Wordless Wednesday: Looking Back in Time – May 2009 @ 1-Month Old

Wordless Wednesday: January 2, 2013

Looking Back in Time. . . 

[May 2009 @ 1-Month Old]
Wordless Wednesday Blog Post 2009 May

With my second child scheduled to be born in only 20-days from today, I have been feeling a little nostalgic lately. Looking back at the days when my son was only a few months old was bittersweet. I cannot believe how fast he has grown. I love looking back and thinking about how much he’s accomplished in his 3.5 years since birth…. and I can’t wait to do it again with my little girl! 

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  1. Michelle F. says

    Awww what an adorable little boy. So sweet that you are going to have the pair. My daughter is 7 months old now and it is so much fun having a little girl :)

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