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Weird July Holidays – Strange, Unusual, and Odd Holidays for July!

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The Strange, Odd, & Weird July Holidays List! 

Each month I like to highlight some of the strangest, oddest, and most bizarre holidays. I think the lists are just too funny to pass up! Every month I will find a list that is longer than I could have ever dreamed. July is NO exception! This list of weird July holidays is simply outragous! Check it out and let me know which one makes you laugh the hardest, or seems to {oddly} make the most sense.. if that is possible! 

July Monthly Observances

  • Air-Conditioning Appreciation Days (7/3 to 8/15)
  • Bereaved Parents Awareness Month
  • Bioterrorism/Disaster Education & Awareness Month
  • Cell Phone Courtesy Month
  • Dog Days (7/3 to 8/11)
  • Eggplant and Lettuce Month
  • Family Reunion Month
  • Family Golf Month 
  • Freedom From Fear of Speaking Month 
  • Hemochromatosis Screening Awareness Month
  • Herbal/Prescription Awareness Month
  • International Blondie and Deborah Harry Month
  • International Group B Strep Awareness Month 
  • International Women with Alopecia Month
  • International Zine Month
  • Mango and Melon Month 
  • National Black Family MonthNational Grilling Month July
  • National Blueberries Month
  • National Child-Centered Divorce Month
  • National "Doghouse Repairs" Month
  • National Grilling Month
  • National Ice Cream Month
  • National Horseradish Month
  • National Hot Dog Month
  • National Independent Retailers Month
  • National Make A Difference to Children Month
  • National Recreation & Parks Month
  • National Share A Sunset With Your Lover Month 
  • National Wheelchair Beautification Month
  • Nectarine and Garlic Month 
  • Sandwich Generation Month
  • Share A Sunset With Your Lover Month 
  • Smart Irrigation Month
  • Social Wellness Month
  • Tour de France Month (Started 6/30 – 7/19?)
  • Women’s Motorcycle Month

July Weekly Observances

  • National Unassisted Homebirth Week: 1-7
  • Be Nice To New Jersey Week: 1-7 (First Full Week)
  • Freedom Week: 4-10
  • International Chicken Wing Week: 6-8
  • Sports Cliché Week: 8-14 (Always Week of Major League Baseball)
  • National Farriers Week: 8-14 (Second Week)
  • Nude Recreation Weekend: 9-15
  • National Baby Food Week: 12-15
  • Wayne Chicken (Tribute to Chickens) Week: 13-15
  • National Parenting Gifted Children Week: 15-21    (Third Full Week)
  • Rabbit Week: 15-21
  • Captive Nations Week: 15-21 (Always 3rd Week)
  • National Independent Retailers Week: 15-21  
  • National Zoo Keeper Week: 15-21  (Always 3rd Week)
  • Baby Food Festival: 18-21
  • National Ventriloquism Week: 18-21  
  • Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) Education & Awareness Week: 18-25
  • Garlic Days: 27-29
  • World Lumberjack Championships:  27-29 (Last Weekend)
  • Single Working Women’s Week:  29-8/4 (Always on the week that has 8/4 in it) 

