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TinyLove Super Mat, Frankie Frog, Follow Me Fiona, Musical Ball Game!

Follow Me Fiona Baby Toys

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TinyLove Super Mat, Frankie Frog,

Follow Me Fiona & Musical Stack & Ball Game

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: TinyLove has some of the most adorable, fun, and top quality baby toys and gear! This is a brand that I wish I knew about when my son was a baby, but I am so grateful to have found them just in time for the birth of my little girl. She will be here in January 2013 (70 days to be exact.. but whose counting?), so I am starting to really gear up for the big day.

TinyLove has made my job a lot easier as I am able to rely on their extensive product catalog for the best baby products around. Trying to find a good toy or an activity mat that will engage your newborn isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s actually a daunting and miserable experience for new moms, but we can luckily discover brands like TinyLove that will remain consistent and reliable as each product holds a high level of quality and desirability!

I had an opportunity to review TinyLove’s 3-in-1 Rocker Napper and Sunny Stroll in July (2012). I also published a Gymini My Nature Pals Infant Activity Mat and crib mobile review in September (2012), so I am very excited for my little girl to be able to use all of these amazing TinyLove products! Today I am back with another TinyLove review for FOUR more baby toys and gear products, which I have reviewed thanks to my girlfriends little girl giving me a hand!

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TinyLove Super Mat Activity BabyFrankie Frog Travel Baby ToysMusical Stack & Ball GameFollow Me Fiona Baby Girl Toys

TinyLove Super Mat   |   Frankie Frog   |   Musical Stack & Ball Game   |   Follow Me Fiona

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Tiny Love Super Mat ($44.99)

“A developmental playground of fun and discovery”

TinyLove Super Mat Activity Baby

Tiny Love Gym Mat Baby

The very first thing that I saw in TinyLove’s Super Mat is how the size will create a safe, fun, and comfortable space for my son and daughter to play together. Since my son is going to be very close to his 4th birthday after our daughter is born in January, I worry about how they will be able to interact. They will be on totally different levels of play, which means my son will want to run around and tumble, but my daughter will want to … lay!

The Super Mat is a very thick activity mat that will provide great support for your baby whether it is on carpet, wooden floors, tiles, or at the beach! The size is also perfect for laying with your child for belly time and playing whereas other activity mats might be only able to fit baby, but leave mom and dad hanging off the edge. TinyLove created this extra-large developmental playground with everyone in mind!

Tiny Love Toddler Baby Activity Mat

The colors are bright and features 12 different square spaces, which display a different “scene” or image for baby to interact. TinyLove’s Super Mat is an amazingly sized activity mat with an endless amount of possibilities! This developmental playground includes several fun features to spark your little one’s interest and keep things fun, comfortable, and curious at the same time. Features an adjustable stand-alone mirror, which is perfect for tummy-time!

I also love how we can use the Super Mat for indoor and outdoor use! We always had to bring a blanket or use a towel while at the beach, but TinyLove’s Super Mat would be a much better option for baby on the sand. It will surely protect her from lying directly in the sand, but also provides a great place for her to entertain herself in wonder and amazement as each square on the mat will surely keep her busy.

 Baby Activity Mat TinyLove Infant Activity Toy Mat TinyLove Tiny Love Baby Mat

Frankie Frog ($6.99)

“Hang up this cutesy frog prince for baby’s enjoyment!”

Frankie Frog Travel Baby ToysBaby Stroller Clip-On Toy

Frankie Frog is part of TinyLove’s On The Go Toys catalog and definitely a great item to have on your stroller, crib, car seat, or other baby carrier! He is an adorable frog prince clip-on toy with a smile from ear to ear! His ears will crinkle and his legs will jitter and shake when you pull his string! Great toy to enhance fine motor skills and senses from ages 0-12 months.

Frankie is only $6.99 with a priceless value as your baby will have hours and hours of entertainment and giggles as she watches his legs jitter up and down as she pulls his string. His clip makes it very easy to attach him wherever your heart desires. We’ve used stroller and carseat toys in the past that required some sort of installation, which meant moving them in between baby gear while we were on the go was impossible! Luckily, Frankie Frog can be swapped between our crib, stroller, car seat, and baby carrier as fast as you can say “let’s go!”.

TinyLove Frankie Frog ToyFrankie Frog TinyLove Baby Toy

Musical Stack & Ball Game ($29.99)

“Enchanting dual-stage elephant-shaped stacking toy with a colorful design”

Musical Stack & Ball Game

TinyLove has designed a fun, entertaining, and interactive stacking toy for babies which enhances imagination and creativity for baby, but also helps to define cognitio, fine motor skills, and senses. The Musical Stack & Ball Game features two different game levels as it includes a wide or narrow opening option. This adorable game also includes lights and music to really help keep your little one entertained!

TinyLove Musical Ball Game

This stackable ball game allows baby to play with the balls, which feature a fun rattling sound when shaken! Perfect for ages 6-18+ months, baby can begin to drop the balls into the large opening (inside elephants body) as she gains the ability sit up. Watch the balls fall and reappear in the tray down below!

Tiny Love Musical Stack

I sat down with my son to play with TinyLove’s Musical Stack & Ball Game and he thought it would be a perfect toy for his little sister! We stacked up each of the rings and tossed the balls down the center from the top through the elephants’ head, which is also a fabric material.

We thought it was a great feature as well to find that there was a mixture of plastic and fabric rings. The fabric rings also feature an opening and the elephants hands, or feet, help these rings come together as they are included on each end of the rings.

Toddler Musical Stack Game   Tiny Love Music Musical Stack   Stack Ball Game Baby TinyLove

Musical Stack Tiny Love   Musical Stack TinyLove Infant

Follow Me Fiona ($24.99)

“A pretty puppy-shaped crawling companion for baby girls”

Follow Me Fiona Baby Girl Toys

Follow Me Fiona is an adorable little puppy-shaped crawling toy for baby girls. There is also Follow Me Fred, which is a boy (or, unisex) version of this adorable puppy! Fiona (and Fred, too!) is a baby-activated electronic dog that will encourage your baby to crawl as she barks and plays an adorable tune! She is flexible and bends in the center, which allows Fiona to turn in circles. I love Fiona for many reasons, but how adorable is her pink color, too!?

Follow Me Fiona Baby Dog Girl Toy

Fiona promotes fine motor skills, cognitive and emotional abilities. Perfect for ages 6-18+ months, Follow Me Fiona has an adjustable speed control so that you can regulate the toy’s movement. I love how she will also bark in order to gain babies attention and encourage her to follow along as Fiona waddles away! Fiona will initially encourage baby to reach for her and possibly roll, but your baby will eventually start to follow Fiona as she grows and begins to crawl around!

Toddler Baby Dog Toy Girls   Toddler Baby Dog Toy

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⇒ Tiny Love Super Mat: $44.99

⇒ Frankie Frog [On The Go Clip-On Toy]: $6.99

⇒ Musical Stack & Ball Game: $29.99

⇒ Follow Me Fiona: $24.99

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