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Bob Evans Refrigerated Mashed Potatoes – Review & Giveaway [12/26]

Bob Evans Refrigerated Mashed Potatoes Review


Bob Evans Refrigerated Mashed Potatoes Review

I received a yummy and delicious package about two weeks ago, but the time to have a taste test didn’t come until last nights dinner. I don’t know what happened! Honestly, I don’t. I receive an awesome package from Bob Evan and stare at these scrumptious mashed potatoes in our refrigerator every [single] day, but lately we are lucky to sit down for a meal. I think December does that to us – what about your family? Regardless, I am very happy to finally share my experience with Bob Evans’ products with all of you. 

Bob Evans Refrigerated Mashed Potatoes Review

Bob Evans Refrigerated Mashed Potatoes are delicious, so tasty, and the REAL deal! My son rubbed his belly and let out a big "MMM…MMM!", so right there I knew these were going to be spectacular! If Mr. Picky finds something to be scrumptious, Mama surely will agree! What my son didn’t know is that I didn’t have to do that much to prepare and warm up the mashed potatoes! Bob Evans’ mashed potatoes are a quick and easy side dish to consider along with any meal!

There are a bunch of different styles available, but we received their Original Mashed Potatoes. I cannot wait to try some of their other flavored styles! Bob Evans has garlic, sour cream and chive, cheddar, and Southwest style mashed potatoes. Each of these sounds absolutely delicious and I know the taste is going to match my expectations, especially after giving their Original style a taste test!

Another reason to love Bob Evans’ mashed potatoes: They are REAL! No flaky boxed mashed potatoes to prepare, no hand mashing or adding of ingredients. These mashed potatoes are made with REAL milk, REAL butter, and REAL potatoes. You can really taste the difference between Bob Evans’ REAL mashed potatoes versus those flakes we always use from the box! You do need to keep the Bob Evans mashed potatoes refrigerated because they are REAL. They taste oh-so fresh and the experience is much more rewarding to your taste buds over the competition.

My experience with Bob Evans has been fantastic! I was also very pleased to find out that there are more than 20 STORES in a radius of 5 miles in my zip code that sell these delicious mashed potatoes! You can find out how many stores in your area carry Bob Evans’ products on their store and product locator!

You can also find some great recipes for these delicious mashed potatoes on the Bob Evans website!

I received the following items from Bob Evans:

  • Bob Evans Lunch Cooler 
  • Package of Bob Evans Refrigerated Mashed Potatoes 
  • A "Potato Clock" — a great little craft project perfect for moms to do with kids!
  • A Bob Evans USB which can be used for anything, but will originally contain a Blog Badge that bloggers can post on their site if desired 
  • TWO coupons for a FREE Bob Evans Side Dish  

I love all of the products that I received from Bob Evans! My husband has been using the lunch cooler for work and we also used it on a recent family vacation! The "Potato Clock" is a lot of fun! We set it up and tested out a bunch of foods that would actually POWER a clock (like, a potato!). The Bob Evans USB was a great perk to find inside of our Bob Evans kit! I can never have too many USB’s in my house. Plus, there is a really cool Blog Badge loaded onto the USB stick for MamaNYC! {Coming Soon!}. 


Mama Says...

Win It!

Since I already had a chance to taste these DELICIOUS Bob Evans Refrigerated Mashed Potatoes… I think TWO of you deserve a taste test of your own! I am going to be giving away the TWO coupons I received from Bob Evans as a token of my appreciation for both Bob Evans (spreading the love!) and my readers (spreading the taste test!). This giveaway is open until December 26, 2011 @ 11:59PM (EST). TWO lucky winners are going to receive coupons for a FREE Bob Evans Side Dish

Please use the Rafflecopter form below in order to enter this giveaway. Blog post comments are 

* Please note that the coupons will expire on July 1, 2012. Plenty of time to pickup a side dish at your local grocery store! 


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4 thoughts on “Bob Evans Refrigerated Mashed Potatoes – Review & Giveaway [12/26]

  1. love your mashed potatos. served them with the turkey and dressing and green beans, etc. for Thanksgiving dinner. everything else was prepared by my wife; i did your potatos – microwaved and served – and the only compliments, several in fact, were about how good the potatos were. thanks. i enjoy them a couple of times per week. ron in maryville tn

  2. The Mashed Potatoes are Good bt there is too !! much Pepper in it, i’m not saying to take all the pepper out just cut down some, for the people who can’t handle PEPPER !!!!

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