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TinyLove Gymini Developlace Activity Gym for Baby Review (0-18 months)

TinyLove Developlace Activity Gym

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One of my favorite baby product brands is TinyLove — and longtime readers of MamaNYC likely remember hearing all about their products in the past. My daughter has been getting some great use out of her TinyLove toys and activity mats, so I am very excited to share another review (and giveaway!) with all of you today!

TinyLove Developlace Activity Gym

Last week I received a TinyLove Gymini Developlace activity gym. It was perfect timing since my little girl was just about to celebrate her very 1st birthday! The Developlace is recommended for 0-18 months, so we will still get plenty of use out of our new activity mat. Plus, I always have new babies visiting when our friends or family members come to visit. I plan to keep this mat around for a long time!

Tiny Love Infant Mat Toy

Both of my kids went nuts and were very excited to help me setup the new Gymini Developlace from TinyLove (Yes, even my 4 1/2 year old son!). My son loves to help his little sister figure out how to use her toys and other baby products — and he was especially fond of the Developlace’s ‘tunnel’ feature:

TinyLove Activity Mat Infant One of the things that I really love about TinyLove products is their ability to transform and adapt as baby grows and develops. I hated having to throw out an activity gym that we had only used for a few months when my son was a baby. What a waste! Almost all TinyLove products can be used for 12-18 months with small adjustments made by mom and dad when baby is ready to roll over, sit, crawl, or stand.

TinyLove Toddler Gym Gymini

Setting up our new Gymini Developlace was simple and quick! All we had to do was lay our mat flat on the floor and install two red bars (see photo?) by snapping them into the sides, which pop-up with no effort at all!

Toddler Activity Mat

There are 5 modes of use available from newborn to toddler — all in ONE activity mat! You’ll start your Developlace as a cozy environment for your newborn and later transform it into an activity gym, tummy time mat, crawling tunnel and an activity wall for toddlers.

TinyLove Developlace Mat

Several toys are included to adjust along with baby’s development. TinyLove toys are always cute and colorful — with a jingle or ruffling noise here and there! My little girl cannot stop staring at herself in the mirror that came along with the Developlace. Too cute!

Tiny Love Activity Mat

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Learn more about the Gymini Developlace play mat and other baby products at! The Developlace activity mat is available in the TinyLove Store for $79.99 and suggested for ages 0-18 months.

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8 thoughts on “TinyLove Gymini Developlace Activity Gym for Baby Review (0-18 months)

  1. Many activity gyms are only usable for a short time – I love that this grows with baby! We’d get a lot of use out of it.

  2. Great review! I love that this is something that can be used for a big age range… with my first baby I had an “activity mat” that only held her interest until she was about 10 months old. I know for a fact that my toddler would love the tunnel feature and everything else it has to offer.

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