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Access Deals, Rewards & Coupons w/ Scott Shared Values Program!

Scott Shared Values Rewards Coupons

Access Deals, Rewards & Coupons. . . 

Join The Scott Shared Values Program!

How do we get by in our one income household with a 3-year-old boy, 2 adults, and a baby on the way? Although I was always skeptical and curious about how we would make ends meet, I have begun to reveal the secrets behind managing a successful household and discovered how to access deals and coupons so that we can save on a tight budget. Making ends meet is a chore, full-time job, and fortunately it does not have to be such a daunting and boring task. 

I recently discovered the Scott Shared Values Consumer Rewards program, which I strongly believe to be a revolutionary and beneficial program for consumers like us!  We can save on everyday purchases and Scott will reward us for our purchases. Since we already buy products featured through the Scott Shared Values Program, I love how we can receive rewards just for doing what we already do!

My number one problem when using coupons is buying things we don’t need just because I have a coupon, but the Scott rewards program has truly put an end to that habit! I am using their deals to receive rewards for purchases I have to make, or normally make anyway for our family! 

Scott Shared Values Deals Program



Get access to unique deals and offers.


Receive your coupon or promo code.


Share your Value Sense with your family and friends today.

My family has always considered the Scott product line and brand to represent true consumer value, and that’s why we’re head over heels in love with the Scott Shared Values program! It provides savvy and intelligently frugal shoppers with exclusive access to deals and rewards!

Blockbuster FREE DVD Rental CouponsScott Products Brand LogoSigning up and becoming a member of Scott Shared Values is very easy and painless. Simply sign up at by entering your name, email address, and answering a few other simple questions. The entire process will take under a minute, but the savings will last forever! 

You will gain access to special savings on Scott products such as bath tissue and paper towels. Members also receive an inside track to unique deals from top brands that we all love and use frequently, such as Blockbuster, Hertz and free admission to participating family attractions nationwide. New deals and offers will be offered each and every month, so be sure to visit frequently to take full advantage of the savings!  

Sign Up, Share, and Earn! 

Unlock even more offers and deals when you share your Scott Shared Values program with family and friends! Gain $1.25 coupons after you share the Scott Shared Values program!

* HOW?

Signing up for the Scott Scared Values program is quick and painless. I was a member and gained instant access to printable savings coupons in under 25-seconds! I reviewed the program details and knew that this was a perfect fit for our family immediately! All of their partnering brands are used on a (very) regular basis by our family, so this is a win-win in our household! We are going to receive rewards and save tons of money for thing we already buy and services we utilize on a weekly basis, such as Blockbuster Total Access rentals!

Try and see if YOU sign up for the Scott Shared Values program faster than I did!

Scott Shared Values Program Logo

*Note: The Scott Shared Values Program is currently open to U.S. residents only; 18+. 

* WHY?Scott Shared Coupon Deals Sign up

* You willl receive a coupon for immediate savings just like I did (see photo to the right).

New coupon offers are featured on the Scott Shared Values website each month.

* Sign up and share the values with others – gain access to a $1.25 coupon! 

* Rewards! 

• Family Fun Pass – free admission to one of thousands of participating attractions and amusement parks nationwide.

• Hertz rental car discounts.

• 3 FREE Blockbuster Total Access rentals.

• $0.75 Scott Extra Soft Bath tissue or Scott paper towels coupons!


Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Scott. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating and am able to earn additional rewards throughout the campaign.



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  1. I’m surprised more paper products companies haven’t started loyalty programs – it’s an area where people tend to buy what they can get the best deal on, so it seems like kind of an obvious thing to me!

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