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As Seen On Tv Products

As Seen on TV Products


MamaNYC has removed all links within this post as I was scammed by LinkWorth (Google their site, I won’t even provide a backlink for them!). They contracted with me to do this post well over 1.5 month ago. After several insults and a condescending attitude, Ron Wicker of LinkWorth chooses to ignore all of my emails and requests for payment. Even better, here’s what happens when a blogger asks for their payment for work they had completed weeks ago:

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As Seen on TV Products

As Seen On Tv Products

One of the best ways to get your product in front of millions of potential buyers is to get recognized as one of those as seen on TV products. The exposure those short infomercials produce can turn struggling inventors into millionaires overnight. The key is finding a product that people need today that will fill a void in their life. (MRN says, “As Seen on TV Products range anywhere from much-needed household gadgets to pet products and from office supplies to health and beauty products.”)

The as seen on TV commercials help to identify a need in the consumer and quickly provide a remedy that often is much cheaper than they could have ever imagined. In addition to the low price, many times these as seen on TV products come with free offers that simply make them irresistible to the buyers. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a new kitchen knife, a tool that will help you with repairs around the house, or a new way to store food in the refrigerator, the as seen on TV market surely has something perfect for you.

The reason this form of marketing is so successful is because they touch on so many of the human emotions all in a minute commercial. These commercials are all basically the same in principle, even though the products are always unique. These commercials open with a consumer struggling with a product or problem in their life. The ad then shows the consumers a faster, quicker, easier, and more effective way to eliminate that problem at a huge savings. They then go on to make the offer so tempting that you literally have no choice but to pick up that phone and place your order.

The reason the as seen on TV products sell so well is because the commercial finds a need and fills it quickly. Not everyone needs a new kitchen knife today, but when you see that this new knife slices, dices, and even cuts through metal like butter, it becomes a need. The limited time offer makes this as seen on TV item too good to pass up on. The consumer is put in a position to possibly losing out on the deal of the day if they don’t act immediately, so they usually do.



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  1. I’ve seen a site somewhere (can’t remember name) that rates ‘As Seen on TV’ products. I don’t have a TV so I never see the ads.

  2. I remember one night I had HSN on the TV ( I guess I was super bored) and Nate Berkus was selling his flameless candles. The overwhelming feeling of I want those, I need those was so surprising to me. It was the first time I ever understood how effective these shopping networks or as seen on TV commercials were. Fortunately I am super frugal so I did not buy the candles.

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