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Holiday Shopping & New Year Redecorating w/ Cymax Stores

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Cymax Stores - Cymax.comI have a lot of things going on here at MamaNYC Headquarters in good ol’ New York City! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, my son is reaching his peak in the Terrible Two’s "stage" (which I hear shall continue for another few YEARS), and Christmas is approaching at a very fast pace. We are also (still) unpacking and decorating our new home after a long and horrible move just 3-weeks ago. How am I going to kick off 2012 with our home in shambles? How will I replace my beautiful mahogany office desk that was broken during the move? 

I have more than enough to worry about, which is why I turned to for some furniture to fill our empty spaces with! I am currently using taking over the living room couch and half of our dining room table with the stuff that once filled my desk (R.I.P. Faithful Office Desk, I Miss You!). I am tired of putting away my office desk "things" every night, I miss shoving my papers into a drawer. Hubby, I want a new office desk (amongst a few other piece of furniture).  

Home Styles Furniture Bedford Cabinet & Hutch in EbonyCymax, open since 2004, has a great selection of home furniture, office furniture, living room, and more (ecommerce times).  I want something different than what I had, but I can’t decide between one of their computer tables or computer armoires.

I am in love with this black armoire (Home Styles Furniture Bedford Cabinet & Hutch in Ebony) with a filing cabinet as a drawer on the bottom. This would be perfect and we can toss our metal (ugly) filing cabinet in the garbage (which means MORE closet space!). It retails for over $1,200 but Cymax is selling it for only $718.99 (which is a steal if you consider the going prices for local retailers or competitor prices online!).

I am looking to utilize a space that is in our living room (old desk was used in our sons playroom; too many toys and I find that we are in the living room most of the time; the living room would be a better place for my office). It is a space that is set between the living and dining room, so I want something that is formal, elegant, but spacious when I need it to be. 

If I decide to purchase a computer table, Cymax has a great workstation that I would love to have. I’ve actually had a similar desk in the past and it worked great for me. It’s called a Safco MÜV Mini Tower Height Adjustable Wood Workstation in Cherry. I don’t have a desktop computer, but I have used the tower space for storage since books fit perfectly into the space.

I have a lot of books that I am currently reading to review here on MamaNYC. My office space serves as "storage" as well since I am always reviewing products! I need to make sure all of the items are kept in one place so I don’t have to hunt them down when I am ready to write up my reviews. If I am reading a book for review, it is either on my nightstand or office desk. 

Cymax has a bunch of other pieces that we are eager to purchase, especially with the New Year approaching. We are going to be throwing a New Years Eve party (we’re insane!) and I want to make sure we have everything in place, decorated, and ready for our guests. I want to replace a few items in our living room (I love this reclining sofa!) AND kitchen.

Did you know that Cymax sells kitchen accessories? Sure, we have all of our old pots, pans, plates, cups, etc. – but a new home means MORE COUNTER/CABINET space! I’ve been looking for a pot rack for a few chrome pots we have as a decorative (yet very utilizable) piece in our new kitchen.

You can check out their inventory at, or head on over to Amazon for the same selection and great deals. You can also follow Cymax on Twitter (who knows what they will tweet next? maybe a promo code? sale announcement?) They are also having a 50% OFF Black Friday Sale! Check out their furniture sale for Black Friday, which has something for everyone!


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