July Daily Observances 

  • Canada Day: 1
  • International Chicken Wing Day: 1
  • Second Half of The Year Day: 1
  • U.S. Postage Stamp Day: 1July 4th Flag
  • Zip Code Day: 1
  • Rosewell UFO Days: 1-3 
  • I  Forgot Day: 2
  • Made In The USA Day: 2
  • World UFO Day: 2 
  • Compliment Your Mirror Day: 3
  • Stay Out Of The Sun Day; 3
  • Fourth of July or Independence Day: 4
  • Independence From Meat Day: 4
  • Indivisible Day: 4
  • Earth at Aphelion: 5
  • Bikini Day: 5
  • International Chicken Wing Society Cook-off Day: 6-8 
  • International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day: 6  
  • Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day: 6
  • Carver Day: 7  
  • Chocolate Day: 7 
  • Father-Daughter Take A Walk Together Day: 7
  • Global Forgiveness Day: 7 
  • Hop A Park Day: 7
  • International Cherry Pit Spitting Day: 7   (First Saturday)
  • International Day of Cooperatives: 7   (First Saturday)
  • Tell The Truth Day: 7
  • Math 2.0 Day: 8 (Founding Day) 
  • SCUD Day (Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama): 8
  • Martyrdom of The Bab: 9
  • International Town Criers Day: 9 (Second Monday)
  • Clerihew Day: 10
  • Don’t Step On A Bee Day: 10Teddy Bears Picnic Day July
  • Piña Colada Day: 10  
  • Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day: 10 
  • Bowdler’s Day: 11
  • Day of The Five Billion: 11 
  • Cheer Up The Lonely Day: 11
  • National Rainier Cherries Day: 11 
  • Slurpee Day: 11 
  • World Population Day: 11
  • Simplicity Day: 12 
  • Chick-fil-A’s Cow Appreciation Day: 13 (Dress Like a cow and get free sandwich!)
  • Collector Car Appreciation Day: 13 (2nd Friday)
  • Embrace Your Geekness Day: 13
  • Gruntled Workers Day: 13
  • National French Fries Day: 13 
  • Bald In-Bald Out Day: 14 (Second Saturday)
  • Grange Day: 14 (Second Saturday)
  • International Nude Day: 14
  • Be A Dork Day: 15 
  • Gummi Worm Day: 15 
  • Saint Swithin’s Day: 15 
  • National Ice Cream Day: 15 (3rd Sunday)
  • National Get Out of the Doghouse Day: 16 (Third Monday)
  • Global Hug Your Kid Day: 16 (Third Monday)
  • Wrong Way Corrigan Day: 17
  • Yellow Pig Day: 17 
  • International Mandela Day: 18
  • Flitch Day: 19    (Note: Some also say it’s always the 3rd Saturday.)
  • Get to Know Your Customers Day: 19 (also January 19, April 19 and October 18)
  • Moon Day: 20
  • National Lollipop Day: 20
  • Ramadan: 20
  • Celebration of The Horse Day: 21-22 (3rd Weekend)
  • National Hot Dog Day: 21   (Third Saturday)
  • Toss Away the "Could Haves" and "Should Haves" Day: 21 (Third Saturday)
  • Woodie Wagon Day: 21 (Third Saturday)Jul 4th Patriotic Hat
  • Legal Drinking Age Day: 21
  • Casual Pi Day: 22  (22/7)
  • National Penuche Fudge Day: 22
  • Parents’ Day: 22   (4th Sunday)
  • Rat-catchers Day: 22
  • Spooners (Spoonerism) Day: 22
  • Gorgeous Grandma Day: 23
  • Hot Enough For Ya Day: 23
  • Church of Latter Day Saints Pioneer Day: 24 
  • Cousins Day: 24
  • Mormon Pioneer Day: 24 
  • National Drive-Thru Day: 24
  • National Tequila Day: 24 
  • Tell An Old Joke Day: 24
  • Carousel Day or Merry-Go-Round Day: 25 
  • Thread The Needle Day: 25 
  • National Chili Dog Day: 26  (Last Thursday)
  • One Voice: 26
  • Barbie-in-a-blender Day: 27 
  • Lumberjack Day: 27   (Last Friday of the Last Full Weekend)
  • National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day: 27
  • National Talk in An Elevator Day: 27 (Last Friday in July) 
  • System Administrator Appreciation Day: 27    (Last Friday)
  • Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day: 27
  • Walk on Stilts Day: 27
  • Buffalo Soldiers Day: 28 
  • National Dance Day: 28   (Last Saturday in July) 
  • National Day of the Cowboy : 28  (Fourth Saturday)
  • National Milk Chocolate Day: 28 
  • Paddle for Perthes Disease Awareness Day: 28   (Always Last Saturday)
  • World Hepatitis Day: 28
  • Lasagna Day: 29 
  • National Chicken Wing Day: 29  
  • Rain Day: 29 
  • Tish B’Av: 29
  • Cheesecake Day: 30 
  • Father-In-Law Day: 30
  • Health Care Now!  Medicare’s Birthday: 30  
  • National Support Public Education Day: 30
  • Paperback Book Day: 30

Check out more strange holidays in February, April, and May!


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5 thoughts on “Weird July Holidays – Strange, Unusual, and Odd Holidays for July!

  1. The one that makes the most sense to me:
    Air-Conditioning Appreciation Days (7/3 to 8/15)
    I’ve been appreciating it for more than a month.

  2. I can’t get past the first three. Air-conditioning Appreciation days make sense. Why would a parent be more aware of bereavement in July – unless that’s for young children and they were out of school and at home in July , so a parent would miss them more(perhaps?) The Bioterrorism/Disaster Education/ Awareness does not make sense because most schools are closed so who is teaching o talking about it?

  3. I’m back because I’m fascinated by all these holidays. How is July going to promote Freedom from fear of speaking? I have no idea who Deborah Harry was and what she represented – blondies?

    1. LOL Jo-Ann! Sometimes I spend TOO much time putting these posts together because I am so intrigued and start Googling all of them to learn more. Some are just SO ridiculous! …and you are right. Fear of speaking – I would think that would fall somewhere in the Fall? Spring? While college is in session? July seems like an odd time to celebrate?! :O)

    2. Hi Nicole,

      I happened upon this post while I was looking for a current link for Freedom from Fear of Speaking Month and I couldn’t resist responding.

      Was Jo-Ann Brightman serious about not knowing who Debbie Harry and Blondie (her band) are? They were internationally famous in the ’80s. They’re still around. In fact, they recently released a new record.

      Here are some useful links:
      (I’m not using wwws , ://’s or .’s in the addresses because multiple links are often interpreted as spam)
      The International Blondie and Deborah Harry Month sponsor sites are www2 (dot) drury (dot) edu /ametz/month (dot) htm and blondiebook (dot) com
      The band’s official web site is blondie (dot) net.
      Their YouTube channel is youtube (dot) com /artist/blondie.
      There is a Wikipedia article about them at Wikipedia (dot) org /wiki/Blondie_(band)

      By the way, there is an article about Freedom From Fear of Speaking Month on Answers (dot) com /topic/freedom-from-fear-of-speaking-month. It is sponsored by Write Speak for Success, but their domain name (WriteSpeakforSuccess (dot) com) was acquired by another company so I don’t know if they are still in business or still sponsoring the observance.

      I hope some of that was helpful information!

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