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2012 Most Annoying Words or Phrases Poll: Whatever, Like, Twitterverse

Most Annoying Words or Phrases 2012

2012 Most Annoying Words or Phrases

There were a lot of up’s, down’s, tears, belly laughs, losses, and memories that filled up the entire 12-months worth of 2012. We will step away from this year in just 3 short days and start a fresh year off as we look towards the future with hopes of better things to come. With THAT being said, I just heard a great list that I wanted to share with all of you: 2012 Most Annoying Words or Phrases, which likely will NOT shock you. These are definitely the most irritating words and phrases used in casual conversation, but we still use them – all the time. 

There’s plenty of memories and fun that we will carry over into the new year, but there are some things we would love to leave in 2012, you know? I’m just sayin’ that it would be a great year if we never had to hear these words uttered {ever} again. Whatever…  đź™‚  Marist questioned 1,246 adults in a U.S. nationwide telephone survey in order to bring us a list of the top 6 most annoying words or phrases. 

The results are in and American’s consider "whatever" to be THE 2012 most annoying word or phrase for the fourth consecutive year according to the annual Marist Poll. We can’t stand the word, but somehow we slip it into conversation every 2-minutes. Why is that?! Doesn’t it drive you crazy to hear someone say "whatever" instead of saying what they want to say? 32% of American’s can’t stand the word "whatever", but falling not that far behind with 21% of us agreeing to dislike the word ‘like". Eek!

Whatever! Like…

How many times can you throw those two words into a sentence!?!

2012 Most Annoying Words or Phrases

2012 Most Annoying Words or Phrases Final Poll Counts:

32% – Whatever

21% – Like

17% – You Know

10% – Just Sayin’

9% – Twitterverse

5% – Gotcha

5% – Unsure


What other words or phrases would

you LOVE to leave behind in 2012?




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13 thoughts on “2012 Most Annoying Words or Phrases Poll: Whatever, Like, Twitterverse

  1. I would love to leave behind the saying, “OMG”. It’s one thing to text these three letters but it’s another thing when someone says it outloud.

  2. I with many of these. Anything involving the use of twitter or hashtag in regular conversations is annoying so is OMG and I’m just saying. What? What are you just saying?!

  3. I’ll admit that I still catch myself saying “whatever” sometimes but I agree that it’s tops for most annoying! I do so much online that I’m finding #hashtags are starting to become more annoying than spoken words, but that’s a whole other subject. #truestory

  4. “mouthfeel” – I watch a lot of cooking shows and when they taste and critique meals this absurd and vaguely revolting word is used way too often… as in “the crunch of the toasted pine nuts with the silky lobster had a great mouthfeel.” Gak.
    Another one is not word but drives me nuts. Ending statements with a question mark?

  5. I definitely would love to leave behind the word Really that is all I ever hear anymore it seems. I have even caught myself using it alot really lol!

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