sun exposure, and use long sleeved shirts and pants, and a hat, to make sure baby is safe. Avoid the pool between 10 AM and 4 PM, the times when the ultraviolet rays are the highest.

With the proper introduction, parents can smile and enjoy those magical moments, when their toddler brightens and laughs at some new discovery about the fun of the pool.


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  1. My mother was a swim teacher and I can’t remember not being able to swim. Here I am 65 years later and I swim 3 times a week.

  2. My now toddler took swim classes as an infant and I am hoping to get her back into it. She loves the tub, kiddy pool and playing in her grandparents pool, either being held or cruising along in her tube floaty.

  3. My son loves playing in the water, but we haven’t been able to find a pool warm enough for him. It makes me want to get my own pool where I can control the temperature.

  4. Great article! It’s always best to start at a young age and to incorporate swimming lessons. To me, this will help expose the child to swimming, which can help them adjust and grow at a pace that’s right for them. Thanks for sharing!

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