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Infantino Pop & Swap Activity Toy Pods, Plushes, Rattles, and more!

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Infantino Pop & Swap

Activity Toy Pods: Plushes, Rattles, and more!

We’re very excited for our little girl to arrive in a few weeks. I’m currently 7+ months pregnant, due mid-January, and VERY busy taking care of my 3-year-old boy on top of everything else that life is handing us during the holiday season. Honestly, I am in denial mixed with a strange emotional bucket of panic since my daughter will be born moments after our Christmas tree and decorations are taken down. How can I possibly deal with holiday shopping AND preparing for a newborn at the same time? Voila – Infantino to the rescue! We recently received a lot of amazing baby toys from the new Infantino Pop & Play collection, so I can cross of baby toys on my (huge) shopping list!

Infantino Pop Play Rattles Plush


I’ve already posted my review for the new Infantino Pop & Swap Activity Gym and Activity Mat, which are $49.99 and $19.99 respectively. Each of these products comes from the Pop & Play collection, which is truly a brand new, innovative, and creative way of playing for infants.

Toy Pods Plush Step2Let’s be honest – infant toys can be dull and boring. I’ve come across a few that caught my eye, but now that I have a 3-year-old and know what these toys can do, I can’t blame my son for growing bored of his infant toys so soon and quickly. That’s all going to change though as I am sure my little girl is going to have LOTS of great use and reason to enjoy all of her Pop & Play items!

Infantino Rattle Pod Baby

We received the complete collection of assorted Pop & Play activity pods (8 total) and I don’t know which one to talk about first. Each box includes anywhere from 1-3 different toy pods that can be used individually (strapped onto our carseat, stroller, crib, etc.), or attached and placed into our new activity mat or gym from Infantino. Yes, I can actually mix and match ALL of these activity pods however I wish in order to keep things fresh, create a new theme, or to simply keep my infant interested and intrigued.

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*There are three different types of sets that you can purchase: 3-piece activity plushes (2), 3-piece activity pods (3), or individually sold rattle pods (3).

3-Piece Activity Plush Sets ⇒

Pop & Play 3-Piece Princess Activity Plush

Like I said, I don’t know where to begin, so let’s start with the girls in celebration of my daughters arrival in January! This 3-piece activity plush set is all PINK and all pretty! Comes with an adorable plush castle, flower, and tiara (which is of course labeled "Princess"). There are also teether rings dangling from the castle and tiara! *Currently $9.99 on!

Princess Castle Baby Girl Toys   Infantino Pod Activity Toys  

Remember how I told you that ALL of these Pop & Play activity plushes could be used with any other product from Infantino’s Pop & Swap collection? Here’s how these adorable Princess activity plushes would look hanging on the Pop & Swap activity gym: 

Infantino Pink Plush Gym

Pop & Play 3-Piece Jungle Activity Plush Set:

Just as adorable and fun as the Princess plush set, Infantino’s Pop & Play collection also includes a Jungle plush theme! This adorable set features an elephant, monkey, and giraffe that will surely put a smile on your infants face! Use these fun Jungle activity plushes as hanging toys on the Pop & Swap Gym (mix and match!). They are swappable with other products from the Pop & Play Collection! Use them on baby’s stroller, car seat, or anywhere else you’d like to attach using the convenient strap. *Currently $9.99 on!

Infantino Animal Elephant Toy    Infantino Rattles Toys Baby

   Infantino Activity Baby Rattles   Infantino Activity Animal Rattles

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

3-Piece Activity Pods ⇒ 

Infantino Pop Play Toys

Use these adorable 3-piece sets of activity pods to mix and match with your other compatible Pop & Play products, or as standalone toys! Each set of 3 interchangeable activity pods features bright colors, fun and playful textures, and also plays a few catchy tunes for baby to dance along with as she plays!

As part of the Pop & Play Collection from Infantino, twist and lock these pods into place on any compatible Pop & Swap product. Mix and match, switch and move. Change the theme of your current Pop & Play activity gym and exchange the pods for these adorable activity pods from Infantino! Available in 3 different themes: Princess, Jungle, and Racecar! Each set of 3 pods is currently $12.99 and available exclusively from Target.

3-Piece Princess Activity Pods:  

Infantino Pod Flower Butterfly Toy  Infantino Pop Play Swap Toys  Pop Play Swap Infantino Toys  

3-Piece Jungle Activity Pods:


Infantino Pop Play Rattles Plush  Infantino Pop Play Activity Toys     

3-Piece Racecar Activity Pods:

Infantino Pod Cars Toys  Infantino Activity Pods Car Toys  Infantino Activity Pods     

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rattle Pods: Meet Chime Pod, Jittery Pod, and Rattle Pod! 

Infantino Pop Play Toys Baby 

As if all of the other sets of activity plushes, pods, and toys wasn’t enough! Infantino has also put together these adorable rattle-style pods that you can also use to mix and match with other compatible Pop & Play products! Use these on your Pop & Swap products, or while you are on-the-go. Each features a very simple to use and convenient strap so that you can attach to your stroller, car seat, etc. Of course all of these products are BPA free, so you can have fun without any worries! 

Pop & Play Chime Pod: Cute take-along pal that sways, shakes and chimes! ($7.99 via

  Infantino Pop Play Pod Monkey 

Pop & Play Jittery Pod: Silly jittery pal that’s easy to grab and pull! ($7.99 via

Baby Toys Jittery Rattle Pod

Pop & Play Rattle Pod: Lightweight rattle with colorful swirls and bouncing beads! ($5.99 via

Infantino Baby Rattle Pod


Infantino Pod Toys Baby     

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Head on over to to learn more about the entire Pop & Play Collection, which is available at your local Target retail store and

* Infantino @ Target: Discover which one of your local stores has the Infantino Pop & Play Collection at Target. You can also place an order online today to ensure quick and speedy delivery right at your doorstep! You’ll find all of the Pop & Play products and be able to pick out which one of these activity pods you’d like to buy today. Prices range from $9.99-49.99. *Enjoy free shipping and handling when you spend $50.00 or more (most products).  

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