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Cleaning For Kids: 5 FUN Spring Cleaning Tips to Get Kids Involved

Fun Spring Cleaning For Kids

Spring Cleaning For Kids:

5 FUN Tips to Get Them INVOLVED!

Having a tough time getting your kids to help with cleaning around the house? I’ve recently started to incorporate cleaning as a daily chore for my son and it has been a challenge! Although I have enforced the importance of picking up after yourself since he was much younger, I am starting to increase his responsibilities since he will be in preschool come September [2013]. Cleaning for kids is quite possibly the toughest thing to do. Sometimes I realize it is much easier for my son to eat brussel sprouts versus picking up a few toys. 

It’s not his fault, per say. He’s a kid and life for a kid is meant to include one thing (and one thing – only): FUN. That’s why I have been doing everything that I can to incorporate fun into our cleaning regime. There are plenty of tips that you can use around the house to make cleaning for kids a fun activity. Use all or some of these tips — that’s up to you, but at least involve some fun!

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Little girls love to pretend they are Cinderella and boys can’t get enough of the ‘superhero construction and dirt playing’ mixed in with the task being called a MISSION. Whenever I need my son to help us clean the toys up or assist me with a household project, I simply call it a mission and he is right there – ready to go! Kids LOVE to play dress up, so ask your kids how they’d like to dress to play the part.

You can easily throw a fun costume together with linens and goodies from around the house. Our adult-self wants to go out to a costume store and buy, but we have to remember that our kids have the vividest of imaginations. You don’t HAVE to own a cape to turn your little man into a superhero. All you need is a pillow case! Your little girl doesn’t need a $200 tiara to feel like a princess! Grab one of her headbands and decorate it with glitter, plastic leftover jewels from your craft box, or create a makeshift crown from construction paper! If my son can pretend that my husbands flashlight is headlights to a car and the tires are pots and pans — anything is possible in those vividly imaginative minds of our kids! 


My son always wants to help with the mopping (seriously!). I used to fight it and insist he go upstairs and wait for the floor to dry. Eventually, i realized it was much easier and quieter (no more fights!) if I shortened our Swiffer mop and let him do the cleaning! Of course, I always go over the floor again and tackle those bigger messes myself, but it is really a big help!

Another idea is to let the kids use a dust buster! It’s small, easy to use, and kid friendly. My son would probably run around the house with our dust buster all day if I allowed. He thinks its the coolest idea to have a handheld mini-vacuum that can suck away all of his messes. If I could only get our dust buster to suck away the fruit punch stain on our rug, too!

While reaching out for some additional advice from my fellow bloggers, Gena over at Life with Captain Fussybuckets sent me a great addition to this tip! {Great minds think alike.. right?}

"Buy the kids their own kid sized cleaning supplies. Stuff they can actually use will motivate them and help them take ownership! Fill a small squirt bottle with vinegar or Eco friendly cleaner. Kids love squirting things and it helps with hand muscle strengthening and motor development!" –  Life with Captain Fussybuckets


Turn that TV off and pump up the music! Music puts everyone in a happy and cheerful mood, right? Anything that can make cleaning a happier and cheerful chore is totally for me! My son isn’t going to get inspired to clean up his toys if he sees the TV is on, so I always make sure that’s the first thing to go. Next, I put on the best dance music that money can buy our radio can play. Cleaning up toys to the beat is a lot of fun for my preschooler. Simply pick up the toy and toss into the appropriate bin … to the beat!

Incorporating music is a great way to get everyone moving (exercise!), but also to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. There is nothing worse than cleaning the house in silence — some may prefer to clean with a quiet background, but I think music is a great way to keep me motivated Kids will definitely agree!

"For toddlers, make cleaning or picking up a game. We play ‘throw the toys in the toy box’ and ‘wipe down the table.’ Toddlers love to help, especially when it’s fun!" — Attic Girl



You are always talking about how important it is to work as a team member. We sound like broken records after telling lecturing our kids on how they need to learn to work well with others. Making the housecleaning tasks a team effort does two things: [1] reinforces why it is vital to work as a team member [2] gets things done FAST and efficiently. 

Sending your child into another room to clean up her toys won’t do a thing! It might work, but not as well as teamwork! Not only will they sit in the room and loathe in laziness since you aren’t there to guide them along, but kids also don’t like to work alone. You’ll be able to finish cleaning the entire house n a flash with your little teammates helping you along.  

Write down a list of tasks for each room and assign a team member. Keep their ages and abilities in mind, announce tasks when you enter each room, and remind everyone this is still a team effort: ".. even though Michael has been assigned to cleaning the floor, I hope everyone will chip in and give him a hand!". Tasks should be put into place just to make sure that particular cleanings are completed. I’d prefer to call them "leadership assignments", which gives the child a managerial feeling over their task. It’s their job to tackle the task and make sure it is done properly, but all are welcome to lend a hand! Delegate as best for your family. 

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Handing out rewards for a little bit of help with cleaning the house is a great way to show the kids that you appreciate their help. Rewards can be anything from a trip to the ice cream parlor or a new coloring book. My only [obvious] advice: don’t go too big. Kids remember the effort they had to put in and what they were rewarded with for everything in life. Don’t run out and buy your child a brand new $50 video game unless you plan to buy something of equal or greater value every time he picks up a few toys. Keep it simple, fun, and affordable — and think about the future! 

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"Always remember to praise the effort and not the result. Kids give up easily if they think they have disappointed you and cannot do it right. Show them how to do a certain task. Sometimes we take for granted that they know how to do certain jobs when they have never been shown the proper way." —  Steals and Deals for Kids

"Let them help with cleaning when they ask. If it’s something they don’t know how to do, show them!" — Let’s Go on a Picnic!

Don’t stop here! 

* Head on over to The (Mommy)Kerrie Show for some great bathroom cleaning instructions for little kids!

So Easy Being Green has some tips on how to clean outside toys, which I need to read myself (putting that one off too long!).. 





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  1. These are great tips! We purchesed several picker up grippers and my kids love using them in return they don’t even realize they are actually cleanining their rooms when we play the Who can pick up the most and put in the toybox. Haha

  2. Thank you for the advice. My eldest daughter is 20 months old. She loves to help set the table. I give her non-breakable items tom place on the table. She does not usually put them at the right place at the table, but I praise her profusely anyway. I think that it is important to include your child in the helping process as soon as possible .

  3. I love these tips. My oldest is 4 and is very eager to help me clean, but I know this stage won’t last forever 😉 I think it’s very important to install these habits early on!

  4. Music is the best way to clean! Growing up my sisters and I would put on some Hillary Duff and get some major cleaning done!

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