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New York Aquarium Fun & Learn About Bronx Zoo Events Coming Soon!


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I am so excited to tell all of you what I did today with my son! So excited! As you may or may not know, MamaNYC (and her family, too!) is a Wildlife Conservation Society Ambassador here in New York City. Today I decided to head out to the New York Aquarium with my son, which is quite possibly his favorite place on Earth (besides his playroom, of course!).

We arrived around 2:00 and the sun was shining, temperature was just right, and we were BOTH in a great mood. I knew this was going to be another memorable trip to our local aquarium!

The very first thing that my son noticed was a huge banner displaying the aquariums’ Happy Feet 4-D Experience, which we had to skip today and cannot wait to check out during our next visit! Watch Happy Feat in digital 3-D as it is brought to life with 4-D multi-sensory effects. Experience is only 19 minutes long and included with Total Experience Tickets, or pay $6/person with General Admission.

Since we are members of the Wildlife Conservation Society, I would get to enjoy events and attractions like the Happy Feet 4-D Experience for FREE with my family! Unfortunately, we arrived late in the day and had to get home (and beat the traffic!), so this wasn’t going to be a long enough trip to enjoy a stop into the aquarium theatre. 

My son knows his way around the aquarium all by himself, which is no surprise to me! The entire place is laid out perfectly with no zigzag confusion. Hey, I think it says something when a 3-year-old can maneuver around an aquarium better than I can! Ask him where the sharks are sleeping – he will bring you straight to the sharks, turtles, and stingrays hanging out together!  We never feel overwhelmed or lost, which is something very important since I have a little boy to chase around! 

New York AquariumNew York AquariumNew York Aquarium

New York AquariumNew York Aquarium PenguinsNew York Aquarium

I love the aquarium because it is easy tomaneuver around, visitors won’t get lost and miss attractions because they never saw the sign, and the staff is always friendly and accommodating to our needs and questions. Parking is NEVER a problem and you don’t have to worry about walking a very long distance to get inside. We have never had to walk more than 1-minute (if that!) from our car to the entrance of the New York Aquarium.

We cannot decide which one of the parks to visit next! There are four zoo’s and the New York Aquarium included in the Wildlife Conservation Society:

  1. New York Aquarium
  2. Bronx Zoo
  3. Central Park Zoo
  4. Prospect Park Zoo
  5. Queens Zoo

Which one do you think we should visit next?

It is a hard choice, but I know we are going to create a lot of memories all summer long! There is so much to do every weekend at the Bronx Zoo, which I am betting to be our next stop this week. 

The Bronx Zoo Main Stage is going to have Sportacus from Sprout’s Lazytown on May 12-13, 2012!

Here is the lineup for May and June that you can expect to find at the Bronx Zoo’s main stage ⇒

May 12 and 13 Sportacus from Sprout’s Lazytown
May 19 and 20 Disney’s Choo-Choo Soul with Genevieve
June 2 and 3 Ferdinand the Bull
June 9 and 10  Barney™ Sing-Along
June 16 and 17 Super Sprowtz™
June 30  Spider-Man takes over the zoo

* Learn more and see a full schedule about upcoming Bronx Zoo events and attractions!

 Mama Says...

Learn More!

 Learn more about the Wildlife Conservation Society and upcoming events at each of the parks.

Don’t live in New York? If you are not a New York resident, but plan to visit this summer, I would highly recommend checking out one of our zoo’s or the aquarium. There is so much to see and do all summer long. We would love for you to check out the famous Bronx Zoo, which will simply amaze your family! I am proud to have each of these attractions in New York and know they would be a great place to check out if I was a tourist! 

Learn more on each of the park websites 

 Wildlife Conversation Society ● Bronx Zoo ● Central Park Zoo

Queens ZooProspect Park ZooNew York Aquarium

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