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Cash Giveaway: WIN $100 PayPal CASH Moving Day Giveaway [Ends 11/7]

Moving PayPal Cash Giveaway Sweepstakes

$100 PayPal CASH Giveaway!

With all that is going on in my life lately, I thought it would be fairly appropriate to celebrate the bad days by turning them into a little good — with a cash giveaway here on MamaNYC! While I am ridiculously busy and the chances of things slowing down here next week seem likely, I decided to give ONE lucky winner $100 PayPal CASH! While I deal with packing, unpacking, moving my Internet service (which I pray for quick installation – that works!), and all the other fun "stuff" that goes into moving — I wanted to make sure my readers knew just how much I appreciate them!

 100 U.S. Dollar Bills Fancy

[Sorry… winner only gets ONE of these. We can dream though, right?]

On top of moving into a new home over the weekend, I am also moving MamaNYC! I will be moving into a new private server, which is much more powerful, reliable, and larger in order to accomodate my readers and increase your experience. Don’t worry; downtime will be minimal (if ANY) and this is going to result in vast improvements that are necessary to keep the site going! Yes, I have a lot going on, but at least I can smile and laugh about it all — in 2-weeks when it is over….?

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This cash giveaway will end on Wednesday, November 7th at 11:59pm (EST). Open to residents WORLDWIDE; 18+. Winner MUST have a PayPal address in order to redeem this prize. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below in order to gain entry into this cash giveaway. All entries are optional, but your chances of winning will greatly increase as you complete more and more. 

Have Fun & Wish ME Luck!

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My name is Nicole Napolitano and I am a full-time professional parenting blogger and work-at-home mom of two adorable and vivacious children (boy - 6 & girl - 2.5). I decided to develop MamaNYC in 2010 shortly (1-month) after transitioning from work-a-holic Internet marketing pro to the shoes of a stay-at-home mom (bored!). As a dedicated business manager for over 9-years, I was determined and positive that I would once again be a successful business woman -- whether or not I had a diaper bag tagging along! I am a New York City native, but relocated with my husband and our two kids to sunny Los Angeles in the summer of 2014. Leaving everything behind was scary, but it's time to make new memories. My interests include web design, Internet marketing, product development and research, SEO, movies, friends, and spending time with my family.

11 thoughts on “Cash Giveaway: WIN $100 PayPal CASH Moving Day Giveaway [Ends 11/7]

  1. I know moving can be a pain! When we sold our house several years ago, we didn’t expect it to go as fast as it did and we had 2 weeks to pack and get out! Good luck and I hope everything go’s smoothly for you!

  2. Hi just blog walking and found my way here… you are so generous and can’t help my self to join your Moving out Give away it’s tempting! Lol…also I can relate to your situation because of my husband job that we need to move often times…it’s realy hard but we have our ways right? Good luck to your new home. God Bess!

  3. Good luck on your move! 6 years ago we moved from Nebraska to Indiana with our 17 month old daughter. It was crazy but it was the best move we have ever made! Hope yours goes very smoothly!

  4. Good luck on making that move…I always mean to be an organized packer and I start out with good intentions, but by the time I’m halfway through…organization goes out the window unfortunately, hangs my head in shame.


  5. Moving can be really tough — I’ve been there before and can definitely vouch for how tiring it is. Good luck though — rooting for you! 🙂

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