Marvel’s The Avengers: LEGO’s, Little Avengers, and MORE!


Marvel Avengers LEGOS Marvel The Avengers Movie Poster

Wait.. STOP! 

Did you compare the two posters above? 


Did you automatically assume that I screwed up and accidentally posted the same poster image for the new Avengers movie?

Yep. I need ya to scroll back up.

Come back down when you are finished… 

That was fun… right?

Check out these awesome Avengers LEGO toys coming soon for MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS!

Marvel The Avengers LEGO

{They are THAT cool!!!}

The other day I was able to share some amazing press footage for Marvel’s The Avengers movie

Firstly, I have an adorable video called ‘Little Avengers':

The Little Avengers Target

This video is TOO cute! Watch the video below and then get dressed and ready. You will want to jump in your car and head to Target for some Avengers toys, bedsets.. I think they have just about anything you could possibly dream up for The Avengers! 

Watch It!


Next… I might make you cry!
Check out this video of a military dad surprising his kids as he dresses up as Captain America! Get the napkins out; I love hearing stories like these. So heartwarming for my soft heart :) 

Watch It!



Ugh! Tear Jerker!






    • Melinda,

      WOW! I thought my son achieved great things with his LEGO hut.. those are amazing! I can’t wait until he gets a little older and starts building LEGO projects like you have over there! My niece recently got into the bigger kids sets (she is 4 1/2 going on 18), so I am amazed watching the little girl that was born (on what seemed like) yesterday create masterpieces. They at least seem to look like masterpieces to me, but now I see we have a long way to go for our family!

      Thanks for sharing!! :)

  1. I must admit, I did do a double take when I saw this post, LOL. Thanks for the post. I’m looking forward to seeing The Avengers.

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