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Good Hair Guide for Men’s Hair Care from Dove Men+Care & Walmart!

Dove Men Hair Care Treatment

 Dove Men's Hair Care Treatment

Show him men’s hair care matters with the Good Hair Guide!

As the only girl in a family of three children, I grew up thinking that men’s hair care products weren’t as important as a woman’s, which is entirely incorrect! I always saw the shampoos and soaps that my dad and brothers were using were entirely different that what I was using. I thought men could just use anything and it was all the same — no difference between the texture, oils, dryness, or dandruff. My mom and I always had the more expensive or well-known brands. My dad and my brothers always had much cheaper quality products. I could never quite understand why products were overly targeted towards women and completely disregarded men.

I realize that the overall consensus would argue that women generally have much longer or thicker hair to tame. However, men also have their own set of hair needs and problems that have to be solved. My father is currently suffering from a fast moving widows peak that seems to recede more and more whenever I see him. My brother has alopecia (mainly the hair behind his ears, semi-luckily), so the days of not caring about what they’re buying for their scalps are long gone!

Thanks to Walmart and Dove’s “Good Hair Guide”, I have a better understanding of men hair troubles and their solutions. The guide features everything from dandruff, thinning hair, oily strands, sensitive scalp. Each of the Dove Men+Care men hair products can solve one of your man’s hair problems. My husband gave his seal of approval, too! He was especially excited to learn that they are scented for men, so he doesn’t have to worry about carrying the scent of a woman’s hair care product all day!

Most men don’t think they have a hair problem, or they have trouble finding a remedy. Women grow up babbling hair tips with girlfriends and mesmerizing styling methods in beauty magazines. What could a man use as a reference that would be good enough for him to realize — ‘yes, you do have a sensitive scalp’?

Would your man know that he has oily strands?

Does he know how to tend to his men’s hair care troubles?

Dove Men Hair Care Products

Do you know someone that needs a men’s hair care products makeover? Want to prove to him that it does matter and will make a difference when he purchases specialty men’s hair care products from Walmart? Head on over to the Good Hair Guide to learn all about the Dove Men+Care products. Decide which one suits his needs and hair troubles the best. Yes, he will absolutely thank you for this small yet life-changing gesture!



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3 thoughts on “Good Hair Guide for Men’s Hair Care from Dove Men+Care & Walmart!

  1. I find that a lot of men don’t pay attention to their hair. My husband has very coarse hair and I have to often remind him to use conditioner. I love that Dove has men’s hair care products now.

  2. I just picked some of these up this past week at Harris teeter’s super double coupon sale, we’ve been wanting to try some out.

  3. My nephew could use the thickening, fortifying shampoo, his hair is thinning and he isn’t much liking it

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