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Talk To Me Tuesday: Poopy Potty Training Problems – Parenting Advice!

Talk To Me Tuesday Poopy Potty Training Problems Solved

TWO Tuesday’s ago I shared your stories, tips, and advice on how to deal with picky eaters. We’ve discussed Pacifier Problems, Temper Tantrum Troubles, and Picky Eater Problems! Unfortunately, I had to skip last week due to feeling under the weather (I’m so sorry! I felt so bad ALL day!)… Thereafter, I announced the NEXT topic for Talk To Me Tuesday, which we will be discussing today: Poo Poo Potty Problems!

*Want to go back and read previous topics and discover reader driven parenting tips and advice? Feel free to read over the Talk To Me Tuesday Introductory Post if you want to learn more about how this weekly advice ‘column’ works. You can also read all of the Talk To Me Tuesday posts or browse the entire parenting advice category here at MamaNYC. Talk To Me Tuesday Poopy Potty Training Problems Solved

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Every Tuesday I will be featuring a new segment called Talk To Me Tuesday, which is going to feature YOUR advice, input, stories (horror stories welcome!), and tips. Each week I will post the NEXT weeks topic to discuss and everyone will submit their stories. Come back the following Tuesday and you will find your submission(s) posted here at MamaNYC!

First Thing First!
Let’s get down to business and hear YOUR input on last weeks topic!

Talk To Me Tuesday Poopy Potty Training Problems

TUESDAY, April 3rd: Poopy Potty Problems!

Last week I asked my readers to submit some of their tips, positive stories, HORROR stories, and advice on how to deal with poopy potty training. My son is YET to go #2 on the potty, so I am really eager to get things rolling for him. #1 is NO problem. He could perfect his timing, but we’re making some progress. However, I haven’t been able to get him at all interested in poopy training. HELP!  

This weeks topic request comes from Janet over at Going Crazy!! Wanna Go??!!. Apparently, I am dealing with the very same issue as Janet: Poopy Potty Training Problems!

Both of us have little boys, so Janet asked to discuss training #2 for boys. However, I opened up the submissions to parents of boys and girls – any poopy training story was fine by me! (Eek…)

Here is what Janet asked and requested from Talk To Me Tuesday participants: 

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"My 4 year old boy purposely holds it in and gets constipated and then he doesn’t want to sit on the potty to get it out. It can’t be because it hurts because he will stand in the corner and poop in his pants with no problem. He has pooped in the potty a few times and is always proud and excited and everyone praises him and his teachers give him prizes and he is very happy, but then the next time…nothing."

Well, Janet… Sadly I am in the very same predicament and facing the same issue with my own son. My little boy is YET to go #2 on the potty. He refuses to poop in the potty and he holds it in until he is keeled over in pain and crying. A recent trip to the food store (without a diaper…) ended terribly as my son went into overdrive tantrum mode since he was in pain and refuses to use the potty. HELP! Everyone tells me to just give it time, but he starts a 3-year-old preschool program in September. Time flies, which makes me very nervous. I don’t want to turn around and notice it is Labor Day – my son won’t be allowed into school! 

Let’s see what you all had to say!

Gena over at Life With Captain Fussybuckets offers some GREAT advice for parents dealing with pooping problems. I love all of her tips and I am absolutely going to give them a whirl. Here’s to hoping my son provides some GOOD results (and fast!):  When my son first started potty training, he would do the SAME thing as Janet’s son…hold his poop, get constipated, be miserable, poop in a diaper.  What we did probably won’t work for everyone, but it did work for him.  First, he loves prunes, so we let him have 2-3 a day.  I realize that is probably pretty weird, but if your child doesn’t like prunes, you can give them a children’s laxative.  It helps when they feel like they CAN’T hold it any longer.  Don’t give them the option of a Pull-Up or diaper and remember that bribing IS okay!  🙂  We bribed my son with candy, coins, AND special time with Mommy & Daddy. I also had to hold him in a hug on the potty to help him feel safe when he was pooping.  All of this combined really got him to realizing that pooping on the potty wasn’t scary and after about three times, he was a pro.I do think it’s important to mention that all kids are different, so if these suggestions don’t work or you’ve already tried them, maybe someone else has better suggestions!  Good luck! 

  Jen over at Life With Levi heard about a great method that sounds intriguing. I am willing to try ANYTHING – and this sounds simple enough! I haven’t tried this yet, but my friends swear by the "model and wave" method. Let your child watch you go #2, then let them flush the toilet and wave bye bye to the poop. Sounds gross, but it’s supposed to help them put a visual to the actions we’re trying to get them to go through with their own bodily functions. 

Talk To Me Tuesday Sibling Rivalry

TALK TO ME: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We’ve discussed Pacifier Problems, Temper Tantrum Troubles, Picky Eater Problems, and Poopy Potty Training Problems! Next weeks topic is a topic is going to deal with SIBLING RIVALRY

We just started trying for baby #2. I have all of that pregnancy, newborn, and infant "stuff" down (I think), but how can I do that x2 and handle the fights between TWO children? I think about doubling the cost of raising children; feeding two children at once; waking up every 3 hours and still remaining fresh and ready for my first born; holding an infant while chasing a toddler.

