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 Wordless Wednesday: March 27, 2013

Inseparable. . . 

Wordless Wednesday blog Inseparable

We were concerned that the age gap of nearly 4-years would be an issue. My son wants to be rough and tough, throw around his action figures, and play ball. My daughter wants to drink her bottle and smile (see? an age gap – just a bit!). However, I am starting to see that this was the best time for our family to have a second child. They are close enough to enjoy one another’s company, but a significant age gap allows for some sanity…


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  1. aawww! how adorable i was concerned also when i had my third son but my older boys we’re very gentle with him

  2. I have a step-daughter who just turned 11 and a daughter that is about to turn 2 – they too have just a lil bit of an age gap! But I have to say, it’s not bad, the older daughter is protective of her younger sister and the younger one thinks the world of her older sister!

  3. It melts your heart to see your kids loving on eachother. My boys both ADORE their baby sister. They are 3 years old and almost 2 years old and baby girl is 3 months old. Closer age gap for sure so life is crazy in our house but we still get moments like this sometimes.

  4. They are too adorable for words! I’d be worried about the age gap too, but it looks like they are becoming best friends.

  5. they are so sweet! I think 4 yrs is a great gap. I would def need that much time myself to be ready to have another.

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