Siblings in the Snow: Brother & Sister LOVE! – Wordless Wednesday [w/linky]

Wordless Wednesday February Siblings

Okay, okay! I know that I posted a Wordless Wednesday post last week and called it ‘Sibling Love’, but I can’t seem to get enough of these two! My son is head over heels loving the idea of a sibling and can’t get enough of kissing her chubby cheeks! He loves showing her all of his toys and can’t wait to teach her how to play, walk, talk, and most of all — drive mom and dad crazy! He was thrilled to have an opportunity the other day to show his baby sister SNOW!

Thanks to the blizzard of 2013 here on the East Coast, Nemo, I was able to take both of the kids outside for just a few minutes so that my son could show his new sister how much fun it was to play in the snow… which of course turned into a million kisses and hugs instead!


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