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Activity Gym for Baby: Infantino Pop & Swap Gym Review w/ Toy Pods!

Infantino Pop Play Activity Gym Swap Toy

Infantino Pop & Swap Gym

Grow & Play Activity Gym for Baby!

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It’s becoming more and more apparent that I am going to have an infant in my home within the next 6-8 weeks. Yes, I am extremely nervous since I am trying to secure a holly and jolly Christmas for my 3-year-old while I have the idea of being prepared for a newborn just two weeks after New Years Eve! Luckily, I had an opportunity to review some amazing products thanks to Infantino. Giving me one less thing to think about took a huge weight off of my shoulders. Plus, I had an opportunity to play with some really cool infant toys, such as this Pop & Swap activity gym in the meantime (which my son loved to do, but I think it was obvious that I was a little more excited!).

This Infantino Pop & Swap Gym is a deluxe activity gym that is truly unique, easy customizable, lightweight, and filled with lots of great ideas to keep baby busy. One of the very first things that I noticed about the Pop & Swap Gym was just how simple it was to setup. Ladies: I didn’t need any tools (BINGO!) and actually had the entire activity gym setup and ready to go in under 5-minutes. Now that I am familiar with the gym and how it works, I could easily put this gym together and take it apart in a cinch!

Infantino Play Gym Infants Newborn 

Once I opened the box, I basically knew this was going to be much easier than the activity gym that we used when my son was an infant. All I remember about it is that I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me, my husband had to assemble with tools, and it was NOT portable at all. The Infantino Pop & Swap activity gym is very easy to assemble, but just as easy to take apart. There is nothing to feel overwhelmed about when setting up this activity gym (as you can see from the pictures below!):

Infantino Play Gym Infant   Infantino Play Toy Gym

Assembly is literally as easy as 1-2-3!

The two ends that will be your stands to hold the activity center above your baby (light baby blue) feature yellow turn knobs.

  Infantino Play Toy Gym   

Simply insert the activity panel into the holes found on the interior of the end stands and turn the yellow knobs to lock it into place. Repeat this step on either side and voila! You are basically done setting up your new Pop & Swap Gym, but of course your last (and super simple!) step is to attach and insert activity pod toys.

Infantino Play Baby Toys

Placing the activity pods is just as easy as it looks. Simply place them into the circular holes wherever your heart desires. They will lock into place to ensure safety and security, but removal isn’t a problem and there isn’t anything complicated about removing the pods so that you can move them around to keep baby intrigued and entertained. 


Infantino Infant Gym

There are three open spots to insert the interchangeable play pods, but the fun doesn’t stop there! Notice the yellow and orange bordered circles on the left and right of the activity panel? That is where you can use the double-sided graphic cards (pictured below): 

Infantino Pop Gym Graphic Cards

There are 4 graphic cards included with the Infantino Pop & Swap Activity Gym. These activity cards are double-sided with a colorful animal illustration on on side, but backed with a black and white pattern on the other side. These cards can be placed on the front panel of the activity center, or used on the left and right gym stands exterior:

Infantino Graphic Card Swap

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I love how many different customizations we can make to the Pop & Swap Activity Gym in order to keep things fresh and interesting for baby. Mixing the activity pods around and swapping graphic cards will help peak her interest. This activity gym has so many possibilities since we can change and customize, mix and match, and also use it while we are on-the-go! 

Infantino Overhead Infant Gym

The special features found on Infantino’s Pop & Swap activity gym also help to keep things interesting and fun! There are three swappable toy pods, 4 pattern graphic cards, and 3 hanging toys! Plus, I love how the gym includes lights and sounds to enhance development while sparking vision and hearing senses for our growing daughter!

Infantino Pop and Play Gym Features

There are four different positions that we can use while playing with our Pop & Swap activity gym: overhead gym; tummy time; crib activity; sit and play. We love how many different positions available, which makes this an excellent activity gym that will grow along with baby. Use it while your baby is a newborn as an overhead gym, or as a great tummy time practice session when she gets to be a few weeks/months older. Once baby is sitting up, rolling, or reaching much farther than at birth, Infantino’s Pop & Swap gym will be an excellent crib activity! 

Pop Play Swap Step2 Infantino

*Use the straps on the back of your Pop & Swap activity gym as a crib attachment! 

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⇒ Removable activity center allows for four different ways to play – Infant Gym, Sit & Play, Crib Activity and Tummy Time
⇒ Double-sided, interchangeable graphic cards
⇒ 10 minutes of lights & music
⇒ 3 swappable Pop & Play™ Activity Pods
⇒ 3 plush toys encourage reaching & grabbing
⇒ Configures to Different Arrangements, Extra Hoops to Attach Additional Rings and Toys

Baby Gym Activity Review


⇒ Includes: Teether, Mirror
⇒ Care and Cleaning: Wipe Clean With a Damp Cloth
⇒ Power Source: Battery-Powered
⇒ Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: Newborn and Up
⇒ Material: Plastic
⇒ Dimensions: 5.25 " L x 25.0 " W x 21.0 " H
⇒ Weight: 7.0 Lb.

"The Pop & Swap Gym is a deluxe activity gym like no other. With customizable features and an interchangeable activity pod system, this toy is like a gazillion toys in one! It offers four different ways to play and allows you to pop, swap, mix and match for endless themes and fun."

Infantino Infant Newborn Swap Gym   Infantino Play Toys


Infantino has been around for 25+ years as a major brand name in the juvenile industry, which aims to craft products that will work for both mom and baby. Their products strive to enhance infant development, which is clearly evident through their top-quality products backed by a brand name that represents trust and value.  Infantino is headquartered in San Diego, California where they use the best materials and high quality standards to ensure babies get what they need and mom gets what she wants. Infantino is also part of the Step2 Company, which is also a powerhouse brand name that parents have grown to trust and love! Learn more about each of these companies: ||

Infantino Step2 Logo   Step2 Infantino Red Logo

Mama Says...

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Infantino Pop Play Swap Activity MatInfantino Pop Play Activity Gym Swap Toy

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  3. For the gym – I love the swappable toy pods and the easy set up. For the mat – I love the toy pods can be hung from pretty much anywhere. Including stroller.

  4. this is so versatile and looks really easy to assemble this would be perfect for my new baby nephew thanks for the review

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