National Weatherman’s Day: Thank You For Forecasting The Weather! (Feb. 5th)

National Weatherman’s Day: Thank You For Forecasting The Weather! (Feb. 5th)

snow falling

National Weatherman’s Day

February 5th

As I sit here in the wee hours of the night and stare out of my living room window, I see nothing but snow. The snow only began an hour ago and we already have a good 2+ inches on the ground. That’s also on top of the 5-6 inches we received the other day!

Today is the PERFECT day to honor our weathermen and women. Coincidentally, I discovered that today is National Weatherman’s Day! Let us honor those who work hard (day and night!) to accurately predict our weather — nationwide and worldwide.

Al Roker Weather Board

 Dallas Morning News Weather

Even though there have been huge advancements in technology,  forecasting the weather is still difficult to predict. They may not be right 110% of the time, but they come pretty damn close and really help us figure out if we need a sweater or a coat during the Winter months!

Hats off to you, Mr. & Mrs. Meteorologist!

Sam Champion ABC Weather

Why February 5th?

The date was chosen as a way to commemorate the birth of John Jeffries,  one of America’s first weather observers. He was born on Feb. 5, 1744. Jeffries began taking weather observations daily while in the city of Boston in 1774. He also took the first balloon weather observation in 1784.

Be sure to thank your local weatherman today!

National Weatherman Day


  1. Like you said, they don’t always get it right, but it is pretty amazing how far ahead they can predict things like major, scary storms. They definitely can save lives if people listen to warnings about severe cold and scary stuff like tornadoes and hurricanes.

  2. How fun..I only wish I’d seen this yesterday, my son actually enjoys the weather! It definitely is amazing how far the technology has come- I know they won’t always get it right, but still I like to know to be prepared in case of bad weather!!

  3. I definitely would not want the job of forecasting the weather– some one is always complaining,about it is to hot, to cold, to windy, to rainly, to–too–to—lol They do a great job — I know they have a lot of help with machines and computers etc. but all the same tough job– and they need kudos for working at it and being so darn close at what it is and risking their livings during hurricans and such…. What a great day to say THANK YOU!!!for all your hard work for everyone

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