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Baby Activity Mat: Infantino Pop & Play Pop & Swap Activity Mat Review

Infantino Pop Play Swap baby activity mat

Infantino Pop & Swap Activity Mat

Plush Baby Activity Mat w/ Endless Possibilities!

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Infantino is a major player in the world of top quality infant and toddler toys, gear, accessories, playmats, and more. We recently received an adorable baby activity mat from the Infantino Pop & Play collection. We are so excited and cannot wait to use our new Pop & Swap Activity Mat when our little girl is born in January (2013)!  Luckily, I had my 3-year-old son help me out with this review since his sister isn’t here yet. After all, big brother MUST approve all things for his little sister – right? And so the territorial and protective big brother ‘fun’ begins… 

Infantino Pop Play Swap Activity Mat

The Pop & Swap Activity Mat is part of Infantino’s newest product line, Pop & Play, which is truly a brand new and innovative way for your infant to play. The entire collection features the capability to mix, match, pop, swap, and create unique themes and endless combinations through the use of their toy pods, which will come accessorized with the larger items (such as this baby activity mat, or the Pop & Swap Activity Gym), or they can be sold separately). 

One thing that I have noticed about toys as my son has grown is that he’s been able to customize toys however he wishes with his bigger boy toys, which was not possible as an infant. Toys that are geared for infants don’t exactly combine the ability to personalize, which means your baby is looking at the same thing, same colors, same themes – day after day. I love how we can mix and match pods with our Infantino Pop & Play toys, which will help peak our infants’ interest! 

Infantino Play Mat Features

As with the Pop & Swap infant activity gym, I had no trouble setting up the Pop & Swap Activity Mat in order to get things ready for our little lady to play! All of the ‘parts’ were laid out and very organized so that I could see exactly what I had to do and easily figured out where they were suposed to go (as pictured below):

Infantino Play Activity Mat

Infantino includes two toy pod with their Pop & Play baby activity mat, which are of course adorable, fun, and very colorful. Each makes a noise when rattled or touched, which is a great feature to help enhance the fun and senses for baby! 

Infantino Play Swap Pods

Setting up the Pop & Play Pop & Swap Activity Mat was a cinch! All we had to do was unravel the mat and set the pods into the two open slots at the top and lock them into place. The pods are VERY easy to set into place and also feature a very simple to use locking mechanism:

Infantino Play Pod Toys   Infant Mat Activities Step2

Place the toy pods straight into the openings and twist to lock – voila!  

As you can see from the picture below, Infantino’s toy pods not only include the circular locking mechanism so that they can be set into the activity mat and gym, but they can also be used to hang from the Pop & Swap activity gym, attached to your baby carrier, stroller, carseat, or anywhere else while you are on the go!  

Infantino Play Pods Mat   Infantino Toy Play Pods 

The activity mat also includes a very cute circular mirror, which features a stand on the back so that you can prop it up wherever you’d like on the mat, or baby can take it wherever she wants. Yes, I plan on raising a coincided child! 🙂 My son always loved to look at himself as an infant. He was amazed at how he could watch himself smile, laugh, and move. I am sure my daughter will appreciate her very first vanity mirror, too! 

Pop Play Swap Infant Mat   Infantino Baby Mat Mirror    

Once we were done setting up the activity mat, I asked my son what he thought about it and if he would like to play with it. He said it looks like a lot of fun and his favorite part was the toy pods. I couldn’t agree more! We also took some of the toy pods from our Infantino activity gym and swapped them into the activity mat to see how much we could turn the mat into a different theme for our little girl. My son is very excited for his sister to arrive. He can’t wait to start playing with all of her toys (with her, of course!).

Infantino Play Mat Infants

This colorful plush play mat turns tummy time into fun time! The play center entertains little ones with two interchangeable activity pods that rattle and squeak and a peak-a-boo mirror. The play mat is a great stand alone product or can be added to the Pop & Swap Gym!

 Infantino Step2 Activity Mat 

Once we were done playing with the Pop & Swap Activity Mat, I rolled it up to see how much space it would take up while stored. Not much at all! The picture below doesn’t do much justice, but this activity mat rolls up into a tiny cylinder that can be easily tucked away until future playtime. The material is very plush for baby, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be bulky and bulging from the seams when you want to put it away! For now I am using the original box for storage, but I plan to use a handy shoelace (recycling!) to keep it nice and compacted. 

   Infantino Play Mat Baby   Infantino Baby Play Mat Review

Infantin Logo Label Activity Toy


Infantino has been around for 25+ years as a major brand name in the juvenile industry, which aims to craft products that will work for both mom and baby. Their products strive to enhance infant development, which is clearly evident through their top-quality products backed by a brand name that represents trust and value.

Infantino is headquartered in San Diego, California where they use the best materials and high quality standards to ensure babies get what they need and mom gets what she wants. Infantino is also part of the Step2 Company, which is also a powerhouse brand name that parents have grown to trust and love! Learn more about each of these companies: ||

Infantino Step2 Logo   Step2 Infantino Red Logo

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Infantino Pop Play Activity Gym Swap ToyInfantino Pop Play Swap Activity Mat

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  1. What a cool mat! We had one for my girls, but it didn’t fold up like that. I might have to look into one of these for baby #3. I definitely need something that will keep them entertained but can also be stored.

  2. This and the Activity Gym are a perfect pair for baby! Love all the bright colors that will definately attract baby’s attention!

  3. I love the toy pods, and how they can be afixed onto the play mat, and can also be taken off and used to hang from their stroller, carseat, etc.

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