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Wordless Wednesday: My Son & Daughter @ 4-weeks old – How Similar!






Wordless Wednesday: March 6, 2013

My Son & Daughter @ 4-weeks old!

Siblings Side by Side Wordless Wednesday blog 

[L] Son @ 4-weeks in 2009; [R] Daughter @ 4-weeks in 2013


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30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: My Son & Daughter @ 4-weeks old – How Similar!

  1. Great picture! My girls looked identical until they were about 5-6 months old and then started to take on their own looks…now, they look very different (to me at least)!

  2. Wow, isn’t that crazy! My kids all looked very different so when I see pics of peoples kids looking so much alike like yours look, I am amazed. Cute kids!

  3. wow!! They are identical. I see a lot of people now do this where they compare the siblings pics taken at the same age. WHat a great concept.

  4. My two sons looked very different. I like seeing photos of babies and seeing the similarities or differences. Your two do look alike.

  5. My two sons are 1o years apart and if you see a picture of the first when he was smaller you’d totally think it is my youngest now. They get mistaken all the time. Funny thing is NEITHER of them look a thing like me haha..they just look like eachother!

  6. so cute! I cant wait to have one 🙂 Its so important to take a lot of pictures when they are growing up.

  7. They certainly have the same nose and eyebrow shape. My kids looked totally diferent. It will be fun to see month to month. Enjoy them, they grow up so fast!

  8. Wow your kids look so much alike. My son and daughter look totally different. I even had someone ask me if they where from the same father. LOL They better be since I have been married almost 24 years. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  9. They totally look alike! It makes me really want another one (well i really want another one too!)… My brother and I look nothing alike, so I wonder if my second child would look like my first! (P.S. They are both adorable!)

  10. Awwww! My sister and I had similar grins too! We also looked grumpy a lot lol, but grew up to look very different

  11. Aww how adorable! Your kids look almost identical. I don’t have any siblings, but now that I’m older I kinda wish I did. =)

  12. Looks like the same baby! I have done similar comparisons with my kids. All my little ones seem to all look the same in the first few weeks of life!

  13. Oh my, make sure you label pictures, or years from now you will be trying to guess from the outfit, or the furniture, or older sibs in the picture to figure out who is who!

  14. Oh, how lucky you are. I wish my boys looked alike. They are almost 5 years apart, my oldest has more of my husbands traits and my baby looks more like me…

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