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Riversong by Tess Hardwick – Women’s Fiction Book Review

Riversong by Tess Hardwick Book Review

Riversong by Tess Hardwick

Women’s Fiction Book Review

Riversong by Tess Hardwick is an amazing page-turner that will have you staying up way past your bedtime just to read a few more paragraphs! We get a glimpse into Lee Tucker’s harsh small-town Oregon upbringing with an alcoholic mother and absent father. She feels invisible and unloved and spends her time planning an escape.

After high school she finally has a chance to leave the small town behind and heads to Seattle where she works hard to create the life of which she had only dared to dream. Her determination pays off and she achieves all that her heart desired – wealth, stability, respect, and control are all hers. That is, until her world is suddenly shattered.

Her husband unexpectedly commits suicide before she can tell him that she’s pregnant and she is left with an obscene amount of debt of which she had no previous knowledge. Her creditors are shady, violent, and demanding. When she is unable to pay them off her only choice is to run; right back to the place to which she’d sworn she would never return.

Upon revisiting her old home, the memories of her late mother and lonely chill of the past flood her. She determines to do whatever it takes to fix up the homestead and sell it to pay off the goons that are after her, and then get out of there as fast as she can. She never expected to find family, friendship, acceptance and love, but that is exactly what she gets. It is her willingness to look again at the small town and her past that allows her to find true love and forgiveness.

This book really tugs at your heartstrings! Anyone who’s ever felt like an underdog will cheer for Lee as she makes her way through dangerous encounters, steamy love run-ins, and bold business deals. I don’t think there’s a woman alive who can’t relate to her on some level. This is a perfect Summer read and will have you dying to know what happens next. Tess Hardwick author Riversong

Tess Hardwick lives in Washington, but like Lee, she is from a small southern Oregon town. She is a novelist, playwright, blogger, and mother.

Riversong was published in April 2011, and in October 2011 it became the #1 Nook Book of the week! Tess is currently writing a 1930’s historical fiction inspired by her great-grandmother. You can purchase Riversong on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



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13 thoughts on “Riversong by Tess Hardwick – Women’s Fiction Book Review

  1. I am always looking for interesting books to read. I appreciate the solid review and will be adding this one to my list of reads for the year. Teaching we have 20 minutes of silent sustained reading for enjoyment for all at the high school I work, so I truly enjoy recommendations and reviews.

  2. Sounds like a very interesting and realistic (sadly) story. thanks for the review, i’m always looking for great books to read, you learn something from each story you read and i love doing that! I’ll be getting it next time i go to the book store!

  3. I may have to read this even though I agree w/you that it will definitely tug at the old heartstrings. Although I will probably not get it read this summer, I will put it on my “to read” list. Thanks.

  4. i love books that make you stay up way past your bed time!! I really want to read this one. The book cover is pretty cool too 🙂

  5. I have to get back into reading. I used to read so much before but as a FTM don’t have the time. This book looks good enough to make that time. Will be checking it out.

  6. I love reading and love finding new authors to read. This sounds like a very good book. You gave us a reason to want to read this 🙂 Thanks for doing the review!

  7. This sounds like a wonderful book!, I love to read and sometimes it’s nice to find a new book to read that’s not in my normal genre. Great review!

  8. I am constantly searching for books to recommend for my book club. Our last three have been fairly depressing, so this one might have to wait…we need something light and uplifting first!

  9. I have seen this book and have walked right past it and bought other books! What a dummy I am! I should have picked it up and read the excerpt on the back! I’m glad you put this up there because now I really want to read it and believe me, I will not walk past it again! LOL Thank you so much for the review! Made a big difference to me!

  10. This book sounds both intriquing and sorrowful….I am always looking for a new book to surprise my other half with and this sounds like a winner. Thanks for a detailed and informative review!

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