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Monster Buddy Body Pillows For Kids: Body Pillows for Girls & Boys!

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Monster Buddy Body Pillows For Kids:

Body Pillows for Girls & Boys! 

MamaNYC 2012 Holiday Gift Guide Kids Baby

This product is featured in MamaNYC’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide as an APPROVED gift idea under Baby & Kids!

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I am always looking for fun, interesting, and practical gifts to give my little boy on Christmas morning. We’ve spent too many Christmas’ giving useless presents that’ll wind up at the bottom of the toy bin by New Years Day. I know that my son will obviously want something that is entertaining, colorful, and fun. However, I want something that will actually be useful so that we get our monies worth. There’s nothing better than seeing your kids use a Christmas gift for many (many) years to come. That’s exactly why I was very excited to review this body pillow for kids! His name is Monster Buddy and let’s just say – my son is going to have a hard time getting him all to himself!

Two Hippos Kids Body PillowMonster Buddy Body Pillows for kids are an oversized nighttime companion that’ll keep your child comfy and cozy! Measuring in at 11" x 2.5" x 22" and made with real memory foam, Monster Buddy will actually help to promote a better sleeping posture for children. Even though Monster Buddy is a body pillow, use it as a head pillow and you’ll be just as satisfied! We decided to go with the blue Monster Buddy body pillow for boys. My son fell in love immediately and he’s been using it every night since delivery!

Two Hippos Monster Buddy Monster Buddy Pillow Blanket

Monster Body Pillow Kids

Beyond the extremely soft and plush miky fabric, I also found out that he has a zippered pocket on his back, which also includes a super soft blanket! Pull the blanket out for naps or bedtime, or tuck it away in the zippered pocket for storage!

The zippered pocket is a great storage spot for your Monster Buddy blanket, but don’t be surprised if your little one starts using it for their favorite toys or small books!

Monster Buddy Body Pillow Kids  Monster Buddy Pillow Boys Girls Monster Buddy Body Pillows 

My son has been using his body pillow with blanket whenever we are cuddling during 

our nighttime movie parties, but of course he must fill the pocket with his toys!

   Two Hippos Body Pillows  Monster Buddy Plush Pillow Monster Buddy Body Pillow

Two Hippos has Monster Buddy available in a variety of colors for boys AND girls, which means your little one’s can pick out their favorite color! Each color features a different facial expression so there is a great variety to choose from on! TheMonster Buddy Body Pillow is currently available in…

⇒ Hot Pink
⇒ Orange
⇒ White
⇒ Blue
⇒ Green
⇒ Red

Monster Buddy Pillow Kids Monster Buddy Blanket 

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Head on over to to learn more about these fun and comfy Monster Buddy body pillow for kids! Place your order today for only $65.99 each after selecting from 1 of 6 available Monster Buddy colors! Receive a discount when you buy more than one: buy 2 for $59.39 each (10.00% Off) OR buy 3 for $56.09 each (15.00% Off)! 


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