It wasn’t until recent that I started picturing my life after the bottles and diapers. What will it be like when the two kids start to throw fists? swing their arms? yell and bite one another? Oh no! Am I paranoid? Is this really how it will be?! Either way, I am ready for the fun and know it will be a blessing to have two children. We have an amazing little boy already, so I can only imagine how great things will (or won’t) be with another addition to our family! 

When did sibling rivalry start for your children? Is one of your children the worst offender when it comes to picking and starting fights? (Oldest? Youngest?) Do you worry about adding onto your family because of this reason? Tell me your stories, advice, and tips!

Tell me your tips, stories, and advice on how to deal with SIBLING RIVALRY.. and remember that the amount of anonymity or details revealed is in your hands. Are you currently going through the same issue(s)? Have a story of FAILURE or success? Share your advice and tips. Remember that there is NO such thing as silly advice or knowledge. Everyone’s advice is welcome and I cannot wait to gather your stories into one giant heaping post filled with advice!

Please use the form below to submit your advice, tips, or stories. Remember that you can remain anonymous if you choose! All of the fields are options on the form. 

Just a few things you should know…

  • ANONYMITY IS NOT A PROBLEM! You decide what we know about who you are. Choose a pen name or submit your real name. Your tips are what we want to hear – and I don’t want anyone to feel ashamed or scared to broadcast their parenting stories. 
  • Parenting advice is FREE, but sometimes it is hard to come by GREAT advice.. which is why Talk To Me Tuesday is hopefully going to grow into something more than advice. Let’s share stories. I want to hear how you have conquered your biggest parenting fears. Tell us how to overcome those parenting obstacles that scare the bejeezus out of other parents. I have a 2 1/2 year old son, so I want to know what to expect when my son turns 3 in April (I promise to act surprised!)
  • EMAIL ADDRESS: I will NOT be including email addresses for any reason. This will be used for internal purposes only. I will also be sending out an email reminder next Monday so that you can remember to check out your submission! (Optional)
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See You Next Week!


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16 thoughts on “Talk To Me Tuesday: Poopy Potty Training Problems – Parenting Advice!

  1. I love Gena’s ideas and I have actually had little bits of success with holding my boy in a hug and teaching him to rock back and forth when he’s constipated. We talked to his pediatrician a couple of months ago and she told my son about this really cool poo-poo PARTY that is going on under our house and that if he keeps his poop in then it won’t get to go to the party. That’s been quite a fun experience, talking to poop and all…

    I can share some small successes since I wrote to you about the problem and that for about the last week, my boy has been pooping in the potty at home. He gets “the look” and we rush him to the potty and he sits and pushes and groans and then gets excited when he hears “the plop”. We cheer, wave and say bye, send the poop to the party, and then he gets a sticker on his poo poo chart. This all started weekend before last when he was SOOO sick for 3 days. He pooped up to 3 times per day for 3 days all in the potty. First day back at daycare, accident, second day back, purposely pooped in pants and lied to teacher about it. Ugh!! He’s definitely getting closer and if we can keep the poop coming every day (doc recc. laxative as well!!) then I think we’ll get there soon.

      1. My body is quite successful at times too… We actually realized yesterday that he’s only had ONE accident in two weeks!! We took the poopy chart and stickers to daycare and hoping that is great incentive!!

  2. When my youngest started on solids, she would have pooping problems where she would get constipated. It got to where I could tell when she was going to poop (because it took a while and she would stand there struggling 🙁 while waiting for the poop to come out). So I started taking her to the potty and eventually she just went on her own.

  3. Armed with reading material, I would take my little one into the bathroom w/me when I had to “do my business”- no fuss, just quiet time and she learned how to deal w/#2 quickly… now, urinating took me longer for some reason. to this day we still have plenty of reading materials in our “libraries”.

  4. When we were potty training our oldest son, he also didn’t want to poop on the potty. We tried everything, from begging, bribing, anything. Then one day we decided to let him pick out his own underwear from the store. We bought a couple packs of the underwear. He wore them and said he did not want to get them dirty since he picked them out. From that day on he pooped in the potty. This could help and it may not help. It depends on the child.

  5. I like the method that Jen over at Life With Levi recommended. I truly think there is not one “correct” way for all kids, and it requires experimentation, so it’s always good to try new things! Thank you to all!

  6. I’m not sure if my comment went through. I am going to try what Jen over at Life With Levi suggested. I think experimentation is key, so I’ll keep experimenting!

  7. My friends daughter gets constipated quite often and so I suggest that she get her daughter a stool where she can put her feet up so that her knees are bent almost up to her belly. While it sounds strange it works for everyone by aligning the bottom, rectum and large intestine in more of a straight line making evacuation a bit easier.

  8. When we were potty training we had the same problem but what worked for us … sounds weird like i am puppy training lol 🙂 … making a big happy deal out of it when my daughter did go. ~yay great job whoohoo lets get a candy etc

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