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Mother’s Day Giveaway: MamaLOVE – Massage Lounge Chair & SpaFinder G.C.

MamaLOVE Mother's Day Giveaway 2013 Banner

MamaLOVE Mother’s Day Giveaway:

Enter to WIN Bed Lounger w/ Heat Therapy & Massage OR SpaFinder Gift Card

Welcome to the 2nd annual MamaLOVE Giveaway Hop hosted by MamaNYC! I decided to host this event for a second year in an effort to celebrate MOM. Teaming up with my fellow bloggers meant that we could bring our readers a large variety of Mother’s Day gift ideas. The plan is to make this Mother’s Day giveaway hop an amazing success and an event filled with the greatest gift ideas for mom! We have 70 bloggers giving away prizes valued $25.00 or greater that we believe to be the best gifts for mom — and you don’t want to miss out! This event begins on May 9th and runs until May 15th at 11:59PM (EST). Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of this post and hop down the linky list for many more chances to win.

MamaNYC is selecting TWO winners for the MamaLOVE Giveaway Hop!

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Bed Lounger w/ Heat Therapy & Massage [$130.00 value]

Bed Lounger with Heat Therapy and Massage Sharper Image Heat Therapy Massage Chair

If there is one thing that I would want for Mother’s Day this year, Sharper Image’s Bed Lounger with Heat Therapy and Massage would surely top my list! Working from home, lacking relaxation, and constantly on-the-go means that I am perpetually wound up and stressed out at bedtime. Having a massage and heat therapy lounger to use while I relax at night sounds like the perfect gift for mom! Plus, I figure this is also a great prize that you can keep for yourself if you have shopped for mom already! (It’s okay to be selfish.. so long as mom is well taken care of already!)

Sit back, relax, and sink happily into the Bed Lounger with Heat Therapy and Massage at the end of each day! This is no ordinary backrest, it has two intensities of vibration massage, and also soothing heat therapy settings. The side arms support you as you relax, rest, or read, and they detach, thanks to built-in zippers. Bed lounger features a built-in cup holder and large side pocket for magazines, books and other media. Enjoy the LED reading light too – position it for optimal comfort and enjoyment. Comes with a detachable AC adaptor.

• Vibration massage with two intensities.

• LED reading light, bendable for different reading spots.

• Large side pocket for magazines, books, electronics.

• Built-in carrying handle & cup holder.

• Comes with carrying bag.

• Detachable arms connected with built-in zippers.

• Easy to assemble and disassemble for storage.

• Comes with AC adaptor.

• Cover material is Polyester upholstery.


$50.00 SpaFinder Wellness Gift Card 

SpaFinder Wellness Gift Card

Mom LOVES the spa. As a mom that was actually treated to an amazing spa day last week, I can tell you first hand that there is something special about moms at the spa. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s relieving herself of all stressors and anxiety — even if it’s just for a few hours. Show mom  truly appreciate this gift card more than ANYTHING in the world (seriously!). Every mom needs a break, so why not give her a SPA break?! 

ABOUT SPAFINDER:  SpaFinder gift cards are accepted at participating spas around the world. They are your ticket gift card to paradise, or at least a facial and massage at the spa in town! Anyone on your shopping list would fall head over heels for a SpaFinder gift card.  Mom, grandma, your mother-in-law, or any other leading lady in your life that could be considered a mentor or caregiver surely deserves a day of relaxation! 

Participating spa’s can be found around the globe.

Top notch spa resorts or local salons are now accepting the prestigious SpaFinder gift card. 

MamaNYC is giving ONE lucky winner a $50.00 SpaFinder Gift Card!  

Mama Says...

Win It!

There will be two winners selected for this giveaway. First winner selected will receive Bed Lounger w/ Heat Therapy & Massage [$130.00 value]. Second selected winer will receive a SpaFinder Gift Card worth $50.00. Open to residents in the U.S. and Canada. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Winner will have 48 hours to confirm prize before a forfeit is assumed.

good luck & happy mother’s day!

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8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Giveaway: MamaLOVE – Massage Lounge Chair & SpaFinder G.C.

  1. this chair looks very comfortable and could help a person like me who has kidney problems and it would be just perfect for sitting up you don’t see many of them around anymore not around here anyways thanks for showing it even if it’s for a contest

  2. Thanks for the giveaway,it would be a great mothers day present too,just would have to find a way so that my husband would not want to use it all the time too,lol!!

  3. What a great prize, would sure love to win it, I would use it every day! I have a bad back due to arthritis and also have MS. Thank you for this contest!

  4. I have several protruding disks in my back that hit the nerves and make me unable to do much of anything sometimes. I think this would really help my back! fingers are crossed.

  5. As someone who has lower back issues and gets a lot of muscle spasms, the Mama Love Massage Bed Lounger would be a great prize. My husband and kids would be grateful as well, they would get a break from having to do back rubs for me.

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