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Birth Plans For Dummies Book: Create a Baby Birth Plan Pregnancy Book

 Birth Plans For Dummies Book

Birth Plans For Dummies Book Review

Birth Plans For Dummies is an easy and trusted way to develop a birth plan for expectant moms. There’s a lot of information available and sometimes pregnancy and labor can be quite overwhelming and scary. Luckily, I have access to this ultimate resource guide to help me understand, develop, and implement a plan for the birth of my little girl.

Delivery is much more complicated than choosing between vaginal or caesarean section. Expectant mothers can find all of the information and options for labor and delivery to be stressful and complicated, which is why Birth Plans For Dummies is such an important and resourceful guide!

Birthing Plans Hospital Delivery

Now that we’ve reached December, I am getting very (VERY) close to my due date and have to start considering my options. My due date is on January 26, 2013 and I couldn’t be happier. Even though this is my second pregnancy, I can tell you that things do change and memories do fade. I’ve had to brush up on everything from remembering what foods I can and can’t drink, symptoms and how to relieve them, and now I am at a point where it is vital that I construct a birthing plan. 

There wasn’t exactly a "plan" set in place during my first pregnancy. I did all the research that I thought was necessary and decided to of course go with a vaginal delivery. I had no medical complications standing in my way or reasons to consider other avenues that were available at the time. We waited until my water broke (10 days late, by the way) and headed to the hospital. My son decided to lay on his umbilical cord after 13-hours of labor, which resulted in both of our heart rates and blood pressure levels reaching near death.

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While my plan was intended for a normal vaginal delivery, I was rushed into an emergency c-section and met my little boy moments later. I learned that no matter what you intend to happen in life – always have a backup plan. Even though I couldn’t predict an emergency c-section, I never thought of devising a backup plan that would mentally prepare me for a situation such as mine. 

Since I am 33-weeks pregnant, I have scheduled a c-section delivery for my little girl on January 22nd. I’ve decided to do my research this time around – even though I have a pretty set-in-stone plan to casually walk into the hospital in 6-weeks and undergo surgery. Anything can happen, so I am going to make sure that I have weighed all of my options, understand the complications, and know what to do if my plan decides to change. 

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Birth Plan:  The birth plan is a list of your preferences to be used as a guide for how you would like your labor and delivery to go. It is a communication tool used for expectant mothers and all those involved in the delivery of a child to understand and explain the mother’s preferences for labor and delivery. As labor can be unpredictable, you should create a backup plan and understand other options available.Birthing Plans Book Labor

With so many methods, options, strategies, and techniques available for labor and delivery, it is very important for an expectant mother to understand what each entails and how complications can lead to a change in plans. Birth Plans For Dummies covers all of these issues and more, including instructions on how to write your birth plan and put it into action! 

** You can also download the first chapter for free to see what this book is all about before buying it! Birth Plans For Dummies’ Chapter 1 – Creating a Birth Plan: What It’s All About is currently available as a PDF sample chapter. Learn more about how to buy Birth Plans For Dummies below!*

Here is a list of various chapters/topics discussed:

♦ Creating a Birth Plan: What It’s All About 

♦ OB-GYN, Family Practitioners, Midwives, Oh My! 

♦ Leaving Home for a Hospital or Birth Center

♦ Natural Methods for Soothing Your Mind and Body 

♦ Helping the Baby Out: Interventions for Vaginal Birth

♦ Cesarean Section: Yes, You Have Options

♦ Nourishing Your BabyBirthing Plans Dummies Book

♦ Writing Your Birth Plan

♦ Allowing for Flexibility in Your Birth Plan and Recover

♦ Ten Ways to Preserve Birth Memories

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Buy It!

Head on over to the official For Dummies Store to learn more about Birth Plans For Dummies! This book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Plan, Apple iBooks, Kobo, and many other online and offline retailers in your area.

* Download and read a sample chapter from the book: Chapter 1 – Creating a Birth Plan: What It’s All About 

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  1. Wow, thanks for writing your review!!! 🙂 As one of the authors, I’m of course super pleased. Love the photos you included too!

    Would you be willing to post at least part of your review at The book doesn’t have any reviews yet and we’d love to have some.

    Thank you so much again!!!

    ~ Rachel

  2. wow pretty interesting, didn’t really think they had a book like this but i bet my daughter could use this right now,, i love her so 😉 thanks for the great review and sharing this with all of us ..

  3. Darn I could have used this book last month! lol I just had my second and last baby in November, but this is a great resource for any expectant parent! I think we should always remember it is our right to be able to have the type of birth we want and to communicate that. =) Thanks for sharing this book, it will be a great shower gift for any new Mommy’s I know! =)

  4. Funny thing books. I thought this was funny at first and My husband and I laughed but when we got pregnant guess what book we got? this one and it is very useful and resourceful.

  5. Thank you so much for your review. I found it interesting. It’s amazing to me that we need resources for birthing when we have done this for thousands of years, but there are seriously some “dummies” out there..

  6. lol As much as the title fo this book makes me laugh to myself, I think it would be vvery helpful for our next baby. For our first it was a little stressful, so to ease that would be nice.

  7. I wish I had this when I was pregnant the 1st time back in 1995, I was only 22 and had no idea about planning, my mom’s friend just found out she’s having a baby and I think I’ll tell her about this, she’s nervous too. thank you for the detailed review!

  8. I could have used this about 2 years ago! I was so clueless when I had my daughter. Of course, all the plans I did have went out the window with an emergency c-section!

  9. I hadn’t thought about this for a shower gift, but I have discovered how many people don’t know about birth plans. When I was pregnant, I made my birth plan even though I had my baby at home. I wanted to be prepared, and I wish I had this book! It would have defintely helped. I want to keep this in mind when there is a baby shower coming up!

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