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Online Shopping Deals: Hipiti Consolidates Email & Retailer Discounts!

Hipiti Online Shopping Deals

Hipiti. . . 

 Hipiti Consolidates Online Shopping Deals into ONE Email! 

Over the last 24-hours, I have been scoping out a brand new method of consolidating the hottest online shopping deals into ONE email per day (instead of a few hundred), which is going to revolutionize the size of your inbox! Any busy mom can tell you that every second counts and there’s really not much time to be spent dilly dallying. I had a litte bit of dilly dally time a few months ago, but I’ve since bid adieu to those rare, but special moments since my little girl was born.

Life with two kids means double the work, so I can’t sit around reading hundreds of email from all of my favorite retailers. That’s where Hipiti comes in. Instead of receiving hundreds of individual emails from online retailers, Hipiti lets you specify your favorite brand preferences and sends ONE email per day with sale information for each retailer.

Hipiti Email Brands Online Shopping Deals

I just cleaned my inbox earlier this week, so the last thing I want to do is sign up for a few hundred brand newsletters. Unsubscribing isn’t exactly difficult, but it can be a pain when you’ve got a few hundred to do every day for a week until they finally stop coming in. Thanks to Hipiti, I can still get alerted when Nordstrom or J.Crew are having a sale — and condense the new of those two promotions into one simple mailing.

Hipiti Categories Apparel Shoes

I can select my favorite brand and retailers, which are sorted as seen in this photo above into six different categories: Clothing; Shoes & Accessories; Beauty; Home; Kids & Baby; Flash Sales.


Hipiti Sign Up Stores

*Select up to 15 different stores from any of the six categories. 


The email is going to arrive in my inbox at the same time every day, so I will be expecting it and think that’s better than a dozen unexpected brand newsletters sporadically rolling in. Plus, I am only going to receive emails that include the retailers I subscribed to when I browsed those six categories I just told you about. If I happen to outgrow a retailer and no longer have interest in their sales, I can just update my preference in my Hipiti dashboard! 

Hipiti Flash Sales Zulily

Another great feature is the official Hipiti blog, which offers some great recommendations for all occasions, such as a Spring wedding and shoe trends. Hey, I do my best to keep up on the latest fashions, but I’m also a mom.

Life after pregnancy means sweatpants, sandals, and the coziest sweatshirt money can buy. Thankfully, I have clear-minded women out there that can actually tell me what’s hot on the racks this season!

Womens Denim Online Shopping Deals

they really don’t…

Brooks Brothers Sale Hipiti

The dashboard is clean cut, easy to browse, and it also looks fairly awesome on my phone! I am always on the go with two kids under 4! I can’t sit on my laptop all the time and shop online. Thank goodness for online and mobile shopping!

I’m not sure how I would purchase clothing and accessories without the ease of making purchases on-the-go and from home! I can take it even further now that I have Hipiti consolidating all of my favorite brands into one simple email.

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 Win It Giveaway Clipart

Here’s the fun part where my readers come in and potentially WIN. Now that i’ve told you how cool Hipiti is and how gentle the emails will be on your inbox, I hope you’ll head on over and sign up [today?]. 


Any new members that sign up for Hipiti before March 31 will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card to a Hipiti retailer of their choice – OVER 150 RETAILERS TO CHOOSE FROM!

Are YOU ready to save yourself from online retailer email overload?!







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  1. I enojyed reading about this new site that does so much of the work for us. I shall make up my mind soon about whether to join – befrmarch 31st.

  2. This is very cool! I do more and more online shopping and subscribe to several sites. I’m going to sign up for this. It seems to condense and make shopping easier.

  3. This sounds like a big time saver for me. My inbox is also overflowing with emails from a lot of companies. And yes, there are some great deals but since I don’t have time to read them all I’d never know. Thanks for posting!

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