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Kids Foot Locker NYC: Shopping for Children’s Apparel #CBias

Kids Foot Locker Social Fabric CBias


Kids Foot Locker Social Fabric CBias

Picking out clothing and shoes for my son is never easy. Luckily, we do live in a great city with an abundance of options and store brands to choose from. That’s one of my favorite things about living in this beautiful city. I decided to get in the car and drive into Manhattan over the weekend. Saturday was beautiful and actually pretty warm here in New York City! 

My son really needed a new pair of sneakers, plus I wanted to pickup a few pairs of socks and hopefully grab some other pieces he could use this Winter. 

I started our trip off by writing down a few items I had in mind. I didn’t have too much of a definitive list to write, but this would at least get me going in the right direction. 

Kids Foot Locker Social Fabric CBias 

Our ride into the city was less than 15-minutes with just a sprinkling touch of traffic. I always love seeing the big green "Welcome to Manhattan" sign, which is a perfect welcome for anyone entering this big, beautiful, and opportunistic city of wonder!

Welcome to Manhattan New York City

We hit just a bit of traffic on our drive towards Kids Foot Locker after we got into Manhattan

Welcome to Manhattan New York City Traffic

We didn’t hit THAT much traffic… because we were pulling up within no time!

Kids Foot Locker New York City

Perfect timing!

We drove to Manhattan, found our destination, and parked the car. This entire process took less than 20 minutes, which is pretty amazing considering it was a Saturday morning in New York City! 

I decided to Check In using my Foursquare App. Adding a photo helped to personalize my experience. I snapped a picture of my first reaction after walking into the store. My son also found his eyes wandering towards a wall of rain boots. This seemed like a fitting Check In picture! 

Kids Foot Locker New York City Foursquare Check In

The selection of children’s shoes was great!

Rain boots, work boots, walking boots… 

Kids Foot Locker New York City

I noticed a lot of sale tags on all of their products. This was a good sign and I knew it was likely that I would spend less than I had imagined. A few items were discounted 20% or more! I noticed a bunch of items marked down over 50% from their retail price.

Did I I just have some good luck and hit the stores on a great sale day? That’s what I thought at first, but I would later learn this was pretty normal for Kids Foot Locker. I started chit chatting with another shopper. She had her four children tagging along with her and a girlfriend. She said these great deals are  pretty common at this store!

Kids Foot Locker New York City

She shared her shopping secrets with me, which I took to heart since she does have four children to dress! According to my in-store chit chatting fellow parent, Kids Foot Locker has the best prices on apparel and shoes! She called it her "best kept shoppers secret". However, she also said that she stresses the shop and bargain prices to all of her girlfriends. Children’s apparel is cheap at other shops, but the quality and brand name we desire is all at Kids Foot Locker. 


Kids Foot Locker New York City

I was so excited when I turned around and saw that ADIDAS jumpsuit I found on their website! I ran right over to it and started browsing around for my sons size and a few other pieces to add to my son wardrobe. It was very easy to browse their inventory. I could see what I was looking at, which is all that matters.

Kids Foot Locker New York City ADIDAS

How frustrated to you get when a store has a messy, disorganized, and difficult to browse inventory?! Yes, that is one of my many pet peeves! I want to see what I am looking at and not pull and shuffle through a pile of apparel. 

Kids Foot Locker makes it very easy to shop. Their wall of apparel was very neat and filled with plenty of sizes! I was looking for an x-small to purchase for my son, but I saw every other size on the rack! 

Kids Foot Locker Social Fabric CBias

Check out all of the clothing we went home with!

My son loves all of his clothing from Kids Foot Locker!

Plus… we picked out a cute pair of black PUMA sneakers that look awesome on my sons little feet!

Kids Foot Locker Social Fabric CBias

You can take a look at even more pictures from our Kids Foot Locker shopping experience!

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias; #CBias. All of these words, opinions, and thoughts are my own.

My name is Nicole Napolitano and I am a full-time professional parenting blogger and work-at-home mom of two adorable and vivacious children (boy - 6 & girl - 2.5). I decided to develop MamaNYC in 2010 shortly (1-month) after transitioning from work-a-holic Internet marketing pro to the shoes of a stay-at-home mom (bored!). As a dedicated business manager for over 9-years, I was determined and positive that I would once again be a successful business woman -- whether or not I had a diaper bag tagging along! I am a New York City native, but relocated with my husband and our two kids to sunny Los Angeles in the summer of 2014. Leaving everything behind was scary, but it's time to make new memories. My interests include web design, Internet marketing, product development and research, SEO, movies, friends, and spending time with my family.

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