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Asleep In Heaven’s Nursery [Tommy Mann] – Book Review

Asleep in Heaven's Nursery Tommy Mann


Asleep in Heaven's Nursery Tommy Mann

Coping with the loss of a child is devastating. Who will understand what you are going through? How can you live on without your little one in your arms? Why did God choose to take your perfect angel? With so much evil in the world, wouldn’t someone else deserve this more than your family?

Although a difficult topic to cover, Tommy Mann has put together an excellent book that does more than help those that are dealing with the loss of a child.  Asleep in Heaven’s Nursery provides answers to tough questions that a parent may have during the difficult times following a miscarriage, abortion, infant mortality, or stillborn death. Tommy lost three children to miscarriages, which helps the reader connect with the writer. Tommy has been there and understands what you are feeling and experiencing. 

A girlfriend of mine lost her baby a little over a year ago to a stillborn birth. This was her first child and her excitement over pregnancy was beautiful. She made sure to share her joy with others on a daily basis, which was not a difficult task since she wore a cute "bun in the oven" or other pregnancy t-shirts every single day. She decorated her unborn child’s nursery all by herself, which was quite simple as she is an interior designer. The nursery was filled with love and all it needed was a baby to call it home

I’ve seen what she has gone through over the past year. We celebrated her daughters birthday this past August – "One Year in Heaven". I wish I had Tommy Mann’s book on me during the solice, yet beautiful ceremony that we held to commemorate her very short life. My girlfriend has defeated some of her depressive feelings, but always seeks out extra comfort to help her understand what SHE did to deserve this pain.

Asleep in Heaven’s Nursery comes from Tommy Mann Ministries, which is located in South Carolina. Tommy spreads the message of Jesus Christ in his book in order to comfort and console those who have suffered the loss of a child. He uses stories from others that have suffered the loss of a child to help the reader understand that they are not alone. Although painful, confusing, and traumatic, the loss of a child is shared with others and hearing other experiences will help you understand how to cope. 

The book will help parents answer questions like… What will my baby look like in Heaven? Is God punishing me? Can I be forgiven for my abortion? Is my baby really in Heaven? These topics are difficult to talk about, but a parent that is going through the loss of a child wants the answers – but needs to understand the reasoning more so.

For a deeper understanding of this heart-healing and supportive book, check out the book description that comes directly from Tommy Mann’s official website:

Have you experienced the loss of a child? Tommy Mann felt the heartrending grief of losing three children to miscarriages. Beginning his ministry as a pastor, he struggled to be strong for his wife and understand for himself why they had to endure so much loss. In the midst of the pain, God brought peace and eventual joy through the birth of a daughter.

Asleep in Heaven’s Nursery includes the personal story of losing a child and offers comfort for grieving parents, addressing questions such as the following:

– When is a baby considered a life?

– Is my baby really in heaven?

– What will my baby look like in heaven?

– Is there an age of accountability?

– Is God punishing me?

– Is adoption really a good alternative to abortion?

– Can I be forgiven for my abortion?

Each issue is thoroughly addressed and given concrete scriptural and logical support. As one who has found hope picturing his lost children Asleep in Heaven’s Nursery, Tommy Mann brings a powerful message of renewal and consolation.

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11 thoughts on “Asleep In Heaven’s Nursery [Tommy Mann] – Book Review

  1. “With so much evil in the world, wouldn’t someone else deserve this more than your family?”

    -That thought was so prevalent in my mind the first year. (My daughter was eleven when she passed.) I’ve never seen it articulated anywhere else.

  2. Sounds like a heavy book. I certainly know a couple people who might’ve been interested in this not too long ago.

  3. This must be the most horrible thin to happen to a parent, especially the mother. I lost my wife…yet I won’t try to compare it, as every loss is different.

  4. A book like this is exactly what some people need – very few people probably understand what it’s like to lose a much anticipated child. This sounds like the perfect comfort material! 🙂 Another great book along these lines is ‘Safe in His Arms’ by John MacArthur.

  5. I wish this book had been around during my miscarriages. It is a horrible experience that no one should have to go through, but luckily now there is a book to at least help cope with all those feelings. Thanks for reviewing this <3

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