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Go Green Giveaway Event: GreenTeaDAILY [Ends 10/11]

The other day I was able to share an amazing review with all of you about GreenTea Daily. I was so glad when my package arrived and I was able to sample their FIVE different available flavors. You can read the entire review here. Since I wrote that review on Saturday, I have continued to enjoy my daily cup of tea thanks to GreenTea Daily. Their selection is perfect for any taste and I guarantee there is a flavor you will absolutely LOVE!  

I also noticed their loyalty program which is a BIG plus! Besides being a mom blogger and mommy, I am also a Graduate student pursuing an MBA and a web/logo designer and Internet marketing consultant. One thing I can tell you from my experience (plus, I am a consumer by night..) – loyalty programs are a must. Loyal customers can receive $10.00 OFF each box after joining their Loyalty Program. Each month you will receive your order automatically shipped to your home through this program. If you decide to autoship one box per month, save $10.00 a month! Two boxes? Save $20.00 a month! This is definitely something worth checking out.

The GreenTeaDaily Promise
Our intention right from the getgo was to create a green tea beverage that can do more than just quenching thirst. We wanted it to help us regulate a healthy body weight and gain healthy energy, and we did it. GreenTeaDaily stands behind every one of our product in every aspect, from the quality of our ingredients to the effectiveness of our beverage. We want to make sure that our products bring you the antioxidants and health-promoting properties that we promised in their entirety. This is and will always be the GreenTeaDaily promise–bringing you the best of green tea. And now, to health!

GreenTea DAILY 

WIN! One lucky winner is going to receive a 60-count box of Green Tea Daily ($59.95). I am pretty jealous… since I know how delicious these flavors really are! This giveaway will run from October 5-11, 2011. Be sure to check out all of the other blogs that are participating after you complete your entries here at MamaNYC! 

Good Luck!

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